[acc_item title=”ACE Homeschoolers (Aurora, CO)”]
Email: ACE-Homeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
ACE Homeschoolers is a Non-Directed, Homeschool, Support Group, serving Aurora, CO and surrounding areas.

[acc_item title=”Agape Family Schools (Loveland, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/agapefamilyschools/
Email: agapefamilyschools@gmail.com
Agape Family Schools is a support group for homeschool families in Loveland, CO and the surrounding area.

[acc_item title=”Alpine Homeschool Alliance (San Luis Valley, CO)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AlpineHomeschoolAlliance_AHA/info
Email: alpinehomeschoolalliance_aha-owner@yahoogroups.com
Alpine Homeschool Alliance is an inclusive homeschooling group serving the San Luis Valley, Colorado. We embrace all lifestyles, belief systems, education styles and ages–all who homeschool or support homeschooling are welcome to join in.

[acc_item title=”Arkansas Valley Homeschoolers (La Junta, CO)”]
Website: http://avhomeschoolers.com/
Contact: Judy
Email: Palmerdjp@hotmail.com
Phone: (719) 383-0267
My own adventure in homeschooling is to raise children for the Lord and the only way I can teach them diligently from when I arise to when we go to bed is to teach them at home.

[acc_item title=”Calvary Chapel Homeschool Ministry (Nederland, CO)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/cchomeschoolers/
Contact: Brenda Schulze
Email: bschulze@calvaryccm.com
Phone: 952-9673
We are dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting homeschool families through fellowship opportunities throughout a school year.

[acc_item title=”Central Denver Homeschool Group (Denver, CO)”]
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/cdhg/
Email: cdhg-owner@yahoogroups.com
CDHG (Central Denver Homeschool Group) is an Inclusive, Non-Directed, Homeschool, Support Group located in Colorado with most members living in the central Denver area.

[acc_item title=”Christian Cottage Schools (Sedalia, CO)”]
Website: http://www.christiancottage.org/Home.html
Email: info@christiancottage.com
Phone: (303) 688-6626
Phone: (888) 286-5494
We strive to empower you as your child’s educator. We offer a full service home schooling solution for your family regardless of the educational challenges or questions you may have so you can be successful having school at home. We specialize in special needs curriculum.

[acc_item title=”Christian Faith Home School Fellowship (Aurora, CO)”]
Website: http://faithhsg.org/
Contact: Jennifer
Phone: (303) 400-6805
We are a family-oriented, Christian support ministry for home educators in the Aurora, Colorado area.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators in the Rockies (San Luis Valley, CO)”]
Website: http://cheir.iwebc.net/
Phone: (719) 754-3542
We are a voluntary group striving to enhance the home education experience of families; however, we do not attempt to meet all the needs of all home educators in this area – including those who educate their children at home from other than a Christian perspective.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of Colorado (Parker, CO)”]
Website: http://www.chec.org/
Email: office@chec.org
Phone: office@chec.org
Phone: (877) 842-2432
We envision families honoring Jesus Christ by embracing home discipleship that is Christ-centered, parent directed and free from government control.

[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschoolers of Castle Rock (Castle Rock, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/castlerock/
Email: info@chocr.net
Our role is to offer support to other Christian homeschool families by meeting regularly for encouragement, offering information about educational opportunities in the local area along with fellowship and instruction.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations (website servicing CO)”]
Website: https://www.classicalconversations.com/colorado-classical-christian-community.html
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.

[acc_item title=”Colorado Heritage Education School System (Greeley, CO)”]
Website: http://www.coloradoheritage.org/
Email: coloradoheritage@msn.com
Phone: (970) 346-0099
CHESS has many programs specially designed for home school families to help them meet the challenges of today’s world both spiritually and academically. These programs may be used in conjunction with one another or independently as needs arise.

[acc_item title=”Colorado Homeschool Network (website servicing CO)”]
Website: http://cohsnet.blogspot.ca/
Email: cohsnet@gmail.com
COLORADO HOMESCHOOL NETWORK (COHSNET) is an information network for the Coloradean homeschooling community. No meetings, no commitments, just disseminated information.

[acc_item title=”Colorado I-70 Corridor Homeschoolers (Eastern CO)”]
Website: https://www.bigtent.com/groups/i70hs
Contact: Diane Ellison
Email: otdcellison@yahoo.com
The I-70 Corridor Homeschool Group is a Non-Directed Homeschool Support Group serving communities along the I-70 corridor in eastern Colorado, including East Aurora, Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers and surrounding communities.

[acc_item title=”Common Ground Homeschoolers (Denver, CO)”]
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/cchf/index.htm
Email: commongroundhomeschoolers@gmail.com
We welcome all independently learning families, and choose to honor our differences while building on our combined strengths.

[acc_item title=”Cornerstone Cottage School (Monument, CO)”]
Website: http://www.cornerstonecottageschool.com/
Contact: Lisa Forbus
Email: cornerstonecottageschool@gmail.com
Phone: (719) 495-1597
A learning center where parents and teachers partner to create the best educational opportunities for home-schooled students.

[acc_item title=”Credo Academy (Lone Tree, CO)”]
Website: http://www.credoacademy.com/
Welcome to Credo Academy – We Believe In Strengthening families to continue home schooling in high school. Using the power of outside teachers and peers to energize students to excellence in their high school education.

[acc_item title=”Denver Area Catholic Home Educators (Denver, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/dache/
Our mission is to offer support and encouragement to area Catholic home educators by spiritually strengthening, inspiring, and uplifting one another to fully uphold and embrace an authentic Catholic family lifestyle, as exemplified by the Holy Family and taught by the Catholic Church.

[acc_item title=”Denver Unschoolers (Denver, CO)”]
Website: http://denverunschoolers.weebly.com/
Denver Unschoolers a group in the Denver metro area for all homeschoolers regardless of their homeschooling philosophy or spiritual beliefs. We hope to help provide support, friendship, group activities and co-op opportunities.

[acc_item title=”Family Academy of Christian Educators (Northglenn, CO)”]
Website: http://www.faceschool.com/
Email: http://www.faceschool.com/
Phone: (303) 426-8484
We are a Private School Home-Study Program Pursuing excellence…by encouraging parents and students to discover the students unique learning style. Providing services to promote a stress free home schooling experience with affordable tuition.

[acc_item title=”Front Range Christian School (Littleton, CO)”]
Website: http://www.frcs.org/academics/homeschool-programs
Contact: Mary Aalund (Director of Admissions)
Email: maalund@frcs.org
Phone: (303) 531-4537
Office: (720) 922-3269
At Front Range Christian, our mission to partner with the Christian home encompasses more than just our full-time students. We also offer a one-day enrichment program for students grade K-8. Homeschool students grades 7-12 are also welcome to take individual classes offered to all FRCS students (based on availability). We also offer an Independent Program (umbrella) to help homeschool families with record keeping and more.

[acc_item title=”Grand Mesa Statemanship Academy (Cedaredge, CO)”]
Website: http://grandmesastatesmanshipacademy.weebly.com/
Contact: Tanya Simler
Email: GrandMesaStatesmanshipAcademy@gmail.com
Phone: (970) 856-6623
GMSA is a commonwealth school where each family contributes significantly to the working of the school.

[acc_item title=”Hearts at Home Homeschool Support Group (Highlands Ranch, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/heartsathome/
Email: hahhssq@gmail.com
Hearts at Home HSSG is a Christian homeschool support group located in the Highlands Ranch/Littleton and surrounding areas. Our group has been in existence since 1997.

[acc_item title=”Helping Our Members Educate (Colorado Springs, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/home/
Contact: Sharon Ford (Community Liaison)
Email: Sharon Ford (Community Liaison)
Phone: (719) 578-1859
We are a Christian Homeschool Support Group that has been serving homeschooling families in and around Colorado Springs since 1996.

[acc_item title=”High Country Home Educators (Colorado Springs, CO)”]
Website: http://www.hche.org/
Contact: Pam Newberg (SG Administrator)
Email: SGAdmin@hche.org
Contact: Shelle Kyle (Admin. Coordinator)
Email: HCOffice@hche.org
Phone: (719) 278-9135 ext 3
High Country is first of all a support group. We offer a variety of services, group activities, and events for support and fellowship to our member families.

[acc_item title=”Homeschool CHEER Colorado (website servicing CO)”]
Website: http://www.homeschoolcheercolorado.com/
Contact: Ann Brady
CHEER (Complete Home Educator’s Eclectic Resource) brings resources to Colorado homeschoolers, keeping the focus on homeschooling…leaving faith and politics at the door. We enjoy supporting folks with various secular, faith and philosophical paths.

[acc_item title=”Homeschool Science Colorado (website servicing CO)”]
Website: http://www.homeschoolsciencecolorado.com/

[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers Under God (Ft. Collins, CO)”]
Website: http://www.homeschoolersundergod.com
Email: info@homeschoolersundergod.com
Phone: (970) 225-3011

[acc_item title=”Longmont Christian Homeschool Cooperative (Longmont, CO)”]
Website: http://www.longmont-chc.org/
Email: homeschoolcoop@yahoo.com
The Longmont Christian Homeschool Co-op unites local homeschoolers in the community and surrounding areas by providing park days, winter indoor playtime, teen activities, monthly newsletter, large group events, topical meetings, field trips, email updates, and so much more.

[acc_item title=”Master’s Hand Homeschool Enrichment Program (Broomfield, CO)”]
Website: Master’s Hand Homeschool Enrichment Program (Broomfield, CO)
Contact: Aaron and Shelly Vogel (Board Members)
Phone: (970) 443-0590
Contact: Carrie Matthews (Board Members)
Phone: (720) 217-8075
Contact: Christian and Kathy Anderson (Board Members)
Phone: (970) 396-7781
Contact: Susan Apodaca (Board Members)
Email: apodaca3@gmail.com
Contact: apodaca3@gmail.com
Email: palamullins@yahoo.com
We are a Christian enrichment program offering affordable classes for students K-12. Each class runs for the entire academic year and meets once a week for one hour.

[acc_item title=”Nature’s Classroom Homeschool Group (Fort Carson, CO)”]
Website: http://natures-homeschool.freeservers.com/
Email: natures-homeschool@freeservers.com
Phone: (719) 637-8804
Jean Piaget, among others, believed that nature was our ultimate classroom. This website is designed to introduce you to all nature has to offer, especially in a homeschooling situation.

[acc_item title=”Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (Fort Collins-Loveland Area, CO)”]
Website: http://ncha.squarespace.com/
Contact: Bridget
Phone: (970) 581-0511
Contact: Rebecca
Phone: (970) 689-0256
Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is a group of homeschooling parents and children (aged infant through high school). The majority of our families live on the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins – Loveland Area).

[acc_item title=”Northern Inclusive Colorado Home Educators (Boulder County, CO)”]
Website: https://www.bigtent.com/groups/coniche
Email: coloradoniche@gmail.com
Northern Inclusive Colorado Home Educators (NICHE) is an eclectic and inclusive association of families who homeschool in the Boulder county and surrounding counties north of I-70.

[acc_item title=”Parker Area Homeschool Coalition (Parker, CO)”]
Website: http://pahc.freeservers.com/
This is an inclusive, non-directed, homeschool group for family’s in or near Parker, Colorado, or anyone who does not mind the drive. Park days and meetings will take place in the Parker area.

[acc_item title=”Parker Area Homeschool Co-op (Parker, CO)”]
Website: http://www.parkerareacoop.webs.com/
Our learning co-op is for all families that homeschool, cyber educate, unschool, etc. PAHCI is an inclusive, member directed, homeschool support group. We come together once a week to co-teach and learn.

[acc_item title=”Parker Christian Home Educators (Parker, CO)”]
Website: https://www.pche.org/info
Email: info@pche.org
PCHE is a homeschooling support group which offers wholesome, educational and social activities for our homeschooled children, provides parents with support, information, and encouraging fellowship for the homeschooling journey, and promotes Christ-centered, non-government funded, home-centered education.

[acc_item title=”P.R.A.I.S.E. Homeschool Group (Centennial, CO)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/co/praise/
Contact: Heidi Cauble
Email: praisehomeschool@gmail.com
Phone: (303) 617-4120
P.R.A.I.S.E. strives to support the whole family’s involvement in homeschooling.

[acc_item title=”R-HOM (Thornton, CO)”]
Website: http://r-hom.com/
R-HOM was founded for the purpose of encouraging parents who have chosen to educate their children at home… Our meetings provide encouragement, fellowship, resources and prayer for all who participate.

[acc_item title=”Rocky Mountain Education Connection (website servicing CO)”]
Website: http://rockymountaineducationconnection.com/
This is the place to find the most in-depth and comprehensive FAQ on the legalities of Colorado’s home school law, and what your options are, explained in plain English by a homeschooler with 22 years’ experience

[acc_item title=”Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (Colorado Springs, CO)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/csRCH/info
Email: csrch-owner@yahoogroups.com
Roman Catholic Homeschoolers (RCH) is an active group of homeschooling families in the Colorado Springs area operating under the patronage of the Holy Family and Bl. Alice of Montbar.

[acc_item title=”Shiloh Christian Academy (Highlands Ranch, CO)”]
Website: http://shilohchristianacademy.org/
Contact: Glenda Childs
Email: glendachilds@comcast.net
Shiloh Christian Academy offers a support program for families of 4th-8th graders. It is set up like a part-time private school where Shiloh partners with parents to teach students 2 days a week and the parents teach at home the rest of the week.

[acc_item title=”Spiral Academy (CO)”]
Website: https://spiralacademy.com/
Contact: Shae
Email: info@spiralacademy.com
Phone: (719) 684-3846
Spiral Academy is dedicated to serving the needs of home school families, primarily in Colorado, who desire the benefits of private school enrollment with minimal oversight over their educational activities.

[acc_item title=”Supporting Parents in Independent Christian Education (Grand Junction, CO)”]
Website: http://www.spicehomeschoolers.org/
Contact: Margo Frantz
Email: spicehs@gmail.com
Contact: Kitty Wernke
Phone: (970) 245-4359
The purpose of SPICE is to be a resource and asset to home schooling families. We are non-denominational and are here to serve as a tool for your homeschool, with an emphasis on providing meaningful educational, spiritual, and social experiences for you and your children.

[acc_item title=”Timberline Independent School (Golden, CO)”]
Website: http://www.timberlineschool.com/
Email: info@timberlineschool.com
Phone: (303) 618-2787
We offer academic classes and compelling clubs for accountability and inspiration in your homeschool. Classes meet Tuesdays in Golden.

[acc_item title=”US Hwy 285 Homeschool Network (Hwy 285 Mountain Corridor, CO)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/285homeschoolers/info
Email: 285homeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
This group serves as an electronic bulletin board to facilitate communication among homeschool families of the U.S. Hwy 285 mountain corridor, specifically the Colorado front-range communities of Morrison, Evergreen, Conifer, Pine and Bailey.

[acc_item title=”Woodrow Wilson Academy Home School Connection (Westminster, CO)”]
Website: http://wwahomeschool.org/
Email: info@wwahomeschool.org
Phone: (720) 289-9230
The WWA Home School Connection Fine Arts and Enrichment Program is designed to enhance the solid learning students are receiving at home, not replace it.


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