[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations (Website servicing all of ME) “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/maine-classical-christian-homeschool.html
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Guilford Christian Academy (Guilford, ME) “]
Website: http://www.guilfordchristianacademy.com/
Contact: Trisha White
Email: trishawhite@guilfordchristianacademy.com
Phone: (207) 717-7619
We take care of dealing with the government so you don’t have to. Once your child is enrolled the parent decides on what curriculum and course of study the student follows. We communicate with the parents, assist in finding resources and provide support. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Homeschoolers of Maine (Camden, ME) “]
Website: http://www.homeschoolersofmaine.org/
Email: homeschl@midcoast.com
Phone: (207) 763-2880
Homeschoolers of Maine is a volunteer-based, non-profit ministry founded in 1990 by Ed and Kathy Green. The mission of this ministry is to support homeschooling families in their God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Lighthouse Home School Group (Hermon, ME) “]
Website: http://www.lighthouseshsg.com/
Contact: Robyn
Email: mcdermott7@rivah.net
Contact: Diane
Phone: 285-7413
Lighthouse Home School Group is a home schooling support group where members seek top pool their talents and resources in a collective effort to broaden the scope of home based education. It is a cooperative in which some classes are taught by participating parents and some have hired teachers. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” L.I.G.H.T.S. Ministry (Hollis Center, ME) “]
Website: http://www.hcbaptist.com/hcbaptis/lights.html
Phone: (207) 929-4711
We want to encourage families to grow, and support them in their effort to train up their children in the
ways of the Lord. Our primary mechanism for doing this is a weekly time of coming together for structured classes and time for fellowship and Bible study. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Maine Department of Education-Home Instruction (Augusta, ME) “]
Website: http://www.maine.gov/doe/homeinstruction/
Contact: Randy J. Kassa
Email: homeschooling.doe@maine.gov
Phone: (207) 624-6600
Maine parents may choose to educate their children at home. Parents take full responsibility for the child while the child is being homeschooled—they legally direct the child’s education by choosing the curriculum, facilitating the process and determining academic needs. Homeschooling is funded exclusively by the parent. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Maine Homeschooling (ME) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MaineHomeschooling/info
Email: mainehomeschooling-owner@yahoogroups.com
This is a diverse list and different points of view exist. Maine Homeschooling hopes to be a place where all homeschoolers can feel comfortable to find support, information, and also to post information that they find useful in homeschooling their children. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” Midcoast Maine Homeschool Center (Bath, ME) “]
Website: https://homeschoolmaine.com/
Contact: Amy DelaTerre (Director)
We provide a family oriented place of learning, fun, and support for Midcoast Homeschoolers. From the classroom to the community, we offer a variety of shared learning experiences that build on each child’s strengths, interests and learning style.   [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” NARHS –North Atlantic Regional High School (Auburn, ME) “]
Website: http://narhs.org/
Phone: 800-882-2828
NARHS is a state-authorized private school recognized by the Department of Education. We assist in designing and delivering a custom-designed program for each student, whether he or she is attending public school, private school, college classes, or homeschool. [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=” T.E.A.C.H. Homeschool Group (York County, ME) “]
Website: http://www.teachhomeschool.org/
Contact: Heidi Sampson
Training, Education, and Accountability in Christian Homes (T.E.A.C.H.) is a homeschool group serving York County, Maine and beyond. [/acc_item]

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