[acc_item title=”ACTS Advanced Christian Training Schools (Paso Robles, CA)”]

Website: http://www.actsedu.org/

Email: info@actsedu.org

Phone: (805) 239-0707

ACTS is a k-12 private school satellite program (PSP)”] school which serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Southern Monterey Counties by providing school services for parents.


[acc_item title=”Advantage Preparatory Schools (Santa Clarita, CA)”]

Website: http://www.aps4me.com/

Contact: Richard & Cindee Grant

Email: APS@TheVine.net

Phone: (661) 296-5466

Our website should provide enough information to acquaint you with our school. The advantages of Christian home schooling are numerous, but primarily involve passing biblical values as well as sound knowledge and skills to the next generation.


[acc_item title=”Agape Academy (Mission Viejo, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/agape/

Contact: Angela Box

Email: AgapeAcademyCA@gmail.com

Phone: (949) 636-6330

At Agape Academy, we know that each famly has unique needs for their home schooling journey. Because of this, we offer a variety of home schooling options for our families to choose from.


[acc_item title=”AIM San Diego West (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/aimsdwest/

Contact: Mrs. Hughes

Email: aimsdwest@gmail.com

Phone: (858) 729-7772

AIM San Diego is a discipleship ministry for today’s youth. We are committed to Christ and desire to share Him with others through mime, drama, dance, and service.


[acc_item title=”All Ways Learning of Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AWL-Announce/info

Contact: Denise Osterback

Email: Herbnow@aol.com

Email: awl-announce-owner@yahoogroups.com

Phone: (408) 268-6858

All Ways Learning is an inclusive group of homeschooling families which accepts and respects each member. The purpose of the group is to empower its members to seek out, organize, or create all the resources to homeschool and to support its members in every facet of homeschooling.


[acc_item title=”Allegiant Christian School (Riverside, CA)”]

Website: http://www.allegiantcs.org/

Email: allegiantcs@gmail.com

Phone: (951) 790-3941

Allegiant Christian School is a private school satellite program providing the freedom to homeschool your students as the Lord directs your family with the support of structured school services…


[acc_item title=”Almaden Valley Christian School (Morgan Hill, CA)”]

Website: http://www.avcsbooks.com/

Contact: Sharon Hensley

Email: sharon@avcsbooks.com

Phone: (408) 776-6691

Almaden Valley Christian School is a home education service for families of children with learning differences, difficulties and disabilities. We provide information, consulting and resources to parents teaching their children at home.


[acc_item title=”American Christian Academy (Anderson, CA)”]

Website: http://www.achipa.com/main5.html

Contact: Mark and Darla Winegarden

Email: acaec@sbcglobal.net

Phone: (530) 365-2950

American Christian Academy , Extension Campus Program, a Home School program for over 300 families in counties throughout Northern California only.


[acc_item title=”American Christian Academy Extension Campus-Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: http://www.acaec.com/

Email: aca@tellsomebody.com

Phone: (916) 725-8316


[acc_item title=”American Government Class (Anaheim, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/amgovclass/

Contact: Robyn

Email: info@amgovclass.com

Robyn has taught American Government classes to hundreds of Christian privately-homeschooled high schoolers in the Southern California area.


[acc_item title=”Anaheim Magnolia Christian School (Anaheim, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/amcspsp/

Contact: Robyn and Chuck Nordell

Email: info@amcisp.com

Anaheim Magnolia Christian School is a Christian Private School Satellite Program (PSP)”] for home educating families. Private Christian Homeschooling through AMCS offers families an opportunity to incorporate Biblical principles and instruction throughout the day, as they pursue an individualized academic plan tailored to meet the needs of each of their children.


[acc_item title=”Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County (Ventura, CA)”]

Website: http://achev.pbworks.com

Contact: Chuck and Noreen Powers

Email: ACHVEmail@gmail.com

Phone: (805) 382-2304

The Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County is a non-profit, non-denominational organization of Christian home schooling families. Our aim is to offer educational and social support for both parents and children.


[acc_item title=”Baptist Christian Academy (Hemet, CA)”]

Website: http://www.bcahemet.com/

Contact: Karlee Meyer

Email: bcahemet@gmail.com

Phone: (951) 658-3203

Our purpose is to assist parents in training their children’s hearts to love and serve the Lord, and to provide a system of support, encouragement, and accountability for parents who have chosen to teach their children at home.


[acc_item title=”Bay Area Schools in Christ (Cupertino, CA)”]

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/basichomeschoolgroup/

Contact: Aimee McNally

Email: aimeemcnally@gmail.com

Phone: (408) 340-0323

Bay Area Schools in Christ (BASIC)”] is a Christian homeschoolers’ support group serving private, independent home schooling families in the vicinity of mid-Peninsula/South Bay, CA.


[acc_item title=”Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BAHFT/info

Email: bahft@yahoogroups.com

A group for and by homeschoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area.


[acc_item title=”Bayshore Christian Homeschoolers (Long Beach, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/index.cfm?memberid=529

Contact: Carrie Thompson

Contact: Laurie Tindall

Email: bayshorech@att.net

Bayshore Christian Home Schoolers (BSCH)”] is for the home educating families in La Porte and surrounding areas.


[acc_item title=”BayShore School (Long Beach, CA)”]

Website: http://www.bayshoreeducational.com/

BayShore School and Educational was created in 1992 to fill the need for a private K-12 independent study program (ISP)”] that would accept California homeschooling families of all faiths, races, ethnicities, lifestyles, and edu-political philosophies.


[acc_item title=”By His Grace Christian Academy (Chino Hills, CA)”]

Website: http://www.bhgca.com/

Email: mail@bhgca.com

Phone: (818) 404-1815

It is our desire to minister to families dedicated to providing a learning environment in their home to enrich this time of nurture in spirituality as well as education.


[acc_item title=”Calaveras Homeschoolers (Calaveras, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/calaverashomeschoolers/info

Contact: Christine Frazier

Email: calaverashomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com

We are a group of homeschooling families, both private and charter.


[acc_item title=”California Homeschool Network (Anaheim, CA)”]

Website: http://www.californiahomeschool.net/

Contact: Rhonda Hamilton

Email: trustee1@californiahomeschool.net

Phone: (800) 327-5339

California Homeschool Network is a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of parents to educate their children.


[acc_item title=”Calvary Chapel Christian School (Lancaster, CA)”]

Website: http://www.calvarychapelav.org/cccschool.html

Contact: Mrs. Wilson

Email: cccs@verizon.net

Phone: (661) 942-0404

Calvary Chapel Christian School was established as a Ministry of CCAV in 1997. We are a home school group, which is an Independent Study Program and a Support Group.


[acc_item title=”Calvary Murietta Christian Academy (Murietta, CA)”]

Website: http://isp.calvarymurrieta.com/

Phone: (951) 834-9190 ext 1057

CMCA is a home school full-service Independent Study Program, offering support to and maintaining school records for our home schooling families. We are a ministry of Calvary Murrieta and are under the Private School Affidavit of Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools.


[acc_item title=”Canyon Ridge Christian Prep (Fallbrook, CA)”]

Website: http://www.canyonridgechristianprep.com/

Contact: Linda Cheney

Email: canyonridgechristianprep@gmail.com

Phone: (760) 723-7733

Our priority at CRCP is to support parents who seek to provide their children with a private Christian home education.


[acc_item title=”Cedar Life Academy (Oak Hills, CA)”]

Contact: Website: http://www.cedarlifeacademy.com/

Karen Taylor

Email: mail@cedarlifeacademy.com

Phone: (866) 961-2504

Cedar Life Academy is a nonsectarian Private School Satellite Program (PSP)”] that provides paperwork assistance and homeschool mentoring to California families who wish to home-educate their children.


[acc_item title=”Celebration Homeschool Academy (Livermore, CA)”]

Website: http://www.celebrationcc.org/?i=15038&mid=1000&id=382964

Email: cmackanic@hotmail.com

Phone: (925) 455-4250

Celebration Academy is a church ministry and a private school established to assist parents in their goal of raising and training Godly children through the experience of home education.


[acc_item title=”Chico Homeschoolers (Chico, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/chicohomeschoolers/info

Email: chicohomeschoolers@yahoogroups.com

We are an unschooling and homeschooling playgroup and support network. Independent and Inclusive. All Homeschoolers are welcome.


[acc_item title=”Christian Academic Support Association (Camarillo, CA)”]

Website: http://www.casawired.com/

Email: info@casawired.com

C.A.S.A., Christian Academic Support Association, is a support group and volunteer organization that is operated by loving homeschool moms and dads.


[acc_item title=”Christian Family Schools (Escondido, CA)”]

Website: http://www.cfssd.org/portal/



Carlsbad Support Group:

Email: Carlsbad@cfssd.org

Chula Vista Support Group:

Email: ChulaVista@cfssd.org

El Cajon Support Group:

Email: ElCajon@cfssd.org

Escondido Support Group:

Email: Escondido@cfssd.org

Fallbrook Support Group:

Email: Fallbrook@cfssd.org

La Mesa Support Group:

Email: LaMesa@cfssd.org

Lakeside Support Group:

Email: Lakeside@cfssd.org

Mira Mesa Support Group:

Email: MiraMesa@cfssd.org

Pine Valley Support Group:

Email: PineValley@cfssd.org

Poway Support Group:

Email: Poway@cfssd.org

Ramona/Julian Support Group:

Email: Ramona@cfssd.org

Rancho Bernardo Support Group:

Email: RB@cfssd.org

Valley Center Support Group:

Email: ValleyCenter@cfssd.org

Phone: (760) 752-8111

CFS (Christian Family Schools)”] of San Diego promotes private Christian homeschooling and includes a number of local support groups in communities throughout San Diego County.


[acc_item title=”Christian Family Schools of Carlsbad (Carlsbad, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/cfscarlsbad/

Email: info@cfscarlsbad.org

We are homeschoolers with the nick name of “heartschoolers”. We not only believe in developing our minds through education, but our hearts as well.


[acc_item title=”Christian Family Schools of Poway (Poway, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/cfspoway/

Email: poway@cfssd.org

We’re glad you found us. You can homeschool by yourself but it’s a lot more fun sharing the journey with other likeminded families.


[acc_item title=”Christian Family Schools of Rancho Bernardo (Rancho Bernardo, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/cfsrb/

Email: rb@cfssd.org

CFS RB offers various activities for families throughout the year. Join us as we extend grace, encouragement, and support to one another as we disciple our children through homeschooling.


[acc_item title=”Christian Heritage School (Corona, CA)”]

Website: http://www.christianheritagecorona.com/

Email: chs@urs2.net

Phone: (951) 736-3033

CHS supports the home education endeavors of its member families in academic services and programs, curriculum guidance, record-keeping forms, achievement tests, accountability to fulfill legal requirements and more. We offer field trips and a sports program.


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators Association of California (Norwalk, CA)”]

Website: http://www.cheaofca.org/

Email: cheainfo@cheaofca.org

Phone: (562) 864-2432

The Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA)”] of California, Inc. is a non-profit ministry established in 1982 to provide information, support, and training to the home education community throughout the state…


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators in the Pass (Beaumont, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/chip/

Our goal is to encourage one another as we educate our children, and to pool our resources to provide group activities that will enrich our children’s education. We do not offer record-keeping or affidavit-filing services.


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of Antelope Valley (Antelope Valley, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/cheav/

Contact: Laura Hodgson

Email: llwh@sbcglobal.net

Stacey Eubanks

Email: sdeubanks13@gmail.com

Phone: (661) 724-6344

Christian Home Educators of the Antelope Valley exists to impact the Antelope Valley and the world for Jesus Christ, by supporting and advancing Christian Private Home Education in the Antelope Valley and beyond.


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of Rohnert Park (Rohnert Park, CA)”]

Website: http://cherpgroup.org/

Contact: Dorotea Park

Email: info@cherpgroup.com

Phone: (707) 799-7237

Christian Home Educators of Rohnert Park is a non-denominational support group for homeschooling parents and their children.


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of the County of Kern (C.H.E.C.K.)”] (Bakersfield, CA)”]

Website: http://www.checkca.org/

Email: info@checka.org

We are a Christian homeschool support group in Bakersfield, California for families who privately educate and file their own private school affidavit or who have joined a Christian school which includes homeschoolers (PSP)”].


[acc_item title=”Christian Home Educators of the Fresno Area (Clovis, CA)”]

Website: http://www.chefa.org/

Contact: Steve Spalding (President)

Email: president@chefa.org

Contact: Terrie Spalding (Secretary)

Email: terrie@chefa.org

CHEFA is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of providing information, training and support to the Christian Home School Community of the Central Valley.


[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschoolers in Lodi-CA (Lodi, CA)”]

Website: http://www.chilonline.org/

Contact: Christina Rivas

Email: chilmom@yahoo.com

Phone: (209) 333-1766

Christian Homeschoolers in Lodi (CHIL)”] was formed in 2003 by some homeschooling moms who wanted to have a Christian Support Group in the Lodi area. We are open to all Christian families regardless of how a family may choose to homeschool their children.


[acc_item title=”Christian Homeschoolers of the Foothills (Placerville, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/chf/

Email: foothillhomeschoolers@gmail.com

Phone: (530) 651-3180

Christian Homeschoolers of the Foothills exists to glorify God and impact our world in the name of Jesus by supporting and encouraging local homeschool families


[acc_item title=”Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/cmhsandiego/

Contact: Karrie

Email: chmsandiego@gmail.com

Membership is open to all denominations of Christianity, all military branches, active duty, retired and reserves. Homeschool families using any curriculum & style are welcome.


[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations (Website servicing CA)”]

Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/california-classical-christian-homeschool.html

Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.


[acc_item title=”Coastal Academy (Lomita, CA)”]

Website: http://www.coastalacad.com/

Contact: Susan Truman

Email: coastal.academy@yahoo.com

Phone: (310) 644-0433

We are a non-profit educational ministry, which exists to support evangelical families in their choice to educate their children at home.


[acc_item title=”Conejo Valley Homeschoolers (Ventura County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.cvhomeschoolers.org/

Contact: Joy D’Arcy

Email: joydarcy@yahoo.com

Contact: Emily Wells

Email: emily@cambria.org

We are Conejo Valley Homeschoolers, an all-volunteer home school support group, accepting of all homeschool styles and religious faiths.


[acc_item title=”Considering Homeschooling Ministry (Orange, CA)”]

Website: http://www.consideringhomeschooling.org/

Email: info@consideringhomeschooling.org

Considering Homeschooling Ministry™ is a non-profit organization assisting Christian parents with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children with information on homeschooling.


[acc_item title=”Contra Costa County Homeschool Meetup Group (Concord, CA)”]

Website: http://www.meetup.com/The-Contra-Costa-County-Homeschool-Meetup-Group/

Contact: Melissa

The decision to educate your children at home is a big one that can be both challenging and very exciting. We welcome new and seasoned homeschooling families and all learning styles.


[acc_item title=”Cornerstone Christian School (Atascadero, CA)”]

Website: http://www.ccsatascadero.org/

Contact: Patty Santangelo

Email: patty@ccsatascadero.org

Cornerstone Christian School is a private school specializing in Independent Study for home educating families. Thus, the school offers a framework within which the Christian family can successfully educate their children at home.


[acc_item title=”Cornerstone Christian School (Wildomar, CA)”]

Website: http://ccswildomar.com/homeschool/

Phone: (951) 674-9381

The philosophy behind Cornerstone’s Private Satellite Program is to provide home schooling families the umbrella of a registered Private school within the state of California; that gives more freedom and protection for the education of their first grade through twelfth grade children, while alleviating the conflict that those two interests pose from time to time.


[acc_item title=”Cornerstone Homeschool Connection (Livermore, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/chc/

Contact: Krisanne Tompkins

Email: krisanne@cornerstonehomeschool.net

Contact: Leah Borges

Email: leah@cornerstonehomeschool.net

Phone: (925) 447-3465

Cornerstone Homeschool Connection provides a way for homeschool families from Cornerstone and the local community to connect through Christ-centered group activities and classes.


[acc_item title=”Crown Homeschool Community (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/crown/

Our goal is to form and maintain an environment of community which enables the parents, students, and leadership to support and minister to one another in Christ, striving for both personal and educational growth as we acknowledge Him in all things. Parental participation is a key component to the community aspect of this co-op.


[acc_item title=”Culver-Westchester Homeschool Network (Los Angeles, CA)”]

Website: http://www.geocities.com/djjhp/CWHN/CWHNmain2.html

Contact: Joanne P.

Email: cwhn-owner@yahoogroups.com

We are a network of homeschooling families centered in Culver City, Westchester, Playa del Rey and nearby areas of Los Angeles.


[acc_item title=”Desert Christian Home Educators Association (Coachella Valley, CA)”]

Website: http://dchea.com/

We are a Christian homeschool support group that provides Christ-centered support, activities and encouragement to its members located in the desert communities of Coachella Valley, California.


[acc_item title=”Desert Home Educators Association (Edwards Air Force Base, CA)”]

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/dhea_info/

Contact: Lorrie Dyer (President)

Email: dhea_president@yahoo.com

Contact: Beth Allen (Vice President)

Email: dhea_vicepresident@yahoo.com

The mission of the DHEA is to provide support, encouragement, information, and organized group activities for all member home-educating families.


[acc_item title=”Dikaios Christian Educators Association (San Bernardino, CA)”]

Website: http://www.dikaios.net/

Email: administration@dikaios.net

Phone: (909) 881-8310

Welcome to the Dikaios Christian Educators Association website. We are a

non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of Christian home educators in the Inland Empire.


[acc_item title=”East Contra Costa Explorers (Eastern Contra Costa County, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ECCExplorers/info

Email: eccexplorers@yahoogroups.com

The Homeschool Explorer’s is a support group serving homeschooling families located in East Contra Costa County, California. We have members from Antioch, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Oakley and surrounding areas.


[acc_item title=”Eden Academy (Keene, CA)”]

Website: http://edenacademy.weebly.com/

Email: mensink@msn.com

Phone: (661) 822-1230

Eden Academy provides academic and record keeping services to assist parents in meeting the state of California’s legal requirements regarding education while following their God-given convictions about the content and methods of that education.


[acc_item title=”Edwards AFB Homeschoolers (Edwards Air Force Base, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/EAFBHomeschoolers/info

Email: eafbhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com

Our goal is to encourage an active homeschooling community for all EAFB affiliated families, both military and civilian.


[acc_item title=”eLearningk12 (Website based learning system)”]

Website: http://www.elearningk12.com/default.aspx

Contact: Nancy Toups (Owner/Administrator)

Email: ntoups@elearningk12.com

Phone: (985) 447-5994

Contact: Doug Toups (Chief Financial Officer)

Email: dtoups@elearningk12.com

Phone: (985) 637-4370

Contact: Celeste Robichaux (Technology Consultant)

Email: crobichaux@elearningk12.com

Phone: (985) 860-8288

Main: (985) 447-5994

Toll Free: (866) 477-9444

eLearningK12 aspires to enhance the quality of education and family lifestyle in North America and beyond through personalized, guided, Internet-based education.


[acc_item title=”Elk Grove United School District Virtual Academy (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: http://blogs.egusd.net/egva/

Contact: Ralph Robles (Vice Principal)

Email: EGVirtual@equsd.net

Phone: (916) 399-9890

The EGUSD Virtual Academy is all about choice – parents and students have the freedom to customize their education, thus enhancing each family’s public education opportunities.


[acc_item title=”Excellence in Education Academy (Monrovia, CA)”]

Website: http://www.eieacademy.com/

Email: eieacademy@gmail.com

(Phone: 626) 821-0025

Even though we specialize in a more relaxed approach we do accommodate any homeschool style from unschooling to pure textbook.


[acc_item title=”Exploring Homeschooling (Buena Park, CA)”]

Website: http://www.exploringhomeschooling.com/

Phone: (714) 686-3353

The mission of Exploring HomeschoolingTM is to impact the world for Jesus Christ by encouraging Christians to homeschool from a biblical worldview, especially starting when their children are babies, toddlers, preschoolers; and equipping individuals, families, churches, homeschool groups and other organizations to engage in homeschool evangelism.


[acc_item title=”Fairhaven Christian Academy (Sunland, CA)”]

Website: http://www.fairhavenca.com/

Email: info@fairhavenca.com

Phone: (818) 434-7533

Fairhaven Christian Academy is a Private Satellite Program for Conservative Christian Families who have been led by God to educate their children at home.


[acc_item title=”Follow the Child (Cupertino, CA)”]

Website: http://ftcschools.com/

Contact: Jay Levin

Email: jay@ftcschools.com

Phone: (415) 577-6119

Follow the Child’s mission is to prepare children between the ages of 6 and 15 to train their hands, minds, and hearts in the process of mastering the fine arts of literature, mathematics, theatrical arts, drawing, and painting in a supportive and creative environment that promotes exploration, curiosity, and inventiveness.


[acc_item title=”Foothill Area Christian Home Educators (Newcastle, CA)”]

Website: http://www.facheonline.org/

Email: fachemail@yahoo.com

FACHE exists to support your family’s efforts in home education under God led authority. Our goal is to provide collective encouragement and support for private home school families in the greater foothill area.


[acc_item title=”Freedom Christian Academy (Tulare, CA)”]

Website: http://www.freedom-christian-academy.com/

Email: rochelle@freedom-christian-academy.com

Freedom Christian Academy is non-profit organization that offers parents a unique private school—homeschool experience through the university modle. Students attend classes 2 days a week and study at home under teacher-directed, parent-implemented lesson plans.


[acc_item title=”Freedom Valley Home Learners (Temecula Valley, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/freedomvalleyhomelearners/info

Email: freedomvalleyhomelearners@yahoogroups.com

Freedom Valley Home Learners (FVHL)”] Yahoo Group is an all-inclusive (non-faith based)”] group of homeschooling families in the Temecula Valley area.


[acc_item title=”Fremont Christian School (Fremont, CA)”]

Website: http://homeschool-life.com/ca/fcspsp/

Contact: Andrea Sue

Email: PSP@fremontchristian.com

Phone: (510) 744-2294


[acc_item title=”Fresno Christian Academy, PSSP (Fresno, CA)”]

Website: http://fresnochristianacademy.org/

Contact: Karon Ruiz

Email: fcapssp@comcast.net

Phone: (559) 240-5623

FRESNO Christian Academy, is a Private School Satellite Program (PSSP)”] for California families choosing to privately HOMESCHOOL their children.


[acc_item title=”Gateway of Hope Academy (Lancaster, CA)”] – Umbrella School

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/gatewayofhopeacademy/

Email: gatewayofhopeacademy@gmail.com

We are an Independent Study Program for homeschoolers wishing to participate in an umbrella school. We welcome families and students year-round.


[acc_item title=”Gifts 2 Help Education (Victorville, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/ffhg/

Contact: Amy

We are a group of Homeschool Families wishing to encourage one another in our journey and adventures of homeschooling. We are a Faith Based Group and look forward to welcoming you.


[acc_item title=”Grace Christian Schools (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: http://www.gracechristianschools.com/

Contact: Skip Joannes

Email: info@gracechristianschools.com

Phone: (858) 541-0373

The mission of Grace Christian Schools is to assist parents in the home education and the development of their children’s character through sound spiritual, academic and physical education based on a Christian worldview.


[acc_item title=”Green Valley Christian School (Watsonville, CA)”]

Website: http://www.gvcs.org/#/homeschool-program

Email: info@gvcs.org

Phone: (831) 724-6505


[acc_item title=”Group Solutions-Oxnard (Oxnard, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/gso/

Phone: (805) 744-8621

Group Solutions for Christian Home Educators, Incorporated is a non-profit co-op organization with the vision of assisting Christian Home Educators throughout Ventura County.


[acc_item title=”Group Solutions-Ventura (Ventura, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/gsv/

Phone: (805) 744-8621

Group Solutions for Christian Home Educators, Incorporated is a non-profit co-op organization with the vision of assisting Christian Home Educators throughout Ventura County.


[acc_item title=”Growing Palms Homeschool Group (Twentynine Palms, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/growingpalms/info

Contact: Melissa Burke

Email: growingpalms@yahoogroups.com

We are a group of home school families who have a weekly park day, monthly field trips, holiday parties, mom’s night out, and many other fun things!


[acc_item title=”Harvest Christian Academy (Napa, CA)”]

Website: http://www.harvestacademy.com/

Contact: Cindi Frediani (Administrator)

Email: cfrediani@harvestacademy.com

Contact: Stephanie Looney (Registrar)

Email: stephanie.looney@harvestacademy.com

Contact: Jennifer Smetzer (Napa Area Coordinator)

Email: smetzer6@comcast.net

Phone: (707) 942-4061

We view homeschooling as a privilege and a blessing granted to us by The Creator who entrusted us with the guardianship of His children. It is the desire of our hearts to strengthen and encourage other homeschooling parents through prayer and practical support.


[acc_item title=”Heart Christian Academy (San Juan Capistrano, CA)”]

Website: http://www.heartchristianacademy.org/

Contact: Lori Borden (Admissions Director)

Email: admissions@heartchristianacademy.org

Contact: Susan Allen (Principal)

Email: s.allen@heartchristianacademy.org

Phone: (949) 412-4060

We desire to come alongside parents in their effort educate their children at home. Our parents and staff work together to choose a distinctive curriculum, rich in both Christian worldview and solid scholastic emphasis.


[acc_item title=”Heart for Christ Schools (San Mateo, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HEARTforChristSchools/info

Email: heartforchristschools-owner@yahoogroups.com

Home Educators Achieving Results Together for Christ.


[acc_item title=”HEARTS (Pinole, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/hearts/

HEARTS is a Christian home schooling support group located in western Contra Costa County.


[acc_item title=”Heritage Academy (Los Altos, CA)”]

Website: http://heritageacademyk-6.org/page1/page13/page13.html

Email: info@heritageacademyk-6.org

Phone: (650) 641-0280

HERITAGE ACADEMY welcomes 1-3 grade home-school students on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a focus on science and writing. Kindergarten students are welcome two or three days a week to participate in all classroom activities offered.


[acc_item title=”Heritage Christian School (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: www.hcssd.org

Contact: Gloria Kilmer

Email: mail@hcssd.org

Phone: (858) 541-2254

Address: 5725 Kearny Villa Rd. Ste G
San Diego, CA 92123


[acc_item title=”Hickman Charter School (Hickman, CA)”]

Website: http://hcs.hickmanschools.org/

Contact: Pat Golding

Email: pgolding@hickman.k12.ca.us

Phone: (209) 874-9070

Hickman Charter School is a “university model”, which blends the best of study at home with on-site classes and online programs.


[acc_item title=”Holistic Homeschool Network (Los Angeles, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HolisticHomeschoolNetwork/info

Email: holistichomeschoolnetwork@yahoogroups.com

Holistic Homeschool Network is based in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles County, Southern California. HHN organizes faith building activities, which focus on Catholic Truths (Sacred Scripture and Tradition)”].


[acc_item title=”Holy Trinity Academy (Banning, CA)”]

Website: http://www.holy3academy.com/

Email: Holy3Academy@yahoo.com

Phone: (951) 922-2524

Holy Trinity Academy is a Home School Co-operative in the Catholic Tradition for children in Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade, meeting in Banning, California.


[acc_item title=”Home Educators Resource Center (Bakersfield, CA)”]

Website: http://hercbakersfield.org/wp/

Phone: (661) 835-8508

HERC is NOT a school. Instead, it is a resource center dedicated to assisting parents who are homeschooling their own children through various private schools in the area.


[acc_item title=”Home School Association for Military Families (San Miguel, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ks/hsamf/

Email: HSAMF_militaryfamilies@yahoo.com

Phone: (931) 216-8389

We are a community of military homeschooling families working to bring community, resources, and support to each other, around the world.


[acc_item title=”Ecclesia Classes (Pasadena, CA)”]

Website: http://www.ecclesiaclasses.com/

Contact: Shannon Baer

Email: shannontbaer@gmail.com

Ecclesia Classes is a unique course of studies that seeks to empower diligent, self-motivated students to be profound and robust Christian thinkers. Most all of our teachers are parents and we have a couple of places available for parents to teach!


[acc_item title=”Home4Kids (Pasadena, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/home4kids/info

Email: home4kids@yahoogroups.com

Home4kids is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Pasadena and its surrounding areas.


[acc_item title=”Homebuilders (Eastern Contra Costa County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homebuildershomeschool.com/

Contact: Nellie Beatty

Email: neabmom@gmail.com

Phone: (925) 777-1832

Contact: Brenda Davis

Email: davisbren@att.net

Contact: Cheri Lamb

Email: letallcreationtestify@yahoo.com

Contact: Jami Wilson

Email: babybug.76@att.net

Contact: Shawna Garvin

Email: shawna-garvin@comcast.net

Homebuilders is a Private Christian homeschool support group serving Eastern Contra Costa County including but not limited to Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Pittsburg and Discovery Bay.


[acc_item title=”Homegrown Kids (East Bay, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homegrownkids.org/

Contact: Denise

Email: info@homegrownkids.org

Email: home-grown-kids-owner@yahoogroups.com

Phone: (510) 222-3772

Homegrown Kids is an inclusive group of homeschooling families in the East Bay. We meet weekly for park days and organize field trips, classes, potlucks, and other events according to our interests and schedules.


[acc_item title=”HomeSchool Association of California (Corona, CA)”]

Website: http://hsc.org/home-page.html

Contact: Jen Pink

Email: info@hsc.org

Phone: (888) HSC-4440

HSC is here to help you navigate the homeschooling world with information, networking, and support.


[acc_item title=”Homeschool Connection (Humboldt County, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HomeschoolerConnection/info

Email: homeschoolerconnection-owner@yahoogroups.com

This group serves to connect all types of homeschool families by focusing on similarities and avoiding controversial issues.


[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers in Marin (Marin County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homeschoolersinmarin.com/

Homeschoolers in Marin (HIM)”] is a diverse group of Christian homeschool mothers based in Marin County. Our purpose is support, education, and friendship (both for our children and ourselves)”] to help us live grace and truth filled lives, rich in beauty, truth, and goodness, with love binding them all together.


[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers of the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo County, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Homeschoolers_of_the_Central_Coast/info

Email: homeschoolers_of_the_central_coast-owner@yahoogroups.com

We are an inclusive group of homeschoolers for San Luis Obispo County, meeting together on a regular basis for interaction and scheduled field trips.


[acc_item title=”Homeschoolers of the Napa Valley (Napa Valley, CA)”]

Website: <https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/hsnv/info/a>

Email: hsnv@yahoogroups.com

Come and join our informal, secular homeschool support group of the Napa Valley. We plan activities and field trips and have general discussions on homeschooling.


[acc_item title=”Homeschooling Fun! (San Gabriel Valley, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/homeschoolingfun/

Contact: Sandra Baca

Email: sbaca@hsfclasses.org

We support home school families based in the southwest area of San Gabriel Valley.


[acc_item title=”Homeschooling in Central Orange County (Orange County, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HomeschoolingCOC/info

Email: homeschoolingcoc@yahoogroups.com

It is our desire to be an inclusive, member directed support group of families who are unique and diverse in their methods and styles of home education.


[acc_item title=”Hope Christian Academy (Garden Grove, CA)”]

Website: http://www.hopeca.com/

Contact: Renee Poon (Administrative Director)

Email: office@hopeca.com

Phone: (714) 373-HOPE ext. 3

We are Orange County’s oldest, originally owned and operated, Private School Satellite Program

affiliated with the Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA)”] since 1987.


[acc_item title=”Immaculate Heart Academy Homeschool and Support Group (Downey, CA)”]

Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~jgboz/

Email: ihahomeschool@earthlink.net

Immaculate Heart Academy wishes to support Catholic parents in building a strong moral foundation that will enable our children to meet the challenges and conflicts they will encounter in life.


[acc_item title=”Inland Christian Academic Program (Riverside, CA)”]

Website: http://www.icapclasses.com/

Email: office@icapclasses.com

ICAP is an affordable supplemental group tutoring program (K-12)”] offering elective and academic classes to the homeschool community.


[acc_item title=”Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers (Inland Empire, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/InlandEmpireCatholicHomeschoolers/info

Email: inlandempirecatholichomeschoolers@yahoogroups.com

This group is for Catholics who are homeschooling their families in the Inland Empire area, and parts of Orange County and LA County.


[acc_item title=”Keystone Academy (Norwalk, CA)”]

Website: http://www.keysacad.com/

Email: keysacad@aol.com

Phone: (562) 862-7134

A private Christian school specializing in independent study.


[acc_item title=”Koinonia Christian School (Fresno, CA)”]

Website: http://www.koinoniachristian.com/

Email: admin@koinoniachristian.com

Phone: (559) 715-2704

The mission of Koinonia Christian School is to provide opportunities for God’s purpose of fellowship to be released to each home-educating member family.


[acc_item title=”LDS Homeschooling in California-and Everywhere (State of CA)”]

Website: http://ldshomeschoolinginca.org/

Contact: Michelle Everett

Email: webmaster@ldshomeschoolinginca.org

This website was originally created to help Latter-day Saint homeschoolers who live in California to find each other, but has developed into a resource for educators everywhere.


[acc_item title=”Liahona Homeschool Support Group (Orange County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.ochomeschooling.com/liahona/

Contact: Wendy Whalen

Email: WPWhalen@aol.com

The Liahona Homeschool Support Group was started by Diane Hopkins in 1988 to provide an organized opportunity for Latter-day Saint homeschooling families in Orange County, California to meet together. Since that time, we have continued to meet every Wednesday for field trips, park days, and other activities.


[acc_item title=”LIFE – Learning in a Family Environment”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/VC-LIFE_Homeschool_Network/info

Email: vc-life_homeschool_network@yahoogroups.com

Free/secular/inclusive support group for parents/caregivers homeschooling children of any age (birth on)”] or exploring possibilities for now or future.


[acc_item title=”Live Oak Academy (Santa Clara, CA)”]

Website: http://liveoakacademy.org/

Email: info@liveoakacademy.org

Phone: (408) 355-4935

Live Oak Academy is a classical Christian educational service for home school families, providing students with excellent studies within a loving, nurturing environment.


[acc_item title=”Living Water Homeschool (Monterey, CA)”]

Website: http://www.livingwaterhs.com/california/

Email: California@LivingWaterHS.com

Living Water is a homeschool cooperative that provides a Christ-centered environment to support parent-directed education for the Monterey Peninsula.


[acc_item title=”Lompoc Christian Educators (North Santa Barbara County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.lcehome.bravehost.com/

Contact: Bev

Email: bemail.bi@gmail.com

Contact: Lisa

Email: barlowlf@verizon.net

LCE exists to support private Christian home educators by encouraging relationships among member families and by sharing resources for teaching, learning, and enrichment in a manner that brings honor and glory to God through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


[acc_item title=”Manteca Homeschoolers (Manteca, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Manteca-homeschoolers/info

Contact: Cindae Hull

Email: cindaed@yahoo.com

Email: manteca-homeschoolers@yahoogroups.com

Phone: (209) 823-9555

This group is to form a network for Manteca, CA homeschoolers. This is a Christian group and the behavior of this group will be governed by Christian principles.


[acc_item title=”Marin Homeschooolers (Marin County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.marinhomeschoolers.org/

Contact: Sandra (New Member Coordinator)

Email: sandra@marinhomeschoolers.org



With over 100 Member families, Marin Homeschoolers is the premier network for homeschooling families and those who are interested in learning more.


[acc_item title=”Modesto Area Homeschooling”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ModestoHomeschool/info

Contact: Cindae Hull

Email: cindaed@yahoo.com



This is a Christian email loop for Modesto area homeschoolers. This group was designed to inform and support homeschoolers in Stanislaus and surrounding counties.


[acc_item title=”Mount Eagle Academy (Pleasant Hill, CA)”]

Website: http://www.mounteagleacademy.com/

Email: MountEagle@earthlink.net

Phone: (925) 215-4620

Mount Eagle Academy, a private school satellite program, exists to equip, encourage, and support families committed to the task of training their children through a Christ-centered education.


[acc_item title=”North County Christian School (San Marcos, CA)”]

Website: http://www.northcountycs.com/

Contact: Jennifer Sexton

Email: admin@northcountycs.com

Phone: (760) 737-7115

NCCS was established to help families who have chosen to heed God’s Word in the form of home education.


[acc_item title=”OC Homeschool Group (Costa Mesa, CA)”]

Website: http://www.ochomeschoolgroup.com/

Email: erin@ochomeschoolgroup.com

Meet Homeschoolers From All Over Southern California!


[acc_item title=”OC Homeschooling (Orange County, CA)”]

Website: http://ochomeschooling.ning.com/

Contact: Heather Martinson

If you homeschool in Orange County California, this is your Website!! It consists of information by and for us.


[acc_item title=”Ocean Grove Charter School (Placerville, CA)”]

Website: http://www.ogcs.org/

Contact: Kirstine Bowers

Email: kkbowers@ieminc.org

Phone: (800) 979-4436

Parent’s work with a California credentialed teacher to develop individualized learning opportunities by: choosing home-based or community based instruction, select individualized curriculum based on learning style and functioning grade level, providing materials, resources and supportive instruction, promoting real-life context-based learning.


[acc_item title=”Orange Coast Musical Arts”]

Website: http://www.orangecoastmusicalarts.org/

Contact: Donn Hallman (Director)

Email: ocmaband@gmail.com

Phone: (714) 222-5079

Contact: Chris Zuniga (Administrator)

Email: Ocm-arts.org@sbcglobal.net

Phone: (714) 222-0997

OCMA is unique and cannot be found elsewhere in Southern California. Primarily tailored to meet the needs of home-school families, there are now many musical options for families looking for after-school activities as well.


[acc_item title=”Pioneer Academy (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PioneerAcademy/info

Email: pioneeracademy-owner@yahoogroups.com

An LDS Homeschooling group from North San Diego County


[acc_item title=”Pioneer Family Academy (Campbell, CA)”]

Website: http://www.pioneerfamilyacademy.com/

Phone: (408) 370-4335

Thank you for visiting Pioneer Family Academy! Located in Campbell, California, we offer a unique combination of a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)”] and/or two day per week day school in support of Christian home education families.


[acc_item title=”Redding Homeschool Network (Redding, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/rhsn/info

Email: rhsn-owner@yahoogroups.com

The Redding Homeschool Network is an inclusive support group for Shasta county homeschooling families. We welcome families of all faiths and all homeschooling styles.


[acc_item title=”Redwood Christian Schools (Castro Valley, CA)”]

Website: http://www.rcs.edu/home-school/

Contact: Sue Abbott

Email: SueAbbott@rcs.ed

Phone: (510) 676-0094

Redwood Christian Schools has been working with Home School families in the greater East Bay for several years. Our purpose is to partner with Home School families to assist them in attaining their educational goals.


[acc_item title=”Redwood Legacy Christian School (Santa Rosa, CA)”]

Website: http://redwoodlegacy.weebly.com/

Email: redwoodlegacy@gmail.com

Phone: (707) 548-6806

Our goal is to support you in your home school adventure and to provide you with plenty of encouragement along the way.


[acc_item title=”Regina Caeli Academy (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: http://www.reginacaeliacademyisp.org/

Contact: Michelle Bru

Email: mcbru@sbcglobal.com

Phone: (858) 679-2101

Regina Caeli Academy is an association of Catholic and Christian families engaged in schooling at home in Southern California.


[acc_item title=”Revival Christian Academy (Menifee, CA)”]

Website: http://www.revivalchristianacademy.com/

Phone: (951) 672-3157

We exist to provide guidance, support, and accountability to those parents who have chosen to privately home educate their children.


[acc_item title=”Rincon Valley Christian School – PSP (Santa Rosa, CA)”]

Website: http://rinconvalleychristian.org/psp/

Contact: Linda Hoffman (PSP Administrator)

Phone: (707) 539-1486

The PSP enables parents to choose appropriate curriculum for each student while extending support, accountability, and resources for successful educational training.


[acc_item title=”Riverside Area Home Learners (Riverside, CA)”]

Website: http://www.webmed.com/RAHL.org/

Contact: Jill

Email: info@rahl.org

RAHL offers friendly, homeschooling support to all families, whether they are just beginning their homeschooling journey or have been traveling the road for years.


[acc_item title=”HomeschoolingTnT (Orange County, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HomeschoolingTnT/info

Email: homeschoolingtnt@yahoogroups.com

We’re a group of homeschooled and unschooled teens and their parents who gather in and around Orange County, CA for beach parties, regional dances, pizza nights, campouts, picnics, kayaking, Disneyland trips and other events


[acc_item title=”Rosewall Christian Academy (Twin Oaks, CA)”]

Website: http://www.rosewallchristian.com/

Contact: Jackie Alexander

Email: RCAadmin@wildblue.net

Phone: (661) 867-2729

RCA believes that parents are the best educators for their own children. In addition, RCA believes that Christian home education, which is a lifestyle, promotes academic excellence.


[acc_item title=”Sacramento Area Field Trip & Info (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SAFTI/info

Contact: D. Betts

Email: dbetts1@juno.com

Email: safti@yahoogroups.com

Phone: (916) 791-0654

For homeschoolers in the Sacramento Area. Posts are limited to field trips, classes, park days and events of interest to homeschoolers.


[acc_item title=”Sacramento Area Homeschool Information & Chat (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Sac_Area_HS_Infochat/info

Email: sac_area_hs_infochat-owner@yahoogroups.com

You are welcomed here and invited to share. DeSchooling, Home Schooling, Homeschooling, Unschooling, K12, Waldorf Inspired, Thomas Jefferson Education, Pre School at home.


[acc_item title=”Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators (Fair Oaks, CA)”]

Website: http://www.scopehome.org/

Email: chairman@scopehome.com

Email: secretary@scopehome.com

Phone: (916) 668-0401

Our purpose is to provide information, support, encouragement and training to private, independent home educators in the Sacramento area.


[acc_item title=”Sacramento Homeschool Meetup Group (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: http://www.meetup.com/Sacramento-Homeschool-Meetup-Group

Contact: Shellie Collins

Email: momsteachingathome@yahoo.com

Phone: (209) 744-1785

Sacramento Homeschool Meetup Group is an active homeschooling support group designed for Christian homeschooling moms and kids from all around the Sacramento Area (Galt, Elk Grove, Davis, Woodland, Rancho Cordva, Citrus Heights Folsom, Fair Oaks, and more!)”]. Fathers are invited to some of our events, but this group mainly serves homeschooling mothers and their children.


[acc_item title=”Saddleback Christian Academy (Mission Viejo, CA)”]

Website: http://www.scaathome.com/

Email: info@scaathome.com

Phone: (949) 547-9650

Established in 1987, Saddleback Christian Academy (SCA)”] is comprised of approximately 130 Christian families, mostly from south Orange County, who take full responsibility for their children’s education.


[acc_item title=”San Diego Christian Homeschools (San Diego, CA)”]

Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/sdch/

Contact: Miriam Walker

Email: SDCHGroup@gmail.com

Phone: (402) 669-1268

We are San Diego Christian Homeschools, an organization of Bible believing families who home school our children. SDCH is a support group, a network, a fellowship, and a repository of valuable tools and experiences that exists to bless your family while you are called to home educate your children.


[acc_item title=”San Francisco Homeschoolers (San Francisco, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sfhomeschoolers/info

Email: sfhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com

San Francisco Homeschoolers is a loosely organized, inclusive group of homeschooling families in San Francisco, California.


[acc_item title=”Santa Barbara Christian Homesteaders (Lompoc, CA)”]

Website: http://www.sbhomesteaders.com/

Santa Barbara Christian Homesteaders (SBCHI)”] is a non-profit corporation whose specific purpose is to support and encourage those who desire to privately educate their children at home in accordance with Christian principles.


[acc_item title=”Santa Barbara Homeschool Network (Santa Barbara, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SBHN/info

Email: sbhn@yahoogroups.com

The Santa Barbara Homeschool Network is a free, secular, and inclusive support group to help homeschooling families in the Santa Barbara area share information and plan events, activities, field trips, etc.


[acc_item title=”Seaside Home Educators (Arroyo Grande, CA)”]

Website: http://www.seasidehomeeducators.com/

Email: SeasideInformation@gmail.com

We are a private homeschool support group for Christian families living in the south-county region of San Luis Obispo, California.


[acc_item title=”SELAH Christian Homeschool Support Group (Santa Clara County, CA)”]

Website: http://www.selahsouthbay.org/

Contact: Grant and Anne Teagarden (Directors)

Email: anne@selahsouthbay.org


Contact: Natalie Menges

Email: info@selahsouthbay.org

SELAH is a non-denominational support group for Christian homeschooling families in Santa Clara County, California.


[acc_item title=”SGV HomeSchool Christian Connection (San Gabriel Valley, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SGVHSChristianConnection/info

Contact: J. Chesshir

Email: forchrist4@yahoo.com

Email: sgvhschristianconnection@yahoogroups.com

The purpose of this group is to promote networking among Christian Homeschooling groups and individual families within the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.


[acc_item title=”Shepherd Christian School (Palmdale, CA)”]

Website: http://www.shepherdchristianschool.webs.com/

Email: shepherdchristianschool@yahoo.com

Phone: (661) 272-4774

Considering homeschooling? There are other options besides public independent study / charter school programs! Shepherd Christian School offers a flexible and affordable solution for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade and their parents.


[acc_item title=”Shining Light Christian Academy”]

Website: https://shininglightchristianacademy.shutterfly.com/

Shining Light Christian Academy (SLCA)”] is a Private School Satellite Program for homeschooling families. We enroll students in our school and their parents are responsible for educating them at their respective homes.


[acc_item title=”Shooting Stars 4-H Club (Modesto, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ShootingStars4-H/info

Email: shootingstars4-h@yahoogroups.com

Shooting Stars 4-H Club is a group meeting the needs of home schooling families in the Modesto, CA area of Stanislaus County. Our members work on projects, learn life skills, record their progress in record books, and are encouraged to communicate what they learn in presentations.


[acc_item title=”Sierra Nevada Homeschoolers”]

Website: http://www.meetup.com/homeschool-555/?trax_also_in_algorithm2=original&traxDebug_also_in_algorithm2_picked=original

Contact: Jamie Roxy

We are homeschoolers who meet for field trips, which is our most popular activity. From time to time we also plan other social activities and some small group classes. Our group consists of families who usually homeschool by filing independently or attend homeschooling charter schools.


[acc_item title=”Sierra View Christian Academy (Fresno, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/svca/

Contact: Naomi Kent

Email: svca4christ@sbcglobal.net

Phone: (559) 281-0399

SVCA (Sierra View Christian Academy)”] is a group that serves homeschool families. We offer affidavit filing and record keeping services to families that teach their children at home.


[acc_item title=”SoCal Homeschool Enrichment (Southern CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SCHSEnrichment/info

Email: schsenrichment-owner@yahoogroups.com

This group is for homeschooling families in Greater Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California communities, who are interested in getting together for specialized classes and other interesting activites.


[acc_item title=”Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit (Santa Rosa, CA)”]

Website: http://www.schnonprofit.org/

Contact: Lesley DeBrier (President)

Email: ladebrier@gmail.com

Contact: Carolyn Boyles

Email: gcarolynlb@gmail.com

Email: schn.information@gmail.com

Phone: (707) 665-9518

Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit (SCHN)”] is an inclusive, nonprofit organization that provides support to families who educate their children at home.


[acc_item title=”South Bay Faith Academy (Redondo Beach, CA)”]

Website: http://www.sbfaithacademy.org/

Email: SBFAoffice@sbfaithacademy.org

Phone: (310) 379-8242

To assist Evangelical Christian homeschooling families as they nurture, disciple and educate their children from a Biblical worldview.


[acc_item title=”South Bay F.R.E.E. Scholars Homeschool Group (San Jose, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SBFS/info

Email: sosaka@aol.com

Email: sbfs@yahoogroups.com

South Bay F.R.E.E. (Family Resources Educating for Excellence)”] Scholars is an inclusive homeschooling group that meets Tuesday afternoons at parks in the South Bay area: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, and Campbell.


[acc_item title=”South Bay Homeschool Network (Los Angeles South Bay, CA)”]

Website: http://sbhn.50megs.com/

Contact: T. Kushner

Email: tkushner@earthkin.net

The South Bay Homeschool Network is a support group for families who are homeschooling their children in or around the South Bay area of Los Angeles.


[acc_item title=”South Coast Christian Home Educators (Orange County, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/scche/

Email: scchomeeducators@gmail.com

Phone: (949) 391-3693

Our support group was conceived by homeschool moms who wanted to have their children interact with other homeschool kids, while at the same time benefiting from support and encouragement from other Christian homeschoolers.


[acc_item title=”Southern California Catholic Home Educators (Chino Hills, CA)”]

Website: http://www.scchehomepage.com/

Contact: Rita Koppes

Email: sccheregistration-rita@yahoo.com

Phone: (714) 271-1272

Southern California Catholic Home Educators know that being around other homeschooler’s is a great way for moms and kids to make friends and get support.


[acc_item title=”Southlands Christian School (Walnut, CA)”]

Website: http://www.southlandscs.com/southlands_difference/homeschool

Contact: Deanna Metoyer (Director/Principal)

Email: dmetoyer@southlandscs.com

Contact: Sandy Larson (High School/VP)

Email: slarson@southlandscs.com

Contact: Brenda Diaz (Hacienda Heights Support Group)

Phone: (626) 435-7775

Contact: Deanna Metoyer (Diamond Bar Support Group)

Phone: (626) 968-4490

Contact: Sandy Anderson (Glendora Support Group)

Phone: (909) 593-3857

Contact: Jennifer Enriquez (Claremont Support Group)

Phone: (626) 705-0905

Our program offers many opportunities for interaction with other home-school students and families.


[acc_item title=”St. Michael the Archangel Academy (Irvine, CA)”]

Website: http://www.smacademy.com

Email: help@smacademy.com

Phone: (714) 730-9114

St. Michael the Archangel Academy, the first private home school program for Catholic families in Southern California, has for over twenty years, supported the primary right and duty of parents to choose the form of education for their children.


[acc_item title=”St. Therese Catholic Homeschoolers (St. Gabriel Valley, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/StThereseHC/info

Email: sttheresehc@yahoogroups.com

We are a Catholic homeschool group, dedicated to providing opportunities for spiritual growth for our children, as well as a positive learning environment.


[acc_item title=”Sunland Christian School (Sylmar, CA)”]

Website: http://www.home-schooling.org/

Contact: Terry and Laura Neven

Email: SCSandCHE@aol.com

Phone: (818) 523-6791

Phone: (800) 525-4419

Sunland is an accredited private school offering homeschool (Kindergarten – 12th)”] to families throughout the United States.


[acc_item title=”Teaching Hearts@Home (Newark, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/teachinghearts/info

Email: teachinghearts@yahoogroups.com

Teaching Hearts@Home is the Homeschool Support Group of Newark Community Church, Newark, California.


[acc_item title=”The Academy Homeschool Group Inc. (Santa Clarita, CA)”]

Website: http://www.academyhomeschool.org/

Contact: Jane Cox

Email: jane@coxacademy.com

Phone: 661-799-2781

The Academy Homeschool Group Inc. is an evangelical Christian homeschool support group that operates in the Santa Clarita Valley.


[acc_item title=”The Learning Collective (South Valley area, CA)”]

Website: http://tlc-education.org/

Contact: Shawna Ginocchio

Email: shawna@tlc-education.org

TLC is a non-profit, inclusive, parent-led, homeschool enrichment program for children ages 5 to 17 years of age.


[acc_item title=”The Westside Christian Academy (Los Angeles, CA)”]

Website: http://www.thewestsidechristianacademy.com/

Contact: Dee Sylvester (Director)

Contact: Sonya Lamay (Secretary)

Email: westsidechristianacademy@yahoo.com

Phone: (310) 804-2984

The Westside Christian Academy (TWCA)”] is a cooperative, non-profit educational ministry. We are a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)”] which exists to support evangelical christian families in their choice to educate their children at home.


[acc_item title=”T.O.R.C.H. (Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes)”] (San Francisco East Bay, CA)”]

Website: http://www.home-ed.net/torch/

Contact: Elizabeth Hockel

Email: beth@hockel.com

Phone: (925) 939-2919

Contact: Lily Mullen

Email: lilypad@jps.net

Phone: (925) 827-1946

We are the East Bay chapter of TORCH (Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes)”], an association of lay faithful established to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s primary education at home.


[acc_item title=”Tracy Homeschoolers (Tracy, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TracyHomeschoolers/info

Contact: Carolyn Navarra

Email: tncNavarra@aol.com

Email: tracyhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com

Phone: (209) 629-0121

This group is an all-inclusive group for homeschoolers in Tracy California and nearby areas.


[acc_item title=”Tri-Valley Explorers (Northern CA)”]

Website: http://www.trivalleyexplorers.org/

Email: info@trivalleyexplorers.org

The Tri-Valley Explorers is a member run, all-inclusive support group for homeschooling families in the Tri-Valley Area of Northern California.


[acc_item title=”Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support (Northern CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/tve/info?yguid=197580494

Email: tve@yahoogroups.com

Tri-Valley Explorers is an all-inclusive homeschool support group. We welcome ALL homeschooling families regardless of personal belief, lifestyle or homeschool method.


[acc_item title=”Tuolumne Christian Home Educators (Calaveras and Tuolumne counties, CA)”]

Website: http://www.tchedu.org/

Contact: Darelyn Winters

Email: darelynwinters887@hotmail.com

Phone: (209) 533-9229


[acc_item title=”United Christian Home Educators of Placer (Rocklin, CA)”]

Website: http://ucheofplacer.org/United_Christian_Home_Educators_of_Placer/Welcome.html

Contact: Lisa Dunne (Founder & Director)

Email: ldunne@MosaicChristianAcademy.org

We serve K-12 homeschool and charter-educated students from local Christian churches, creating community, enhancing skills, and building kingdom.


[acc_item title=”Valley Christian Home Educators Organization (Moreno Valley, CA)”]

Website: http://v-cheo.org/

Contact: Kathy Davis

Email: v-cheo@juno.com

Phone: (951) 242-2392

V-CHEO is a support group based in Moreno Valley, California, designed to meet the needs of private homeschooling families through support and encouragement.


[acc_item title=”Valley Home Educators (Modesto, CA)”]

Website: http://valleyhomeeducators.org/

Contact: Leisa

Email: leisa@valleyhomeeducators.org

Phone: (209) 303-3986

A non-profit organization serving home educators in California’s Central Valley since 1993.


[acc_item title=”Ventura Homeschool.org (Ventura, CA)”]

Website: http://www.venturahomeschool.org/

A homeschooling resource site, geared for homeschoolers living in and around the Ventura, California area.


[acc_item title=”Victor Valley Desert Christian School (Apple Valley, CA)”]

Website: http://www.vvdcs.org/



Phone: (760) 523-4003

VVDCS is a Private, Christian, Non-Denominational, Non-Campus, Satelite School run by a Christian homeschooling family just like you.


[acc_item title=”Village Bible Academy (Garden Grove, CA)”]

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/vbahomeschool/

Contact: Chris Zuniga

Contact: Carolyn Uemura



Phone: (714) 537-5344

Homeschooling families from all over Orange County and nearby LA County have discovered VILLAGE BIBLE ACADEMY, a ministry of Village Bible Church in Garden Grove.


[acc_item title=”Vine Preparatory Academy (Laguna Niguel, CA)”]

Website: http://www.vineprep.com/



Phone: (949) 280-8641

We feel incredibly blessed to have home schooled and walked along other homeschooling families for the past 11 years.


[acc_item title=”Vineyard Christian School (Anaheim, CA)”]

Website: http://www.vineyardschool.com/

Contact: Jim Wilkinson (Principal)

Contact: Tamara Eastwood (Preschool Director)

Email: vcsreceptionist@vcfanaheim.com

Phone: (714) 777-5462

Vineyard Christian School began in 1988 as a Home School and Independent Study Program. Since that time Vineyard Christian School has developed into a diverse four campus program which includes: Home School (K – 8th grade)”], Pre-School (2’s – Pre-K)”], Elementary (K-5th Grade)”] and Middle School (6th – 8th)”].


[acc_item title=”West River Academy (San Clemente, CA)”]

Website: http://www.westriveracademy.com/

Contact: Peggy Webb

Email: peggy@westriveracademy.com

Phone: (949) 492-5240

Finally–an accredited, inexpensive private school offering FREEDOM and SIMPLICITY. With our support, your children can learn at any time and in any place–and receive the diplomas and academic credits they deserve.


[acc_item title=”Whittier Christian Schools (Whittier, CA)”]

Website: http://www.whittierchristian.org/District/Department/37-Homeschool

Email: Muus@whittierchristian.org

Phone: (562) 698-9870


[acc_item title=”Wholistic Learning Resources (Sacramento, CA)”]

Website: http://www.wholisticlearningresources.net/index.html

Contact: Sandi Russi

Email: sandi@wholisticlearningresources.net

Phone: (916) 606-0799

Speciality Classes for Homeschoolers in a warm, nurturing environment.


[acc_item title=”WISH (Studio City, CA)”]

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ca/wish/

Contact: Jodie Jimenez

Email: Jojim68@gmail.com

Phone: (818) 645-1465

At WISH, we strive to create a warm, welcoming program where homeschooling families can express their unique perspectives while maintaining a program dedicated to supporting the diversified home school population in the San Gabriel Valley .


[acc_item title=”Woodland Area Christian Home Educators (Woodland, CA)”]

Website: http://wachewdld.wordpress.com/

Email: w-a-c-h-e-owner@yahoogroups.com

As homeschooling families, we work together to provide opportunities for our children to grow, through classes, field trips, monthly support meetings, and many other activities.


[acc_item title=”WVH California Homeschoolers (Los Angeles, CA)”]

Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WValleyHomeschoolers/info

Contact: Lisa Jackson

Email: ljxmediaarts@gmail.com

Email: wvalleyhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com

Individuals may only be added as legitimate Los Angeles area homeschooling families seeking to learn and share as respectful participants in this vibrant community.



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