[acc_item title=” Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc. (Arlington, MA) “]
Website: http://www.ahem.info/
Email: info@ahem.com
Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts (AHEM) is a nonprofit, independent, grassroots, volunteer-run, educational organization that gathers and disseminates information about homeschooling in Massachusetts through education, advocacy, and events. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” AOK Home Learners (Boston, MA) “]
Website: http://aokhomelearners.webs.com/
Contact: List Administrator
Email: aoklistadmin@gmail.com
Contact: New Member Liaison
Email: hiaokhomelearners@gmail.com
About Our Kids (AOK) exists to foster friendships among Greater Boston area home learners through shared activities, exchanges of skills and resources, and on-line communication. Members are committed to creating a welcoming, supportive environment and are willing to form and strengthen relationships through face-to-face contact.  [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Beacon Home School Group (Easton, MA) “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ma/beaconhomeschoolers/
Serving Southeastern MA homeschoolers…BHSG is a support group with a vision to connect area Christian families by providing opportunities to learn, serve, and build life-long friendships together on their homeschooling journey. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Berkley Area Homeschoolers (Berkley, MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/berkleyareahsers/info
Email: berkleyareahsers-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are an informal group of homeschoolers living in Berkley, Dighton, Taunton, Somerset, (Massachusetts) and surrounding areas. While we don’t have organized monthly meetings we do set up field trips, classes, play dates, and informal times to get together and compare notes! [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Berkshire County Homeschoolers (Berkshire County, MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BerkshireHomeschoolers/info
Email: berkshirehomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group is a way to connect with other homeschooling families in Berkshire County Massachusetts who have chosen to homeschool their children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Cape Cod Pace Homeschool Support Group (Cape Cod, MA) “]
Website: http://capecodpace.blogspot.ca/
Contact: Lizzie Borden
Email: miklizro@cgmail.com
Contact: Diane Mcmanus
Email: kingskid1962@hotmail.com
We are a casual, Christian, home school support group. We have an annual used curriculum sale and Stanford testing. We offer mentoring to come alongside new homeschoolers who have questions and concerns about starting out from people who homeschool in your district. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Catholic Homeschoolers in Massachusetts East (Peabody, MA) “]
Website: http://www.chimehomeschool.com/content/
Email: info@chimehomeschool.com
CHIME is a group of faithful Catholic homeschooling families providing not only mutual support and encouragement to one another, but also a variety of academic and spiritual activities, field trips, classes, and clubs for our members and their children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” CHEC Homeschoolers (Central MA) “]
Website: http://checlinks.org/
Email: info@checlinks.org
We are actually made up of 2 groups offering support to homeschooling families. Learn Inspire Nurture Knowledge & Support (LINKS) is our Homeschool Academic Co-op. We are a group of Christian families who come together each week to teach our children those classes for which a group setting is necessary.
Christian Home Educated Children (CHEC) is our support group for homeschool families in the Central Massachusetts area. We usually have a few events a year for the moms and a couple’s dinner for both parents. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations (Website servicing MA) “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/massachusetts-classical-christian-homeschool.html
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Coastal Free Learners (Cape Cod, MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/coastalfreelearners/info
Email: coastalfreelearners-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are a Home Schooling support network for Cape Cod. We want to make the home schooling journey joyful, interesting and enriching for our children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Co-op Homeschool Support Group (Gardner, MA) “]
Website: http://members.tripod.com/coop_hsg/
Contact: Nancy Clark
Email: lightkeepers_67@yahoo.com
The Co-op Homeschool Support Group was established in 2000 for families in the Gardner Area or anyone willing to travel to the area to join us. We are a small group of 12 families who get together regularly to provide opportunities for our children to form close relationships with one another. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Eagles Wings Co-op (Southeast MA) “]
Website: http://eagleswingscoop.org/
Contact: Christine Guest
We are a co-operative of Christian homeschool families, in South Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island creating academic and enrichment classes for our own children by pooling our teaching strengths and abilities. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Friends of Grace (Berlin, MA) “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ma/friendsofgrace/
We welcome families from our surrounding area to join with us and encourage each other on the homeschool journey.  We are a Christian fellowship of families from many area churches in Middlesex County, MA.  We are affiliated with MassHOPE and HSLDA. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Good Company Tutorials (Attleboro, MA) “]
Website: http://www.goodcompanytutorials.com/index.html
Contact: Julie Shorey
Email: shoreyfamily7@gmail.com
Phone: (508) 695-2373
Good Company was begun out of a desire to help homeschool families supplement what they were doing at home, by providing a healthy social environment, and emphasizing courses that are a little difficult to teach one-on-one. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Haverhill Area Homeschoolers (Haverhill, MA) “]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/ma/hah/
Contact: Lis Penney
Email: penneys5@gmail.com
Contact: Cathy Huppe
Phone: (978) 352-4122
THE HAVERHILL AREA HOME SCHOOL SUPPORT GROUP is a Christian (nondenominational) group affiliated with the state organization, MASS HOPE. One need not be a confessing Christian to join the group but should be aware that we begin our meetings with prayer and place a strong emphasis on teaching our children Biblical morals and values. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Homeschooling Together (Arlington, MA) “]
Website: http://www.homeschoolingtogether.org/
Contact: Peter
Email: bermudes@verizon.net
Member families homeschool in a wide variety of styles, from child-led philosophies and self-created eclectic programs to purchased curricula. Information is given for your own evaluation and as a starting point for your own homeschooling adventure. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” LEAF Home Learners Network (South Central MA) “]
Website: http://learninks.org/leaf/
Email: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LEAF-Network/info
Email: LEAF-Network-owner@yahoogroups.com
LEAF is a network of home learners that welcomes all homeschoolers in south-central MA, northern RI and northeastern CT. LEAF is informal, all-inclusive and participant-directed. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MA) “]
Website: http://www.mhla.org/
Email: msshmlrn@yahoo.com
Email: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/masshomelearningassoc/info
Email: masshomelearningassoc-owner@yahoogroups.com
The Massachusetts Home Learning Association is an advocacy and education organization, which endorses home learning as an alternative to public or private schooling. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (Holden, MA) “]
Website: http://www.masshope.org/
Email: info@masshope.org
Phone: (508) 829-0973
The Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (MassHOPE) is a statewide organization dedicated to Promoting and safeguarding home education to the glory of God
We offer information and support to homeschoolers from a Christian perspective. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Metrowest Homeschoolers (Boston, MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mwhsers/info
Email: mwhsers-owner@yahoogroups.com
This is an inclusive Yahoo group for home educators, and those looking to home educate, throughout the Metrowest area of Boston. We invite and encourage members to make connections, as well as share support and information. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” National Black Home Educators (MA) “]
Website: http://www.nbhe.net/
Email: contact@nbhe.net
Phone: (225) 778-0169
The National Black Home Educators is an organization that seeks to serve each and every family across the United States. The motto of NBHE is: Empowering Parents to Educate Children for Excellence. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” New England Jewish Homeschoolers (MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/nejhs/info
Email: nejhs-owner@yahoogroups.com
This list is for Jewish homeschoolers in the New England area. That includes CT, NH, VT, ME, RI, MA. We welcome people who are interested in participating (and helping to organize) some of the activities we are planning [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” New Horizons Learning Co-op (Chelmsfod, MA) “]
Website: http://newhorizonslearningco-op.org/
Email: NewHorizonsCo.op@gmail.com
Phone: (978) 230-1248
We have homeschoolers of all shapes, colors and sizes -from religious to non-religious, child-lead/unschooling to curriculum based, and everything in between. We do not endorse any one learning resource, method, curriculum, or philosophy. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” New Hope Tutorials (Boxford, MA) “]
Website: http://www.newhopetutorials.org/
Email: info@newhopetutorials.org
Phone: (978) 965-8601
New Hope Tutorials provides high-quality small-group education for middle and high school homeschooling students on Boston’s North Shore and beyond. We offer full-year courses in a variety of disciplines, as well as 6-12-week mini-tutorials and workshops. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” North Shore Christian Homeschoolers (Boston North Shore, MA) “]
Website: http://www.nschonline.org/
Email: admins@nschonline.org
We seek to promote Christian home education by sharing resources, information, and ideas, as well as providing opportunities for fellowship through educational and social experiences. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” North Star Self-Directed Learning for Teens (Hadley, MA) “]
Website: http://northstarteens.org/
Email: info@northstarteens.org
Contact: Ellen Morbyrne (Admin Director)
Email: ellen@northstarteens.org
Phone: (413) 582-0193
[acc_item title=” North Suburban Home Learners (Wilmington, MA) “]
Website: http://www.nshlonline.org/
North Suburban Home Learners is an active, secular and inclusive group for members from the north suburban regions in Massachusetts. Our primary focus is to provide educational and social opportunities for our children and support for ourselves, as homeschooling parents.   [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Our Lady Queen of Saints Home School Support Group (South Shore Area, MA) “]
Website: http://www.ourladyqueenofsaints.org/
Email: info@ourladyqueenofsaints.org
Our primary purpose is to provide support to homeschooling families through discussion, play, worship and education. Our Lady Queen of Saints Homeschoolers was formed to serve Catholic Homeschoolers in South Eastern Massachusetts. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Pilgrims Progress Support Group (Carver, MA) “]
Email: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ma/pilgrimsprogress/
Contact: Lisa Phillips
Email: pilgrimsprogress.supportgroup@gmail.com
Phone: (508) 658-8752
Our group is called Pilgrims Progress Home School Support Group.  We have about 80 families as members.  We are a Christian led, non-profit organization that offers support to families who choose to home educate their children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Rhode Island Christian Home Educators-RICHES (MA) “]
Website: http://www.richeshomeschool.org/
Contact: Jennifer Pierini-Norton
Email: richristianhomeeducators@gmail.com
If you need information on homeschooling in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, please feel free to contact us via email, postal mail, or phone. We are a non-profit, Christian homeschool organization with a mission to reclaim the principles of a godly education. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Southcoast Homeschoolers (New Bedford, MA) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/schomeschoolers/info
Email: schomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are a support group that spans the South Coast of Massachusetts. We are centered out of New Bedford, but have members as far east as Wareham and as far west as Providence, RI. We are not politically or religiously affiliated. Our purpose is to provide support for homeschooling families in the form of meetings, field trips, classes, and events. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Voyagers, Inc. (Acton, MA) “]
Website: http://www.voyagersinc.org/wiki/bin/view/Public/WebHome
Email: info@voyagersinc.org
Phone: (978) 263-8425
Voyagers is a non-profit, multi-cultural, secular, homeschooling resource center and Coop in Acton, Massachusetts. Run by a dedicated contingent of volunteers, we provide resources, a sense of community, and support for homeschooling families, including those with gifted children, in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Western Mass Catholic Home Schoolers (Springfield, MA) “]
Website: http://westernmasscatholichomeschoolers.com/
Email: christine@westernmasscatholichomeschoolers.com
Email: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NewEnglandCatholicHomeschool/info?showJoinPopup=true
Email: newenglandcatholichomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
As emphasized in the Second Vatican Council, we parents have a most solemn obligation to educate our offspring. Therefore we are the primary educators of our children. As lay faithful, we are dedicated to promoting home education among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s primary education at home. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Western Massachusetts Homeschoolers (Westfield, MA) “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ma/wmh/
Email: wmhinformation@gmail.com
Contact: Nancy Buddington
Email: j-nbuddington@crocker.com
Contact: Paula Westcott
Email: gp5westcott@yahoo.com
WMH is privileged to serve over 200 families located throughout the Pioneer Valley and extending into Connecticut.  We are unashamedly a Christian group, but we are not exclusive in our membership.  Our overriding goal is to serve God by serving homeschool families. [/acc_item]

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