[acc_item title=”Alaska Private and Home Educators Association (Wasilla, AK)”]
Website: http://aphea.org/
Contact: Heidi Swanson, Secretary or Terry Ellis
Email: board@aphea.org
Phone: (907) 376-9382
Supporting and helping Alaska parents perform their God-given responsibility to train their children through private and home education.

[acc_item title=”Anchorage Life Learners (Anchorage, AK)”]
Website: http://www.anchoragelifelearners.org/
Email: info@anchoragelifelearners.org
We are a secular and inclusive group of home learners and educators. This group is not affiliated with any of the local or state run programs.

[acc_item title=”Eagle River Christian Homeschool Association (Eagle River, AK)”]
Website: http://www.ercha.com/
Contact: Diane Weatherby (Chairman of the Board)
Email: chairman@ercha.com
Contact: Theresa Barcak (Membership Chairman)
Email: membership@ercha.com
Contact: Jo’Lee Tarkon
Email: education@ercha.com
Eagle River Christian Homeschool Association (ERCHA) is a local Christian homeschool support group in the Chugiak/Eagle River area. We offer encouragement, advice and fellowship for families who have made the decision to educate their children at home.

[acc_item title=”eLearningk12 (Website based learning system)”]
Website: http://www.elearningk12.com/default.aspx
Main: (985) 447-5994
Toll Free: (866) 477-9444
Contact: Nancy Toups (Owner/Administrator)
Email: ntoups@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 447-5994
Contact: Doug Toups (Chief Financial Officer)
Email: dtoups@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 637-4370
Contact: Celeste Robichaux (Technology Consultant)
Email: crobichaux@elearningk12.com
Phone: (985) 860-8288
eLearningK12 aspires to enhance the quality of education and family lifestyle in North America and beyond through personalized, guided, Internet-based education.

[acc_item title=”Fairbanks B.E.S.T (Fairbanks, AK)”]
Website: http://best.k12northstar.org/
Contact: Britt Larson (Secretary)
Email: britt.larson@k12northstar.org
Phone: (907) 452-2000 ext 11202
Fairbanks BEST will provide an alternative for families who want to teach state content and performance standards using teaching methods and materials of their choice with allotment support from the district.

[acc_item title=”Fort Richardson/Elmendorf Educators (Anchorage, AK)”]
Website: http://freeathome2009.wix.com/
Contact: Wendy
Email: freeathome2009@gmail.com
Phone: (907) 297-8979
F.R.E.E. at Home is a Christian Homeschool support group serving the military communities on and around Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base (JBER) in Anchorage, Alaska.

[acc_item title=”Hupomone Homeschoolers (Big Lake, AK) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.firstclasshomeschool.org/fchm/locations/us/ak/biglake/
Email: hupomonehomeschoolers@hotmail.com
Phone: (907) 892-2380

[acc_item title=”Interior Distance Education of Alaska”]
Website: http://www.ideafamilies.org/
Email: info@ideafamilies.org
All of Alaska Office: (877) 260-7555
Anchorage Office: (907) 562-4332 or (800) 549-0959
Anchorage Field Rep – Sally Javier: (907) 333-2255
Fairbanks Office: (907) 374-2200 or (877) 582-4332
Fairbanks Field Rep- Sandy Blewett: (907) 456-1368
Juneau Field Rep – Emma Deats: (907) 790-4755
Kenai Office: (907) 260-7555 or (877) 260-7555
Kenai Field Rep – Debbie Mackie: (907) 260-3158
Mat-Su Valley Office: (907) 357-4850
Southeast Alaska Office: (907) 789-6106 or (888) 395-4332
Wasilla Field Rep – Leslie Seddon: (905) 357-4896
IDEA was created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. We are the most popular homeschool program in Alaska and have more homeschool experience, and more homeschool input (in both creation and implementation), than any other program!

[acc_item title=”North Star Independent Homeschoolers (Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK)”]
Website: http://northstarindependenthomeschoolers.com/
Email: northstarindependents@gmail.com
Phone: (907) 488-1340
NSIH is a non-affiliated group. This means that no money or material gain whatsoever is made from sharing resources, links, product information, or anything else offered, recommended, or shared on this blog/website or elsewhere with NSIH.

[acc_item title=”Parents in Alaska Teaching Children at Home – PATCH (Delta Junction, AK)”]
Contact: Tina
Email: bullshop@wildak.net
Phone: (907) 895-4739
Monthly get togethers – we try to get togethers at least once a month, and have a potluck meal together, and some type of activity – we try to make them somewhat educational.

[acc_item title=”Raven Correspondence School (Fairbanks, AK)”]
Website: http://www.ravenschool.com
Anchorage Office: (907) 644-8590
Delta Junction Office: (907) 895-2280
Fairbanks Office: (907) 374-9401
Juneau Office: (907) 796-2112
Wasilla Office: (907) 357-9573
Toll Free: (888) 997-2836
Raven Correspondence School is a state-wide correspondence school operated by the Yukon-Koyukuk School District, with offices located in Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Anchorage, Wasilla, and Juneau.

[acc_item title=”Upstream Learning (Copper Valley/Glenallen, AK)”]
Website: http://www.upstreamlearning.org/
Main: (907) 822-3234
Toll Free: (888) 822-3234
Email: upstream@crsd.us
Contact: Ramona Henspeter (Program Director)
Email: rhenspeter@crsd.us
Phone: (907) 822-8526
Contact: Lanette Phillips (Program Assistant)
Email: lphillips@crsd.us
Phone: (907) 822-3234 ext. 227
Contact: Michael Johnson (UL Principal / CRSD Superintendent)
Email: mjohnson@crsd.us
Upstream Learning serves home-educated, K-12 students and their families throughout Alaska. We’re a free, accredited, statewide program, based in the Copper Valley (Glennallen), and we’re open to all students who are Alaska residents and live in the state.


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