[acc_item title=”ACTS JAX Inc. (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/actsjax22/
Contact: Deborah Weita
Email: deborahweita@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 707-8336
ACTS JAX offers homeschooling families academic classes and assists in the process of parent-directed education. Dedicated parents at home, passionate teachers at school, and excellent curriculum create an environment where students thrive and develop a passion for learning academically and spiritually.

[acc_item title=”Allendale Academy (Clearwater, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://www.allendaleacademy.com/
Email: http://www.allendaleacademy.com/
Phone: (727) 531-2481
Allendale Academy is dedicated and equipped to assist parents nationwide in educating their children in the most supportive environment, the home.

[acc_item title=”Alternative Choices in Education Academy (FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://aceainc.org/index.htm
Email: http://aceainc.org/index.htm
Alternative Choices in Education Academy, Inc. (ACEA) is a private school designed for home educated students grades K-12. We provide an “umbrella” to members in all counties within the state of Florida.

[acc_item title=”Alternative Education Institute(FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://www.alternativeeducationinstitute.org/
Contact: Krista Sallop
AEI students reside throughout the state and are taught primarily by their parents. Many of our students use online curriculum which includes FLVS. Our students also qualify (as any other private school in Florida) for dual-enrollment and we currently have articulation agreements with various colleges around the state.

[acc_item title=”Alternative Homeschool Educators (Broward County, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AlternativeHomeschoolEducators/info?yguid=207171555
Email: alternativehomeschooleducators-owner@yahoogroups.cm
Alternative Homeschool Educators of South Florida is a group of homeschoolers who believe in respect for all people regardless of homeschooling styles, race, age or religion.

[acc_item title=”Amy’s Christian Home School Network (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: <http://home.earthlink.net/~achsn/index.html/a>
Contact: Carmen Schulting
Contact: Kim Moncayo
Contact: Andrea Monaco
ACHSN has been formed to serve as a fellowship for homeschoolers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to serve as Ambassadors of Christ by teaching and sharing His love with one another.

[acc_item title=”Apollo Beach, FL Area Homeschoolers (Apollo Beach, FL)”]
Website: http://apollobeachhomeschoolers.weebly.com/
All homeschooling styles are welcome: from Charlotte Mason and Eclectic homeschooling to Child led learning, curriculum based all the way to unschooling. Babies, toddlers, elementary to middle schoolers, their parents, grandparents, and caregivers are all invited to join us.

[acc_item title=”ARCH Angels of South Florida (Miami, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/archangelsfamily/
Contact: Theresa Kuehne
Email: kuehnemom@yahoo.com
ARCH Angels of South Florida, Inc. is a community that promotes Catholic family life for families who choose to educate their children at home. We are committed to helping families grow in holiness, so that they may become witnesses of love and life in their families, parishes and the world.

[acc_item title=”Aspiring Heights Academy (Englewood, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://www.aspiringheightsacademy.com/
Phone: (941) 623-6782
Aspiring Heights Academy offers a private school umbrella option to Florida families choosing to educate their children at home. We serve students in grades K–12 and offer year-round enrollment. Our services include support, record keeping, FLVS enrollment, dual enrollment opportunities, diplomas, transcripts, and assistance with Florida Bright Futures Scholarship applications.

[acc_item title=”Atrium School – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://atriumschool.org/atrium.html
Email: info@atriumschool.org
Phone: (561) 247-5726
Atrium School is a K-12, non-campus based private school (sometimes called an “umbrella” or “600” school) serving homeschooling families in Florida. We are homeschoolers ourselves, and we exist to support and facilitate homeschooling as an educational choice.

[acc_item title=”B.A.S.I.C. Teen (Wesley Chapel, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/basicteen/
Tampa Bay area middle school and high school Christian Homeschoolers having fun while Believing And Serving In Christ.

[acc_item title=”Boca Homeschoolers (Boca, FL)”]
Website: http://bocahomeschoolers.com/
Email: info@bocahomeschoolers.com
Boca Home Schoolers, Inc. is a home education support group with a special interest in upholding Christian beliefs. Anyone home schooling as follows is invited to join. Full Membership: legally homeschooling at least one child. Pre-School Membership: have at least one pre-school child who they anticipate homeschooling.

[acc_item title=”Brandon Homeschool Fellowship (Brandon, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/bhsf/
Brandon Home School Fellowship (BHSF) offers activities for families desiring membership for a park based support group. BHSF membership is for families whose oldest child is at least k4 and up.

[acc_item title=”Brevard Christian Home Educators (Merritt Island, FL)”]
Website: http://www.brevardchristianhomeschool.com/
Email: bchehomeschool@hotmail.com
Phone: (321) 454-2445
Brevard Christian Home Educators, Inc. which operates Christian Heritage Academy,
admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national and ethnic origin.

[acc_item title=”Brevard HEAT (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: http://www.brevardheat.org/
Email: brevardheat@gmail.com
Phone: (321) 757-9090
Welcome to the Brevard HEAT, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to support homeschool parents by providing quality athletic and academic teams in a Christ-centered environment. The atmosphere of the Brevard HEAT is one of fun, fellowship and family.

[acc_item title=”Brevard Homeschool (Brevard County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.brevardhomeschool.net/
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/brevardhomeschool/info
Email: brevardhomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
Brevard Homeschool, an active group of homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida, offers friendship; support and encouragement; field trips; and book club ordering. We welcome ALL homeschoolers in Brevard County, regardless of religious or other affiliation.

[acc_item title=”Broward Homeschool Parent Support Group (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/browardhomeschool/
Email: browardhomeschool@yahoo.com

[acc_item title=”Broward Homeschool Teens-N-Tweens (Parkland, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/bhsTNT/info
Email: bhstnt-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group is designed to meet the needs of our Tween, age 10-12 and Teen, 13+ homeschool children. Our plan is to have monthly outings for the kids. Younger siblings are always welcome to attend, but please keep in mind that all outings are selected with the needs and abilities of the older kids in mind.

[acc_item title=”Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale Homeschoolers (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)”]
Website: http://www.ccflhomeschoolers.com/
Contact: Andrea Soldini
Email: ccflhomeschoolers@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 254-6509
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Homeschoolers is a Christian homeschool support group that strives to minister to one another in support, encouragement and fellowship.

[acc_item title=”Calvary Chapel Homeschool Ministry (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cchomeschoolers/
Contact: Brenda Schulze
Email: bschulze@calvaryccm.com
Phone: 952-9673
The Calvary Chapel Homeschool Ministry is a volunteer organization under the leadership of Calvary Chapel of Melbourne and its elder board. We are dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting homeschool families through fellowship opportunities throughout a school year.

[acc_item title=”Cape Coral Home Educators (Cape Coral, FL)”]
Website: http://cchomeeducators.wix.com/cche?ref=nf
Contact: Heather
Email: capecoralhomeeducators@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 493-7319
Cape Coral Home Educators is a social and support group for homeschooling families in Cape Coral and surrounding communities.

[acc_item title=”Celebration Christian Homeschool Group (Celebration, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cchg/
We, Celebration Christian Homeschool Group (CCHG), are made up of a group of Christian families that have made the choice to home school our children. Our group includes families with children of all ages. Each family makes its own decisions as to curriculum.

[acc_item title=”Central Christian Academy (Winter Park, FL)”]
Website: http://acces-inc.com/cca/
Email: cca@acces-inc.com
Phone: (407) 332-6988
Phone: (800) 806-2140
We function as a private Christian school, assisting those who are involved in homeschooling their children from 1st through 12th grades. We have classrooms all over the USA and the world, with the parent as the teacher of their children in their classroom at home.

[acc_item title=”Central Florida Pre-Teen/Teen Homeschoolers (Central FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CentralFloridaPreTeens-TeensHomeschoolers/info
Email: centralfloridapreteens-teenhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
Central Florida’s original “teen only” homeschool group! This group is for families homeschooling students age 11 to 18 and living in Central Florida.

[acc_item title=”Chipola Home Educators (Marianna, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/chipolahomeeducators/
Email: chipolahomeed@gmail.com
We are homeschooling families enjoying a lifestyle of curiosity and learning. CHE members are not organized around a particular curriculum or teaching style, because we recognize that each family knows what works best for them. Many of our members are Christians, but a statement of faith is not required to join Chipola Home Educators.

[acc_item title=”Christian Educators of Osceola (Kissimmee, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ceo/
Email: christianeducatorsofosceola@gmail.com
Our mission is to support and encourage our member families in the spiritual, emotional & academic training of their children. Founded on Biblical, Christian values, CEO offers social and educational opportunities for the entire family.

[acc_item title=”Christian Family Educators of Orlando (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cfeo/
Our mission is to support and encourage our member families who are engaged in home education. Our philosophy is founded on Biblical, Judeo-Christian values.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educated Tampa Teens (Tampa Bay, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CHETT/info
Email: chett-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group is specifically for Christian (all denominations) tweens and teens ages 10 and up. Fun, active group serving the greater Tampa area.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators Association (C.H.E.A.) (Ocala, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/chea/
Email: cheaocala@gmail.com
If you are homeschooling your children, CHEA is a wonderful way to stay connected to other homeschooling families. We have much to offer your family in the area of resources, field trips, co-op classes, activities and much more.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators Association of Collier County (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cheacc/
Contact: Andy Cathey (President)
Contact: Tina Stumpfhauser (Secretary)
Email: contact@cheacc@yahoo.com
Phone: (239) 435-8758
At CHEACC, you’ll find a diversified group of home schooling families. Some members adhere to strict curriculum planning, while others follow learning through unit studies. There are also members enrolled in on-line courses of study and local co-ops. We encourage this diversity at CHEACC.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Florida (CHEFF) (Highlands County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.cheff.org/
Contact: Nancy Hale
Email: homeschoolfam@embarqmail.com
CHEFF is for those seeking to communicate and build support networks with other families who share like values. Involvement within the homeschool community is encouraged — whether by sharing news, politics, or homeschool-related issues that may be helpful and pertinent to other families.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of Plant City (Plant City, FL)”]
Website: Christian Home Educators of Plant City (Plant City, FL)
Contact: Lindsey Livingston
Email: aaron.l.livingston@gmail.com
Contact: Peggy Poe
Email: epspoe42@yahoo.com
CHEPC is an organization whose purpose is to support and encourage our homeschool families. We accomplish this through prayer, monthly Mom’s Fellowships, field trips and events.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida (Fort Myers, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/chesf/
Contact: Steve Wise (President)
Email: Pres@CHESF.org
Phone: (239) 961-5046
Contact: Mary Swords (Communications Coordinator)
Email: Mary Swords (Communications Coordinator)
Phone: (239) 745-5212
CHESF is a Christ-centered homeschool support group that encourages and equips homeschooling families in our area.

[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschool Support of the Western Communities (Loxahatchee, FL)”]
Website: http://www.christianhomeschoolsupport.org/
Email: admin@christianhomeschoolsupport.org
Phone: (561) 753-4750
This group is dedicated to the Christian Homeschool Support of the Western Communities in Palm Beach County, FL. This group primarily serves residents of Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, but all are welcome to join. We are here to provide support, fellowship & encouragement to one another.

[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschoolers in Pasco (C.H.I.P.) (Pasco-Pinella Counties, FL)”]
Website: http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/CHIP/index.html
If you’re looking for a supportive, acedemic, educational group of homeschoolers, check out CHIP! If you live in Pasco (or Pinellas) counties, you’re in luck!

[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschoolers of Central Florida (Apopka, FL)”]
Website: Christian Homeschoolers of Central Florida (Apopka, FL)
Contact: Jeff and Sue Miller
Email: sue@chcflorida.org
CHCF is a non-profit Christian organization, and our mission is to support and encourage home school families through social and recreational activities in a family-friendly Christian atmosphere.

[acc_item title=”Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences (Pensacola, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://www.christianinstitute.com/
Contact: Mary Beth Jones (President)
Email: marybeth@christianinstitute.com
Contact: Julie B. Jones (Administrator)
Phone: (850) 457-4058
The Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences is a private school for home schooling families, combining the full services of a private school administration office with the advantages, personal assistance, and accountability needed to make your home education experience a success. In order to provide the services that our families need, we provide various tutoring lessons, classes, and activities at our campus school.

[acc_item title=”Christian Victory Academy of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://www.christianvictoryacademy.org/
Contact: Paula Williamson (Chief Administrator)
Email: info@christianvictoryacademy.org
Phone: (407) 281-6244
Victory Academy of Central Florida, Inc. (CVA) has been an established private school providing homeschool, on-campus, and online opportunities since 1998.

[acc_item title=”Circle Christian School (Winter Park, FL)”]
Website: http://circlechristianschool.org/
Contact: Jim Werner (Founder/Administrator)
Email: jimw@circlechristianschool.org
Phone: (407) 740-8877
In addition to the campus locations, Circle offers a full range of services and resources for families with a homeschooling approach to education. So, whether you are just beginning the educational journey or you are an experienced veteran, we will walk with you along the way.

[acc_item title=”Citrus County Christian Homeschool Group (Inverness, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccc/
Email: info@ccchomeschool.com

[acc_item title=”Class Source (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: http://www.class-source.com/Welcome.html
Contact: Dina Fox
Email: director@class-source.com
Phone: (813) 951-7508
Class Source is a non-profit class program assisting home educating parents to fulfill their responsibilities by locating and securing qualified independent instructors to enrich individual home education programs through lecture and interactive group classes, course work pacing, and accountability.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations (Website servicing FL)”]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/florida-classical-christian-homeschool.html
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Brandon (Brandon, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccbrandon/
Contact: Wendy Kruse
Email: wendyakruse@gmail.com
Contact: Mary Ellen Thacker
Email: mebb4@tampabay.rr.com
Requesting membership on this website is only for families who are already members of Classical Conversations of Brandon.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of the Central FL SW Area (Sebring, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccofcentralflswarea/

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Central Naples (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/centralnaplescc/
Our Mission: To know God and make Him known. Our Model: To combine a biblical worldview and classical tools. Our Method: To equip parents and encourage students.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of New Tampa (Wesley Chapel, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/newtampacc/
Contact: Jessica Herbert
Address: 26211 County Line Rd. Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Email: jherbert@classicalconversations.com
Phone: (813) 748-4412

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations Clearwater (Clearwater, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/clearwater/
Contact: Melissa Maser

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Fleming Island (St. Augustine, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/opcc/
Contact: Kathleen Hall
Email: FlemingIslandCC@comcast.net
Email: classicalconversations@mail.com
Phone: (904) 982-3175

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccjax/
Contact: Sharlyn Eddy
Email: seddycc@comcast.net
Phone: 955-1827
We are a group families who are striving to homeschool our children with the Classical Christian method. Our group which meets on the southside of Jacksonville ranges from K4 through high school.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Lake Worth (Lake Worth, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cclakeworth/
Contact: Jeanne Castle
Email: cclakeworth@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 444-9655
Classical Conversations is a support program for parents who homeschool their children ages four through eighteen. We partner with parents who want a classical education for their children.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Largo (Seminole, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cclargo/
Contact: Brian Sackett Sr.
Email: brian@legacysevenstudios.com
Phone: (727) 692-8152
Classical Conversations of Largo is a community of like-minded parents and students committed to educating their children classically from a Christian perspective.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations Lutz West (Lutz, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/suncoastcc/
Email: SuncoastClassicalConversations@gmail.com
Our community offers Foundations (ages 4-12) and Essentials (4th-6th grade) classes at this time. We hope to expand into the Challenge level classes soon.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Naples (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccofnaples/
Contact: Lori Berlie
Email: loriberlie@me.com
Phone: 290-1300
Classical Conversations is a national classical and Christian homeschooling program seeking to empower parents. Classical Conversations meets once a week, providing weekly accountability, encouragement, and structure that supplement and support what is being taught at home.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of North Naples (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccofcentralnaples/
Our Mission: To know God and make Him known. Our Model: To combine a biblical worldview and classical tools. Our Method: To equip parents and encourage students.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations Ocala East (Ocala, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccocalaeast/

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations South Pasadena (St. Petersburg, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccsouthpasadena/
Contact: Roshanda Smith
Email: shondas@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: (727) 204-9169
Welcome to Classical Conversations of South Pasadena, serving South St. Petersburg and the beaches area. We are a group of families committed to raising our children to know God and make him known.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations of Southside (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccsouthside/

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations St. Pete (St. Petersburg, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccstpepe/
Contact: Mary Arnold
Email: maryarnoldcc@yahoo.com
Phone: (727) 204-6668

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations Tampa Downtown (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ccdt/
Contact: Beth Wiggins (Foundations and Essentials)
Email: bwiggins@tampabay.rr.com
Contact: Laurie Curtis (Challenge A)
Email: lauriecurtis@islandmanagement.com
Contact: Ruth Stayte (Challenge 1)
Email: grstayte@gmail.com

[acc_item title=”Community Christian Homeschoolers (Gainsville, FL)”]
Website: http://cchweb.org/
Contact: Julie Peine
Email: cchmembership@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 692-5986
Community Christian Homeschoolers is a Christian support group serving families in Alachua and surrounding counties offering fellowship, support, and encouragement for parents: park days, field trips and other activities for their children.

[acc_item title=”Cornerstone Christian Home Educators (Okeechobee, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cornerstone/
Email: cornerstonehomeschoolers@yahoo.com
CCHE is a volunteer-led group dedicated to inspire, encourage & support homeschooling families in our community through various fellowship opportunities throughout the school year.

[acc_item title=”Corum Deo Academy for Homeschool Education (Jupiter, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/coramdeoacademy/
Contact: Mary Caperna
Email: mrs.caperna@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 401-0754
Coram Deo Academy is a Christ-centered “600” private school registered with the Florida Department of Education and School Choice whose purpose is to support homeschooling families the Palm Beach County area and beyond.

[acc_item title=”CrossPointe Co-op (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/crosspointecoop/
Contact: Kim Davis
Email: daviskad@comcast.net
Phone: (904) 534-8310
We are an academic based, Christian co-op, grades Kindergarten up to 12th. We offer nursery and preschool for our participating families.

[acc_item title=”Crossroads Christian Schools (Crestview, FL)”]
Website: http://crossroadschristianschool.com/
Email: ccsadmin@cox.net
Phone: (850) 398-8361
Crossroads Christian School is a private, non-profit school (Florida Department of Education #461480) located in Florida. We have been providing services to homeschooling families since 1998.

[acc_item title=”Curriculum Share (Website servicing FL)”]
Website: http://www.curriculumshare.com/
Email: info@curriculumshare.com
Welcome to Curriculum Share! This is a place where homeschoolers can get FREE homeschool curriculum from other homeschoolers.

[acc_item title=”E3 Kids Club (West Palm Beach, FL)”]
Website: http://e3kidsclub.weebly.com/
Email: e3kidsclub@yahoo.com
We are an inclusive, nonprofit, homeschool cooperative support group serving Palm Beach County, Florida. This group is for children in grades 3-7 (but any age siblings are more than welcome), who will grow together through the grades.

[acc_item title=”ECS Homeschool (Fort Myers, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ecshomeschool/
Contact: Keisha Wright
Email: ecshomeschool@yahoo.com
Phone: (239) 333-8601

[acc_item title=”Educational Resource Center of Broward (Broward County, FL)”]
Website: http://educationalrcb.org/
Contact: Teresa Diaz
Email: TeriDiaz@educationalrcb.org
Here you will find educational information, services, resources, encouragement and links to help you in your home-education journey.

[acc_item title=”eLearningk12 (Website based learning system)”]
Website: http://www.elearningk12.com/default.aspx
Contact: Nancy Toups (Owner/Administrator)
Email: ntoups@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 447-5994
Contact: Doug Toups (Chief Financial Officer)
Email: dtoups@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 637-4370
Contact: Celeste Robichaux (Technology Consultant)
Email: crobichaux@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 860-8288
Main: (985) 447-5994
Toll Free: (866) 477-9444
eLearningK12 aspires to enhance the quality of education and family lifestyle in North America and beyond through personalized, guided, Internet-based education.

[acc_item title=”Encouragers Homeschool Group (Davenport, FL)”]
Website: http://www.encouragershomeschoolgroup.com/
Contact: Caulene Rogers (Director)
Email: jimandcaulene@eathlink.net
Contact: Elizabeth Battisti
Email: eebattisti@yahoo.com
Phone: (315) 219-2119
Our purpose is to enrich your children’s home education by providing various group activities which are valuable, yet difficult or impossible to implement individually at home.

[acc_item title=”F.A.I.T.H. (Families Aligned in Trusting Him) (Brooksville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/faithdadecity/

[acc_item title=”F.A.I.T.H. (Family Academics in the Home) (Port Orange, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/faith/
Contact: Brandi Woodlee
Email: faithfpea@gmail.com
Phone: (386) 290-5207
FAITH is a Christian homeschooling support group, serving primarily East Volusia County. We offer monthly meetings, a weekly academic co-op on Fridays (requires minimal supply fees), FAITH Academy classes on Tuesdays (requires additional registration and class fees), field trips, playgroups, Mom’s Night Out, and much more!

[acc_item title=”Faith Christian School of Seminole Inc. (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/faithchristian/
Email: fcs_inc33@yahoo.com
Phone: (321) 689-8291
FCS is a private Christian school that operates under Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes as a non-profit corporation. We are governed by a Board of Directors that are also school members. The teachers are the parents whose children are enrolled with us, holding classes in their respective homes.

[acc_item title=”Families of Faith Christian Academy International (Lakeland, FL)”]
Website: http://www.fofcai.com/
Email: admin@fofcai.com
Phone: (863) 686-7755
The Vision of Families of Faith Christian Academy International is to be a helper to families that actively direct the education of their children.

[acc_item title=”Fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers (Palm Herbor, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/index_public.cfm?memberid=125
Contact: Jen Henriksen
Email: fch@tampabay.rr.com
FCH offers your family support throughout the year by organizing and hosting different events, outings and field trips.

[acc_item title=”Fellowship of Christian Teaching Homes (Panama City, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/fcthpc/
Email: fcthpcleader@gmail.com
Email: fcthpcsecretary@gmail.com
Email: fcthcoopministry@gmail.com
We are here to provide support, fellowship, and educational opportunities to Christian homeschool families in the Panama City, Florida area.

[acc_item title=”Fellowship of Homeschool Companions (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/fhc/
Contact: Christine Sasser
Email: thesassers@comcast.net
We offer co-op style classes for nursery – 5th grade. Parents share in the responsibility to create co-op style classes with shared learning opportunities for our children in an environment that upholds Christian values and fosters the development of meaningful and lasting friendships.

[acc_item title=”First At Home (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/firstathome/
Contact: Kim Ebbers
Email: thelordismyrock@me.com
Phone: (904) 997-9225
First at Home (FAH) is unique in that it is a ministry of encouragement to the homeschooling families of the First Baptist Church (FBC) of Jacksonville, Florida, and comes under the authority of the First Baptist Church and its leaders.

[acc_item title=”F.I.S.H. (Families Instructing Students at Home) (Brandon, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/fishhomeschool/
Email: fishweb2011@gmail.com
F.I.S.H., a ministry of BSBC, is a Christian Homeschool Encouragement Group.

[acc_item title=”FL Scholars Homeschool Group (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/scholars/
Contact: Amy Steenson
Email: flscholars@aol.com
FL SCHOLARS (Students Choosing Homeschool Opportunities for Learning and Resources) Homeschool Group, Inc. is an educational co-op meeting in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, FL

[acc_item title=”Flagler Christian Homeschoolers (Palm Coast, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/flagler/
Contact: Rena Taurman
Email: fch@cfl.rr.com
Phone: (386) 246-1787
We are a relaxed semi-structured Christian Homeschool support group dedicated first and foremost to quality education for our children in a family environment.

[acc_item title=”Flagler Homeschooling Network (Flagler County, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/flhn/info?yguid=160276266
Email: flhn-owner@yahoogroups.com
The Flagler Homeschooling Network offers support, resource recommendations, activities, advice, field trips, planned programs, and friendship opportunities to the homeschooling families of Flagler County, FL.

[acc_item title=”Flame 4 Him Co-op (Green Acres, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/flame4himcoop/
Email: director@flame4him.org
Flame is a Christ-centered homeschool ministry that offers classes taught by participating parents whose desire is to ignite a love of learning through fun hands-on lessons. It is a like-minded family cooperative where each family is expected to actively be involved using the gifts God has given them.

[acc_item title=”Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (Deltona, FL)”]
Website: http://www.fccpsa.org/
Contact: Joe Gibilisco (President)
Email: joe.gibilisco@fccpsa.org
Contact: Liz Darnell (Secretary)
Email: liz.darnell@fccpsa.org
Phone: (772) 461-9776
The Florida Coalition of Christian Private School Accreditation, Inc. (FCCPSA) was founded and continues to be led by men and women who believe that parents are responsible to direct the education of their children in all areas of life, including academics.

[acc_item title=”Florida Future (FL)”]
Website: http://floridafuture.net/
Contact: Coach Izzy
Email: flfuture@earthlink.net
Phone: 738-4960
Contact: Coach Taj
Phone: 560-2014
Florida Future was established to ensure that all children/athletes have an opportunity to excel in every aspect of their life, build team building skills, leadership skills, and social skills that will enable them to be competitive in their FUTURE endeavors. Florida Future believes that their is a star in every child/athlete, and we stand true to our commitment to make them shine bright.

[acc_item title=”Florida-Homeschool (FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Florida-homeschool/info
Email: florida-homeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
This is a Christian homeschooling list for Floridians, where parents can discuss exciting and unique ways to homeschool their kids. This list is geared towards Christians, but ALL are welcome!

[acc_item title=”Florida Homeschool Evaluations (FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FL_Homeschool_Evaluations/info
Email: fl_homeschool_evaluations-owner@yahoogroups.com
A group for discussing Florida homeschool (home education) evaluations, portfolio evaluations, and various related aspects of homeschooling in Florida.

[acc_item title=”Florida Homeschooling (website servicing FL)”]
Website: http://florida-homeschooling.org/
Florida-homeschooling.org provides Florida homeschooling information and support to all Florida families. We have legal and practical information for both new and experienced homeschoolers, as well as county-specific listings of evaluators, tutors, support groups, and private schools for homeschoolers.

[acc_item title=”Florida Parent-Educators Association (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: http://fpea.com/
Email: info@fpea.com
Phone: (321) 872-6600
Phone: (877) ASK-FPEA
The Florida Parent-Educators Association exists solely to serve homeschooling families in Florida. It executes that mission through support for the legal right to homeschool, local school board education and interaction, support group networking, a state convention, local conferences and events, informative communications, and individual encouragement, all in accordance with Judeo-Christian principles.

[acc_item title=”Florida Unschoolers (Hobe Sound, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/floridaunschoolers/
Contact: Nance Confer
Email: director@floridaunschoolers.net
Phone: (772) 486-6146
Florida Unschoolers is a private umbrella school for unschoolers and other homeschoolers in Florida.

[acc_item title=”Florida Virtual School (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://www.flvs.net/Pages/default.aspx
Email: info@flvs.net
Phone: (407) 513-3587
Phone: (800) 374-1430
FLVS is where you go to learn on your time and on your schedule, no matter what kind of student you are. Public, private and homeschooled students, from kindergarten-12th grade, can take our virtual courses whether they live in Florida or not.

[acc_item title=”Free-Range Learning Co-op (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/frlc/
Contact: Rebecca Cumbie
Email: freerangelearningcoop@gmail.com
A Northeast Florida Homeschool Learning Community

[acc_item title=”Freedom Academy (Orlando, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://freedomacademy.weebly.com/
Email: freedomacademy@rocketmail.com
Phone: (863) 934-1087
Freedom Academy is a private school located in Florida. We take out of state students (as some states do allow correspondance schools) as well and Florida students.

[acc_item title=”Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative (Gainesville, FL)”]
Website: Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative (Gainesville, FL)
Contact: Sunshine Moss
Email: sun@ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 219-7447
We offer homeschool co-op day classes where students take academic and enrichment classes in community with other children. In addition, we offer family-hosted activities for children of all ages and an updated calendar of local events of interest to homeschoolers in the Gainesville, FL area.

[acc_item title=”Gainesville Homeschoolers (Gainesville, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gainesvillehomeschoolers/info
Email: gainsvillehomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are an open, secular, inclusive homeschool group. Most of our members homeschool, unschool or use FLVS. No membership fee is required. Participation in all activities is optional and most are free.

[acc_item title=”Grace Alone Academy (Laurel Hill, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: http://www.gracealoneacademy.org/
Contact: Tonya Reed
Email: tonyasmaill77@gmail.com
Phone: Grace Alone Academy is a K-12 registered Florida Private Umbrella School for Homeschoolers, recognized by the Federal department of Education. The school offers record keeping services to comply with Florida Home school Requirements as well as many optional services.

[acc_item title=”Grace Homeschool Support Group (Brooksville, FL)”]
Website: http://homeschool-life.com/fl/gracehomeschool/
Contact: Chrysti Puckett
Email: gracehs08@gmail.com
We are a homeschool group ministry that is hosted by Grace World Outreach Church in Brooksville, Florida. It is the goal of GRACE Homeschool Group to give our children the opportunity to interact with other christian home schooled children.

[acc_item title=”Greenlife Homeschool Community (Gainsville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/greenlife/
Email: greenlifehomeschool@gmail.com
The vision and heartbeat of GreenLife Homeschool Community is to be a homeschool community that is 100% devoted in our worship to God and is in intentional community with one another as we actively share the love of Christ to each other and to our Gainesville community.

[acc_item title=”Growing Great Moms & Minds (New Port Richey, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/growinggreatminds/
Contact: Carmen Bunett
Email: carmen@growinggreatmoms.com
Contact: Lisa Fernandez
Email: lisa@growinggreatmoms.com
Contact: Brenda Gooden
Email: brenda@growinggreatmoms.com
Growing Great Moms & Minds is a support group for stay-at-home moms & home schooling families serving Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando counties. We are like family here at GGM. Our abundant activities offered are “fun” in nature, but also educational and healthy relationships are always encouraged.

[acc_item title=”Gulf Coast Christian Home Educators Association (Gulf Coast, FL)”]
Website: http://homeschool-life.com/fl/gcchea/
Contact: Cherri Hedden
Email: GCCHEAPres@gmail.com
Phone: (850) 629-9474
GCCHEA, a Christian homeschool group, is one of the largest homeschool groups in the area. We usually have 150+ member families, from a large area which includes: Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties, as well as military families living on the local military bases of Eglin, Hulbert, and Duke Field.

[acc_item title=”Gulfcoast Homeschool Association (Lee County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/gchsa/
Email: admin@gchsa.com
Gulfcoast Homeschool Association is an association of families who have chosen to educate their children at home. We meet on a regular basis to discuss homeschooling, share common concerns, and provide fellowship.

[acc_item title=”H.E.A.R. (Home Educators At Riverbend) (Ormond Beach, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/RiverbendHEAR/info
Email: riverbendhear-owner@yahoogroups.com
HEAR exists to glorify God by edifying fellow believers who have prayerfully chosen to home educate with wholesome activities, biblical fellowship, and meaningful information – all within a Christ-centered environment with God’s Word as the authority.

[acc_item title=”H.E.A.R.T. (Home Education After Righteous Teaching) (Ocala, FL)”]
Website: http://www.aheart4homeschooling.com/
Contact: Gail Dush (Secretary)
Email: gail3HEART@gmail.com
Contact: Michelle Newsome (Member Coordinator)
Email: MichelleNewsomeHEART@gmail.com
H.E.A.R.T. offers your family support throughout the year by organizing and hosting different activities, clubs and field trips.

[acc_item title=”Heart and Home Homeschoolers (Lee County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.heartnhome.org/
Contact: Christi Greer
Phone: (239) 574-5084
Heart and Home Homeschoolers is a Christian-based, cooperative group of homeschooling families in Lee County, Florida. We welcome homeschool families of all faiths and educational philosophies.

[acc_item title=”H.E.A.R.T.S. (Home Educators Applying Righteous Teaching Standards) Homeschoolers (Southwest Ranches, FL)”]
Website: http://www.heartshomeschoolers.net/
Email: heartshomeschoolers@gmail.com
H.E.A.R.T.S. was formed to bring Homeschooling families together in order to support, educate, and encourage them in their efforts to educate their children at home. To achieve these goals, the group meets monthly to pray for and encourage one another, share methods, curriculum, ideas, and to plan group events, field trips and classes.

[acc_item title=”H.E.R.E. (Home Educators Reaching for Excellence) (Palmdale, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/herehappenings/
Email: HEREhappenings@gmail.com
Our families have joined together to encourage and support one another as we educate our children at home. It is our hope that you will be inspired and blessed by this group of wonderful homeschool families. If you believe H.E.R.E. is the group for your family we welcome you to join us!

[acc_item title=”H.E.R.I. (Home Education Resources and Information) (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/herijax/
Email: herijax@yahoo.com
Phone: (904) 783-8197

[acc_item title=”Heritage Classical Center (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: http://www.heritageclassicalcenter.com/
Email: info@heritageclassicalcenter.com
Phone: (407) 491-9588
Heritage Classical Center (HCC) is an independent and private Christian study center, providing a classical and Christian supplement to home-educators at the middle and secondary school levels. As a discipling and tutorial service, Heritage is an extension of the family, providing them with a Biblically-based, classical curriculum in the basic academic disciplines.

[acc_item title=”Heritage Homeschool Group (East Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/heritagehomeschoolgroup/
Contact: Yari Figueora
Contact: Zory Lugo
Email: heritage_hsgroup@yahoo.com
The HERITAGE Homeschooling group has been formed to encourage and promote the effective training of our children. HERITAGE is a non-denominational, Christ centered support group for home schooling parents in the East Orlando area.

[acc_item title=”Heritage Homeschool Group-Tampa (Odessa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/heritage/
Contact: Sandra Watford
Email: watfordfamily@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 925-8512
We are open to Bible-believing, like minded homeschooling families who are active in their local church and who adhere to our Mission Statement. Our program is designed to offer Christian fellowship, encouragement, and instruction as a supplement to our home education programs.

[acc_item title=”H.E.R.O.E.S. Group (Hilliard, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/heroesgroup/
Email: kimsmailis@yahoo.com
HEROES Group is a homeschooling support group located in Northeast Florida. Our families are from Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our members are like-minded, Christian families who attend and are involved in like-minded churches.

[acc_item title=”Holy Family Academy (Palm Harbor, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/holyfamilyacademy/
Email: JMJHFA@aol.com
Phone: (727) 781-8002
Holy Family Academy is a private, independent school in the Catholic tradition for students in grades K-12. We work cooperatively with parents to ensure that our students have the best Catholic education possible.

[acc_item title=”H.O.M.E. (Homeschoolers of Miami Enrichment) (Miami, FL)”]
Website: http://www.home4homeschoolers.com/
Homeschoolers of Miami Enrichment (H.O.M.E.) is a South Florida, Miami-Dade County, non-profit, volunteer-based corporation, that provides a forum for conducting enrichment classes for all families home educating their children, regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, or educational handicap, in a family-oriented setting.

[acc_item title=”Home Choice Academy (Lehigh Acres, FL)”]
Website: http://homechoiceacademy.com/
Email: admin@homechoiceadademy.com
Phone: (888) 405-3820
Home Choice Academy is a private umbrella school, also known as a 600 schools or cover school, and your gateway to homeschooling and unschooling! We strive to provide you with valuable information, links and resources.

[acc_item title=”Home Circle of Hernando (Spring Hill, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/homecircleofhernando/
Contact: Elizabeth Witherell
Email: Jaybeth7@gmail.com
Contact: Kelli Howell
Email: howellacademy3@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 686-7090
Home Circle is a Support Group for homeschoolers in Hernando County and the surrounding areas. We offer the building blocks to make your journey a success.

[acc_item title=”Home Education Foundation (Tallahassee, FL)”]
Website: http://www.flhef.org/
Email: hefquestions@flhef.org
Phone: (850) 877-3494
Home Educators’ Voice at the capitol. Protecting your right to home educate.

[acc_item title=”Home Educators Network of Central Florida (Longwood, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeeducatorsnetwork.com/
Contact: Radonda Dobbins
Email: homeedmomma@homeeducatorsnetwork.com
We are a non-profit, homeschooling group in Central Florida (Orlando area). We provide mentors to new homeschoolers. We hold classes and co-ops including art, book club, history, science and foreign language. We also meet for social interaction, playdates and fun!

[acc_item title=”Home Grown Kids of Central Florida Inc. (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/hgk/
Email: hgkmembership@gmail.com
As a Christian group, we desire to help families grow in maturity in Christ, and more specifically, to assist families whom God has called to teach their children at home and to do so in a manner which honors God

[acc_item title=”Home-Grown Homeschoolers (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/homegrownhs/
Email: Information@homegrownhomeschoolers.org
Our families have joined together to encourage and support one another as we educate our children at home. It is our hope that you will be inspired and blessed by both, this site and this group of wonderful homeschool families.

[acc_item title=”Home’s Cool Co-op (Dunedin, FL)”]
Website: http://homescoolcoop.tripod.com/
Contact: Mazie Middleton
Email: homescoolcoop@aol.com
Phone: (727) 733-8456
Home’s Cool Co-op is a small, family oriented, Christian co-op that offers low cost, quality classes for children in grades K-8. Children must be five years old by the start date of co-op.

[acc_item title=”Homelink Education of the Palm Beaches (Lantana, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/homelinkpbc/
Contact: Anne
Email: info@HomelinkEducation.com
Phone: (561) 309-7677
The HomeLink program, established in 2003, is designed to assist homeschooling families by providing classes in core and elective subject areas to advance the work of the home educator/parent. Classes are `a la carte, according to your individual needs.

[acc_item title=”Homeschool Around Temple Terrace (Temple Terrace, FL)”]
Website: http://www.hattgroup.info/
Contact: Laura Lopez
Email: lauralopez929@hotmail.com
Contact: Talia Knisley
Email: hattgroup@gmail.com
HATT is a group established to help homeschooling families in the Temple Terrace area gain social experiences. We meet weekly to learn in a group setting, establish lasting friendships, and provide a social outlet for students and parents.

[acc_item title=”Homeschool Happenings in Florida (FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HomeschoolHappeningsinFlorida/info
Contact: Rebecca Miller
Email: millerhomeschool@msn.com
Email: homeschoolhappeningsinflorida-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group is open to ALL Florida families who homeschool and those thinking of homeschooling. We welcome co-op, association, organization leaders, and others to share events, activities and information beneficial to Florida’s homeschoolers through our calendar messages.

[acc_item title=”Homeschooled Kids & Co.”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/index_public.cfm?memberid=240
Email: Hkidsandco@gmail.com
Homeschooled Kids & Co. is a local support group for families predominately from Escambia counties Alabama and Florida. HK&C is a volunteer organization coordinated by a voluntary leadership team.

[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers By The Sea (St. Augustine, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/hbts/
Contact: Jill Campbell
Email: jill@emilyandtrixie.com
Homeschoolers by the Sea is a Christian-based homeschool co-op and parent support group serving the St. Augustine, Florida area.

[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers of Collier County (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/homeschoolersofcolli/
Email: homeschoolersofcc@yahoo.com
The purpose of the Homeschoolers of Collier County, Inc., is to provide support to its members, regardless of race, religious belief, home education philosophy or choice of curriculum. This support can be in the form of activities, meetings, and sharing of information.

[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers on the Ridge (Lake Wales, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/hsotr/
Contact: Karen Mathre
Email: hsotronline@gmail.com
We are a Christian based, but not Christian exclusive, organization. Our membership is open to any home schooling family regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin.

[acc_item title=”H.O.P.E. (Homeeducation Organization Providing Encouragement) Homeschoolers Inc. (Coconut Creek, FL)”]
Website: http://www.hopefamilies.com/
Contact: Nancy Robbins
Email: hopeforfamilies@bellsouth.net
Email: hopefamilies@hopefamilies.net
We are professing Christian families who home educate in North Broward and South Palm Beach Counties. We seek to support, and encourage, one another!

[acc_item title=”Indian River Homeschoolers Association (Vero Beach, FL)”]
Website: http://irhsa.net/
Contact: Patti Sullivan (President)
Email: president@irhsa.net
Contact: Renee Boesch (Secretary)
Email: secretary@irhsa.net
Phone: (772) 202-2030
Indian River Homeschoolers Association, Inc. is a Christian-based, but not an exclusively Christian organization.

[acc_item title=”Jacksonville Home School Kids (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: http://jacksonvillehomeschoolkids.yolasite.com/
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jacksonvillehomeschoolkids/
Email: jacksonvillehomeschoolkids-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group is based in Jacksonville, Florida. This group is mostly focused in the Beaches/ ICW/ Southside area, but all areas are welcome to join! All grade levels are welcome for we have activities for Kinder all the way through High School! We are an open minded group, who would love to have you join us!

[acc_item title=”JMJ Tampa Bay (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: http://www.jmjtampabay.com/
Email: info@jmjtampabay.com
Email: membership@jmjtampabay.com
As a Roman Catholic homeschool support group, we feel it is our vocation to help families who are called to homeschool their children in a Catholic environment fulfill their call. WE ARE NOT A CO-OP. We do not require parents to teach classes or volunteer for events, but encourage them to do so, when they feel God is calling them to share their time and talents.

[acc_item title=”Kellar Academy (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/kellar/
Contact: Kelly Lewis
Email: kellaracademy@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 374-5803
Kellar Academy is a local umbrella school that supports families who choose to homeschool their children. While our main objective is to help you maintain your academic records, we also want to provide the student with an experience that will enrich their lives and create lasting memories.

[acc_item title=”Leaders in Godly Home Training (L.I.G.H.T.) (Miami, FL)”]
Website: http://www.lighthomeschoolmiami.org/
Email: LightHomeschoolMiami@yahoo.com
We are a homeschool group, fondly known as our acronym LIGHT, providing Christ-centered support for home educators, regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, or handicap. We are based in south Miami-Dade County and provide a variety of benefits to our members

[acc_item title=”Learning & Families (Sarasota, FL)”]
Website: http://www.learningandfamilies.org/
Email: LAFmembership@gmail.com
We are a Christian Homeschool Support group serving families in and around Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Our desire is to provide educational opportunities for both the homeschool parent and for our children in addition to being a community of support and encouragement.

[acc_item title=”Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Academy (Tarpon Springs, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/lcha/
Contact: Nicole
Email: NicoleAK@tampabay.rr.com
Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Academy! We provide classes for grades Pre-K through 12.

[acc_item title=”Lighthouse Homeschoolers (Lakeland, FL)”]
Website: http://lighthousehomeschoolers.org/default.aspx
Contact: Kristina Sharrett
Email: lighthousehomeschoolers@gmail.com
Lighthouse is a Christian-based organization and all board members are required to sign a statement of faith. Since it is not a Christian-exclusive group the general membership is not required to do so.

[acc_item title=”Love of Learning Families (Tampa Bay, FL)”]
Website: http://www.lolfamilies.com/home
Contact: Laura Jarosz (Co-op Coordinator)
Contact: Meka Taulbee (Co-op Coordinator)
The Love of Learning Families is a secular, open-minded community of homeschooling families in the Tampa Bay area. We strive for tolerance, respect, and friendship for our children and ourselves. We are supportive of attachment parenting and natural family living, and we welcome families of all faiths and cultures.

[acc_item title=”Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cchs/
Contact: Barbie
Email: info@mchjax.com
Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers (MCH) seeks to support and encourage homeschooled children and their families educationally and spiritually as we work to build families that glorify and honor God. We strive to be an example of Christian living in our community of Jacksonville, Florida.

[acc_item title=”MDC (Miami-Dade County) Homeschool Support Group (Miami-Dade County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.mdchomeschoolsupportgroup.com/
Contact: Grace C. Rodriguez
Email: FloridaHomeschoolHelp@yahoo.com
Phone: (786) 529-6515
We are a Group of Homeschooling Moms, and State Certified Teachers, that believe in the Homeschool system. We want to ensure that all your Forms, Evaluations, Report Cards, Transcripts, Affidavits, or other services needed, are done correctly by Fl Law, and by a State Certified Teacher.

[acc_item title=”Melbourne ARCH Angels (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/archangels/
We are a group of families in the Melbourne, FL area who support each other in our Catholic homeschooling journey.

[acc_item title=”Mid-Florida Homeschoolers (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://www.midflhomeschoolers.com/
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MidFLHomeschoolers/info
Email: kenyar@cfl.rr.com
Email: midflhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
Founded in 2001, Mid-Florida Homeschoolers (MFH) is a support group for families of homeschooled children in the Central Florida area. MFH is an inclusive group with over 200 families. We accept members who currently homeschool or are considering homeschooling regardless of religious persuasion or beliefs. There is no membership fee to join MFH.

[acc_item title=”Mrs. Curtis’ Classroom (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/mrscurtis/
I teach homeschool classes both in my home and through Classical Conversations. The private pages here are for the classes that meet in my home. A password is required to access these files. Thank you.

[acc_item title=”Nassau County Home Educators (NCHE) (Fernandina Beach, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/nche/
Contact: C.A. & Janey McDonald
Email: cajanemcdonald@gmail.com
Phone: (904) 277-2798
Contact: Michele & Tom Reuter
Email: itsabeautifullawn@comcast.net
Phone: (904)225-0707
Contact: Board of Directors
Email: NCHESG@gmail.com
Our purpose is as follows: to uphold Christian values, provide educational opportunities for our children, support new and veteran home educators, share information and exchange ideas about home schooling, and stay informed of current legal and legislative happenings.

[acc_item title=”NearHim Home Educators (Casselberry, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/nearhim/
NearHim Home Educators is a Christian homeschool support group which exists to support and encourage families whom God has called to the task of teaching their children at home.

[acc_item title=”New Covenant School (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: http://www.newcovenantschool.com/
Email: NUCOVENANT@aol.com
Phone: (321) 724-9603
God calls some to home school for a semester and some to home school for a lifetime. Our intention is to aid parents in finding their pathways and to encourage them therein.

[acc_item title=”New Hope Academy (Palm City, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/nha/
Contact: Bernadette Clark (Administrator/Dual Enrollment Advisor)
Phone: (772) 475-0968
Contact: Pam Durham (Vice President/Academic Advisor)
Email: newhopeacademyps@gmail.com
Phone: (772) 288-5273
New Hope Academy is a K-12 private school registered and fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education. New Hope Academy offers an umbrella/satellite program to those who home-educate their children. We give parents the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching method for their children at an affordable cost.

[acc_item title=”NJBC Homeschoolers (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/njbc/
We are a casual homeschool support group. We are not a structured group. Members add events/field trips to the calendar for the group. Most of us are involved in outside more structured groups. Our goal as the NJBC Homeschoolers is to come along beside you while we all walk this homeschooling journey.

[acc_item title=”North Brevard Home School Association (Titusville, FL)”]
Website: http://www.nbhsa.org/
We are a Christ-centered group of homeschooling families that have formed this non-profit support group to support families involved or interested in home education. We strive to provide the local home educator with encouragement, fellowship, information, and activities.

[acc_item title=”North Creek Presbyterian Church Homeschoolers (Coconut Creek, FL)”]
Website: http://www.northcreekpresbyterianchurch.org/homeschoolers/
Email: talk@northcreekpresbyterianchurch.org
Phone: (954) 428-8772
We are a ministry of North Creek Presbyterian Church offering academic, social and spiritual support. We serve Broward and Palm Beach county families who are educating their children at home. We are also members of the FPEA.

[acc_item title=”North Florida Homeschool (North FL)”]
Website: http://www.northfloridahomeschool.com/
Email: northfloridahomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
North Florida Homeschool is your opportunity to NETWORK with homeschooling families throughout North Florida. Our group is here to help you by offering connections with like-minded parents; friendship; support and encouragement; announcements of events, activities, and discounts for homeschooling families; and buying and selling of curricula.

[acc_item title=”Northwest Tampa Classical Conversations (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/northwesttampacc/
Contact: Jamee Martin (Foundations/Essentials Director)
Email: jameemartin@gmail.com
Contact: Karen Vogel (Challenge A Director)
Email: vogel5@tampabay.rr.com
Contact: Kim Jansen (Challenge B Director)
Email: mujktj@msn.com
CC combines a classical learning and a biblical worldview by modeling the three stages of classical learning—grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. Using age appropriate methods, children are taught the tools for studying any subject.

[acc_item title=”O.H.E.D. (Orlando Home Educators) (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/OHEd/info
Email: ohed-owner@yahoogroups.com
OHED is an active Christian, family oriented group whose desire is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, while teaching our children at home.

[acc_item title=”Olivet Private School (Port St. Lucie, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/olivetprivateschool/
Contact: Christina Cunningham (Administrator)
Email: kaylory@hotmail.com
Email: olivetprivateschool@yahoo.com
Phone: (772) 879-9707
Olivet is a private school consisting of parent-teachers registered with us, who educate their children at home. As such, the parent-teachers are responsible to research and define their program of studies. The administrative personnel of Olivet are parent-teachers who are willing to help in any possible.

[acc_item title=”Orlando Area Unschoolers (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/orlando-area-unschoolers/info
Email: orlando-area-unschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
While we do offer an online support group, we will be offering REAL LIFE events so our children will have the opportunity to make friends within the group.

[acc_item title=”Orlando Home Educators (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://www.ohed.org/
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/OHEd/info
Email: ohed-owner@yahoogroups.com
OHEd is a friendly, dedicated and diverse group of homeschool families located in the vicinity of Orlando, Florida.

[acc_item title=”Orlando Liberal Homeschoolers (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Lib_O_HS/info
Email: lib_o_hs-owner@yahoogroups.com
This is a secular homeschool support group for families with liberal political values; we believe in equality for all, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

[acc_item title=”Osceola Eagles 4-H Club (Kissimmee, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/osceolaeagles4hclub/
Email: eileenblanco4h@yahoo.com
4-H is an organization designed to help develop leadership, public speaking skills and citizenship skills in youth ages 5 to18. With over 27 clubs in Osceola, 4-H offers youth many opportunities to learn these skills in a fun and educational environment with other children.

[acc_item title=”P.A.C.E. (Parents Association for Christian Enrichment) of Miami (Miami, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/pacemiami/
Email: info@pacemiami.org
P.A.C.E. offers a “Support Group Option” for homeschooling families who would like to be a part of a Christian homeschool group and take part in, or benefit from, all P.A.C.E sponsored activities and events, but who are unable to attend P.A.C.E Enrichment classes.

[acc_item title=”P.A.C.T. (Pre-Adolescents Connecting Together) (Palm Beach, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/pact/
Email: infoaboutpact@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 316-PACT
Please join us for PACT, Pre-Adolescents Connecting Together, a homeschool support group designed to build friendships, encourage volunteerism, and develop socialization geared for children age 9 and up.

[acc_item title=”Parents Educating Children (Palm beach County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/pec/
Contact: Renita (Boynton Beach/Delray Beach Support Group)
Email: renitaperrone@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 385-3495
Contact: Natasha Zukowski (Central Support Group)
Email: nzukowskiafai@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 543-8758
Contact: Kristin Malerba (Central Support Group)
Email: kristinjohnson0825@hotmail.com
Phone: (561) 398-2228
Contact: Melanie (North Area Support Group)
Email: SchmittsRus@bellsouth.net
Phone: (561) 745-2078
Contact: Jenny (North Area Support Group)
Email: NJMyersfamily@yahoo.com
Phone: (561) 745-0681
Contact: Holly Kinch (Teen Age Group)
Email: hdkinch@gmail.com
Phone: 267-9870
Contact: Chrys Russ (Teen Age Group)
Email: chrystieruss@gmail.com
Phone: 201-7138
Contact: Terry (Wellington Support Group)
Email: terrynovella@yahoo.com
Phone: 333-2628
Our philosophy is founded on traditional, Biblical, Judeo-Christian values. Membership is open to all who are engaged in a home education program or considering home education, and pay annual dues.

[acc_item title=”Parents Educating on the Treasure Coast (Port St. Lucie, FL)”]
Website: http://www.parents-etc.com/
Email: info@parents-etc.com
Phone: (772) 237-0727
Our group provides the platform for people to exchange ideas, resources, personal experiences, and at times benefit from any group rates or discounts. With the help of our members we’re also able to provide various social, academic, and sporting events. These activities give our home school children the opportunity to come together with other children.

[acc_item title=”Parkland Homeschool Group (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/parkland_hs/info
Email: parkland_hs-owner@yahoogroups.com
A cooperative group of home educating families. Parkland offers support and assistance to families who are primarily responsible for the education of their children.

[acc_item title=”Parkridge Baptist Homeschoolers (Coral Springs, FL)”]
Website: http://parkridgebaptisthomeschoolers.com/
Email: pbhschooling@gmail.com
Phone: (954) 346-9009
When considering our group, please note that we offer support, encouragement, and education for homeschooling your children; we do not however, offer classes or co-ops.

[acc_item title=”Pasco Florida Homeschool Fun in the Sun (Pasco County, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Pasco_Florida_Homeschoolers_Fun_in_the_Sun/info
Email: pasco_florida_homeschoolers_fun_in_the_sun-owner@yahoogroups.com
Connect with other homeschoolers in Pasco County. We welcome anyone with an interest in homeschooling. This discussion list is an all-inclusive group, which means we respect your choice of religion or none at all, although we prefer to stay away from religious and political discussions.

[acc_item title=”P.A.T.H. (Parents Association for Teaching at Home) (Miami, FL)”]
Website: http://pathhomeschool.org/
Contact: Karen Urbec
Email: mail@pathhomeschool.org
P.A.T.H. is a support group for families who have decided to educate their children at home in Miami-Dade County. Our goal is to inform, support, encourage, and motivate one another in our endeavor to homeschool. P.A.T.H. Inc. is a non-profit organization which is run by a body of volunteers.

[acc_item title=”Pensa Co-op-Homeschool Co-op of SW Pensacola (Pensacola, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/pensacoop/
Email: pensacoop@gmail.com
We are the families who make up PensaCo-Op, a Christian-based homeschool co-op that meets in Southwest Pensacola. We meet three times monthly: on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays for scheduled classes, and once for a group field trip. We welcome all ages from K-12th grade.

[acc_item title=”Pensacola L.I.F.E. Homeschool (Northwest, FL)”]
Website: http://www.pensacolahomeschool.org/home/
Contact: Rose Jansen
Email: plhs@pensacolalifehomeschool.com
PensacolaHomeSchool.org is the primary website for the Pensacola L.I.F.E. Homeschool Association. PLHA is an inclusive association whose mission is to provide comprehensive homeschool information, resources, and opportunities with a concentration on the Northwest Florida locality.

[acc_item title=”Pinellas Parent Educators Association (St. Petersburg, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ppea/
Email: ppeaboardcontact@yahoo.com
We are a group of volunteer veteran homeschool moms and dads who find fulfillment in giving back what has been given to us… support, education, information, encouragement and inspiration. You CAN do this and you’re not alone.

[acc_item title=”Providence Home Educators (Ocoee, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/providence/
Email: pheboard@phelife.com
Providence Home Educators is an academic accountability support group/co-operative made up of like-minded Evangelical Christians in the Central Florida area.

[acc_item title=”Queen of Angels Academy (Bradenton, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/queenofangelsacademy/
Email: queenofangelsacademy@gmail.com
Queen of Angels Academy, Inc., is a K-12 home-based, private Catholic school registered in the State of Florida. Catholic families residing anywhere in Florida are invited to submit applications for student enrollment.

[acc_item title=”Risen Son Academy (Sarasota, FL) – Umbrella School”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/rsa/
Contact: Michelle Skogen (Administrator)
Email: Risensonacademy@gmail.com
Phone: (941) 809-6966
Contact: Rachel Tarro (Assistant Administrator)
Email: Risensonacademy@gmail.com
Phone: (941) 705-1113
Risen Son Academy serves as a non-traditional private school for families that wish to home educate their children. Also called an “Umbrella” or ” Cover” school. We provide our families the opportunity to connect with other homeschooling families in the area through monthly field trips, park days, and a year end celebration/graduation.

[acc_item title=”River City Homeschool Adventures (Jacksonville, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/rcha/
Contact: Christie
Email: info@rchajax.com
RCHA is different from other area groups, intentionally. We endeavor to provide a Christ centered, balanced, and varied curriculum to the families who join our community. We are founded on the philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason, whose model reflects the idea that children are individuals – persons who respond in unique ways to living ideas.

[acc_item title=”Riverbend Home Educators (Liberty, FL)”]
Website: http://www.riverbendhomeeducators.org/
Email: riverbend-home-educators@googlegroups.com
Phone: (850) 273-8088
Riverbend Home Educators is a community of families partnering together to provide varied learning and social opportunities for their children and support for one another.

[acc_item title=”Sacred Heart of Jesus Home Educators (Tallahassee, FL)”]
Website: http://home.catholicweb.com/shjhe/
Email: shjhe@catholicweb.com
Our primary purpose as members of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Home Educators support group is to offer encouragement to one another, both spiritually and academically, through various gatherings designed to strengthen each family’s commitment to authentic Catholic home education.

[acc_item title=”Sacred Heart of Jesus Private School (Cape Coral, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/ships/
Contact: Valerie Pellegrino (Principal)
Email: pelicus6@gmail.com
Phone: (239) 574-7096
We are a non-traditional private school for students in grades 1 through 12, and enrollment is open to Catholic homeschoolers who reside in Lee County. If you reside outside of Lee County, you may participate in most of our activities by joining our support group.

[acc_item title=”Scanta Familia Academy (Melbourne, FL) “]
Website: http://www.sanctafamilia.org/
Email: dnoonan@scantafamilia.net
Phone: (321) 259-6464
SFA offers Catholic homeschool support, including a private umbrella school, a traditional day school, a full-time enrollment option for ESE students, and a unique blend of home education and classroom learning through our co-op program and classical cottage school.

[acc_item title=”Seven Mountains Home School Academy (Brandon, FL)”]
Website: http://www.sevenmountains.org/
Email: info@sevenmountains.org
Phone: (813) 685-2227
With the A la Carte Program, home schooled students have the opportunity to enhance their education at home through our academically excellent “university-style” program.

[acc_item title=”S.H.A.R.E. (Support Homeshool Activities Reaching Everyone) (Bradenton, FL)”]
Website: http://sharebradenton.homestead.com/
Contact: Debbie Dykes
Email: SHAREBradenton@yahoo.com
We are an organization for support, educational field trips, and socialization of homeschool students and their families.

[acc_item title=”S.H.E.A.F. (Sacred Heart Eucharistic Adoration Family) Homeschool Group (High Springs, FL)”]
Website: http://sheaf.net/
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SHEAF_Homeschool/info
Email: <sheaf_homeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com/a>
We are based out of St. Madeleine’s Catholic Church in High Springs, Florida. Serving the Diocese of St. Augustine’s central rural area.

[acc_item title=”S.H.I.N.E. (Sharing Homeschooling In Nurturing Environments) Homeschool Group (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/shinehomeschoolgroup/
Email: shinehomeschoolgroup@gmail.com
We are a Christian-led homeschool support group and co-op located in Tampa, Florida, that is open to all homeschooling families. Our mission is to provide information, educational support, social opportunities, and community to those who are teaching their children at home.

[acc_item title=”Shining Stars Co-op (Naples, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/shiningstars/
We are a Christian based Co-Op run on “Mom” power all working together to home educate our children to the calling the Lord has individually given us. All involved in our Co-Op are expected to volunteer their time by teaching, coordinating events, setting up and cleaning up the facilities we have been so graciously provided by the Lord.

[acc_item title=”Sonshine Christian Academy (Stuart, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/sca/
Contact: Lisa Sawtelle (Advisor)
Email: alohaswat@yahoo.com
Contact: Pam Scott (Advisor)
Email: fivesteelers@gmail.com
Email: sonshineinfo@yahoo.com
We offer families a variety of educational opportunities including: Field Trips, Park Days, Co-Op Classes such as science, literature, writing, history, etc., Talent Show/Academic Fair, International Night, Honor Society, End-of-Year Standardized Testing, and End-of-Year Graduation Banquet.

[acc_item title=”South Broward Homeschoolers (Hollywood, FL)”]
Website: http://www.meetup.com/SouthBrowardHomeschoolers/
Welcome to South Broward Homeschoolers. We are a secular, inclusive homeschool group aimed at providing fun, friendship and enriching educational activities to our members and their families.

[acc_item title=”South Florida HEAT (Home Education Athletic Teams) (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)”]
Website: http://www.sfheat.org/
Email: Kelsey@sfheat.org
The South Florida HEAT (Home Education Athletic Teams) is a Christian based, FHSAA accredited, not-for-profit organization working with homeschooling families toward growing tomorrow’s servant-leaders through learning and applying life-lessons available from the competitive interscholastic athletic arena.

[acc_item title=”South Lake Home Educators (Clermont, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/index_public.cfm?memberid=382
Email: SLHEinfo@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 429-2276
SLHE is located in Clermont, FL. It was formed in 1988 as a support group to encourage home educating families in the task of teaching their children at home. We are open to any home schooling family needing support despite race, creed, or religion, though most of our members are Christians.

[acc_item title=”Southshore Homeschool Group (Riverview, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/southshore/
Email: southshorehomeschool@gmail.com
We are a homeschool group who meets in the SouthShore area of Tampa Bay. The SouthShore area is made up of Riverview, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Sun City, Wimauma and surrounding areas. During the school year we offer park days, parties, field trips, book club and more.

[acc_item title=”Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families (Lee County, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/swflhsf/
Email: hsLynda1@yahoo.com
We welcome all homeschooling families, regardless of religious beliefs, educational philosophy, or curriculum method. We have founded this group in the hopes that homeschooling families in SW Florida will feel welcome and encouraged by our support.

[acc_item title=”S.P.L.A.S.H. (Students Playing, Learning, and Serving Him) (Melbourne, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/splash/
Contact: Cindy Beatty (Director of Administration)
Email: rob-cindy@cfl.rr.com
The vision of SPLaSH is to unify and nurture homeschool families within the church and in the community so as to enhance their academic and spiritual growth.

[acc_item title=”Summit Homeschool Co-op (St. Johns, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/summithomeschool/
Contact: Debbie Bailey
Email: Dbailey_1986@yahoo.com
The Summit Homeschool Co-op is a group of like-minded families making an educational and spiritual journey together.

[acc_item title=”Sunshine Learning Center (Margate, FL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschoolclasses.com/
Email: cathy@homeschoolclasses.com
Phone: (954) 971-7370
Over the last 13 years, the Sunshine Learning Center has built a solid reputation as Broward’s leading center for homeschool classes. The reason for our success is our intense dedication to each and every student.

[acc_item title=”Tampa Bay H.E.A.T. (Tampa Bay, FL)”]
Website: http://tampabayheat.org/teams/default.asp?u=TAMPABAYHEAT&s=htosports&p=custom&pagename=Homeschool+Help
Email: tampabayheat@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 658-0559
There are many questions to navigate as you consider homeschooling your child thru high school. Thankfully, in this area, we have so many resources that you don’t have to worry about relearning Geometry or disceting that frog. Our website lists many local resources for classes. You take your child to class a few hours per week, but they remain homeschooled.

[acc_item title=”T.E.A.C.H. (To Educate A Child’s Heart) Homeschool Group (Bushnell, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/teach/
Email: teachhsg@yahoo.com
Our purpose of meeting together is to encourage and support the families of those in pursuit and continuance of homeschooling by sharing experiences, pooling resources, and providing opportunities to build relationships with others whose values and perspectives are within the scope of the values and perspectives of this organization.

[acc_item title=”The Oaks Private School (Live Oak, FL)”]
Website: http://www.theoaksprivateschool.com/
Email: tops@theoaksprivateschool.com
Phone: 866-998-TOPS
The mission of The Oaks Private School is to empower and educate students who choose to study at home using proven, innovative, effective, and affordable distance education programs to develop their full academic, personal and spiritual potential.

[acc_item title=”The Ogburn School (Fernandina Beach, FL)”]
Website: http://ogburn.org/
Email: info@ogburn.org
Phone: (904) 491-6233
The Ogburn School is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and AdvancED. We offer the following programs: Homeschool programs for grades K-12 (Virtual Academy), Attendance-based programs /McKay Scholarship approved, Credit Recovery, Adult Programs

[acc_item title=”The Homeschooler’s Friend”]
Website: http://www.thehomeschoolersfriend.com/wpsite/
THF is an organization committed to encouraging and supporting homeschool families in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Callaway, Tyndall AFB, Lynn Haven and surrounding areas.

[acc_item title=”The Mom’s Group (North Central FL)”]
Website: http://www.thefreemans.org/
Contact: Bill Freeman
Email: bill@thefreemans.org
Contact: Mardy Freeman
Email: mardy@thefreemans.org
We are a Christian couple who enjoys encouraging families in their faith and parenting, as well as in home education.

[acc_item title=”T.H.I.N.K. (Tampa Homeschoolers Instructing and Nurturing Kids) (Palm Harbor, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/think/
Email: thinkcoop@gmail.com
THINK is an inclusive group, open to all homeschooling families.
Our mission is to provide an environment for homeschool families to share educational resources and camaraderie and to encourage learning in its broadest sense.

[acc_item title=”Traditional Catholic Homeschoolers of Central Florida (Clermont, FL)”]
Website: http://tradcathhomeschoolers.weebly.com/
Email: youhavehowmany@aol.com
We are a small group of families in the south Lake-west Orange county area of Florida who homeschool our children, and who either attend a Latin Mass church, or who are interested in doing so. We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

[acc_item title=”Trinity Homeschool Academy (Tampa, FL)”]
Website: http://www.trinityhomeschoolacademy.org/
Contact: Tonya Walters (Administrator)
Email: info@trinityhomeschoolacademy.org
Contact: Corey McKeown (Director of Registrations)
Email: trinitypayments@gmail.com
Phone: (813) 690-2889
Our Mission is to provide age-appropriate structured teaching disciplines in all fields of learning, to assist parents in becoming more effective educators and to offer a Christian-worldview perspective to our students.

[acc_item title=”Unfailing Homeschoolers (Duval County, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/unfailinghomeschoolers/
Contact: Kaylin McMillan
Email: info@unfailinghomeschoolers.org
Our families have joined together to encourage and support one another as we educate our children at home. It is our hope that you will be inspired and blessed by this group of wonderful homeschool families.

[acc_item title=”Vantage Point Academy (Eustis, FL)”]
Website: http://www.vantagepointacademy.org/
Email: VantagePointAcademy@comcast.net
(352) 430-4758
Vantage Point Academy is a K-12 private Christian School. Our mission is to provide academic accountability and support to parents who home educate their children, while allowing parents to choose the best curriculum and teaching methods to fit their students’ needs.

[acc_item title=”Victorious Home School Group (Wesley Chapel, FL)”]
Website: http://www.victorioushomeschoolgroup.com/
Contact: Candace Miller
Email: candacemiller.fl@gmail.com
The mission of Victorious Home School Group is to provide support and encouragement for new and experienced home school parents by lifting one another up through word, deed, and prayer. We will provide an atmosphere where parents can talk freely to one another and share information, experience, and expertise.

[acc_item title=”Victorious Homeschoolers (Wesley Chapel, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/victorious/
Contact: Candace Miller (President)
Email: candacemiller.fl@gmail.com
The mission of Victorious Home School Group is to provide support and encouragement for new and experienced home school parents by lifting one another up through word, deed, and prayer.

[acc_item title=”Vine Ripe Kids (Orlando, FL)”]
Website: http://vineripekids.org/
Email: info@vineripekids.org
Email: president@vineripekids.org
Email: secretary@vineripekids.org
Vine Ripe Kids, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is a cooperative homeschooling group providing local support to families in East Orlando and surrounding areas. *We offer 12 week Fall and Spring Co-op Classes, (ages Nursery-High School offering a variety of classes including PE for K-12), meeting on Tues afternoons from 1:15-4pm.

[acc_item title=”W.C.H.E. (Willow Creek Home Educators) (Winter Springs, FL)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/wche/
Contact: RuthAnn Harrell (Membership Director)
Email: harrellfive@gmail.com
Phone: (407) 339-4063
Contact: Lori Bosse (Executive Director)
Email: eandlicu2@aol.com
Phone: (321) 277-6023
We offer many activities planned throughout the year, including field trips, special events and clubs for all ages, as well as co-op class sessions for elementary, middle, and high school students (fall and spring).

[acc_item title=”West Florida Home Education Support League (WFHESL) (Pensacola, FL)”]
Website: http://www.wfhesl.org/
Contact: James W. (President)
Email: jwooten@fbcpensacola.org
Contact: Lisa W (Secretary)
Email: jlm518@cox.net
WFHESL is a Christ-centered, family oriented, volunteer organization established by homeschooling fathers and mothers desiring to help, support, and encourage homeschoolers in Northwest Florida, according to Biblical principles

[acc_item title=”West Orange Social Club of Homeschoolers (West Orange County, FL)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WOSCH/info
Email: wosch-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are a diverse and secular group of homeschoolers who meet in the West Orange County area. ALL AGES ARE WELCOME! This group is structured to allow our families to spend time together, and form bonds and friendships to last throughout our lifetimes. We do not charge a fee.


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