[acc_item title=”Abundant Grace Christian Academy (Cullman, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.agccullman.com/academy
Contact: Kim Bryan
Email: agca2009@yahoo.com
Phone: (256) 739-7091[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Academy for Excellence (Talladega, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.afehomeschooling.com/
Contact: Kristi Stapler
Email: OfficeAFE@gmail.com or AFEKristi@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 763-2600
Our goal is to provide a homeschooling church school (many people call it a “cover school”) that allows families to legally homeschool their children without breaking the bank or having to jump through a lot of “hoops” to do so.

[acc_item title=”Alabama Homeschool Academy (Pell City, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.alabamahomeschoolacademy.com
Contact: Sonya Bowman
Email: director@alabamahomeschoolacademy.com
Phone: (205) 525-KIDS
We believe that if a parent feels led by God to educate their child at home, it is our duty to be both a guiding hand and support system throughout the family’s homeschooling journey. We consider our role in your child’s education a privilege and is one that is never taken lightly.

[acc_item title=”Alabama Hope Academy (Montone, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.alabamahomeschool.org and http://www.hsnow.org
Contact: Deb Eberhart
Email: contact@alabamahomeschool.org
Phone: (256) 418-4125
We are one of the oldest cover, church, umbrella (all mean same thing) schools in the state of Alabama. We are very thankful that we have made it all these years and hope for many more. We are located in North East Alabama and we cover the entire state of Alabama. So if you wish to homeschool and live in Alabama we welcome you to join us!

[acc_item title=”Anniston Christian Academy (Anniston, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://aca-homeschool.org/
Contact: Jacky Sparks
Email: hjsparks@cableone.net
Phone: (256) 236-3072
The desire of Anniston Bible Church in supporting home schooling is to demonstrate in a practical way our support of the family. This ministry is an extension of our support of all parents in our fellowship who desire to raise their children in a Christ-honoring way, regardless of schooling choice.

[acc_item title=”Asbury Academy (Birmingham, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.asburyacademy.com/
Contact: Beth O’Donnell
Email: elizabethodonnell@yahoo.com
Phone: (205) 680-6881
Asbury Academy was formed to enable parents to take responsibility for their children’s academic, emotional and moral growth through teaching at home. We believe in the family and in its ability as an institution to instruct children in the most positive and loving environment possible.

[acc_item title=”Baldwin Christian Home Educators’ Association (Fairhope)”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/al/bchea/
Contact: Mitchell Hinton
Email: bchea2009@gmail.com
BCHEA, a nonprofit, volunteer-based, organization, exists to provide support and communication to families in the Baldwin County, Alabama area who choose to educate their children at home.

[acc_item title=”Ballard Christian School (Auburn, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.ballardchristianschool.org/
Contact: Pastor A.E. (Buddy) Hammock bhammock@charter.net or Janice Hammock jchammock@charter.net
Email: ballardschool@worcom.com
Phone: (334) 826-7080
Ballard Christian School is an institution founded on Jesus Christ with a vision of aiding Christian parents in educating their children while equipping this generation with Biblical understanding and wisdom, academic excellence, self- discipline, and physical education.

[acc_item title=”Birmingham Homeschoolers Community (Birmingham, AL)”]
Website: http://www.birminghamhomeschoolers.com
Contact: Kristy Trent (Coordinator)
Email: info@highlandhomeschoolers.com
Phone: (205) 201-0327
A no-fee support group for homeschool families in the Birmingham Area with planned activities and field trips throughout the school year. Members need only to fill out the online form in order to receive group communications.

[acc_item title=”Bridge Christian Academy (Magnolia Springs, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.mswchurch.com/bca.php
Email: DuAnne@BridgeChristianAcademy.com
Phone: (251) 979-6227
Bridge Christian Academy is a legal home school covering for Christian parents who desire to home school their children for the purpose of providing academic excellence with a Biblical worldview. Our purpose is to offer support, encouragement and accountability for home school families.

[acc_item title=”Bright Horizons Academy (Alabama, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.brighthorizonsacademy.com
Contact: Jessica Spencer-Henderson
Email: shelbycoalhs@aol.com
Phone: (205) 685-5988
Bright Horizons Academy is a cover school for home educating families in the State of Alabama.

[acc_item title=”BroadChurch Academy (Helena, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.broadchurchacademy.org/
Contact: Deborah Nichols
Email: broadchurchacademy@yahoo.com
Phone: (205) 213-6027
BroadChurch Academy is a hands-off cover school. We believe that the parent is best suited to determine the path and means of their child’s education and strives to provide the simplest and most cost effective way possible to aid you in beginning or continuing your educational journey.

[acc_item title=”Cahaba Academy (Trussville) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://cahabaacademy.camp8.org/
Contact: Robby
Email: admin@cahabahomeschool.org or robbyh@fbctrussville.org
Phone: (205) 655-2403

[acc_item title=”Calvary Christian School (Concord, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://calvaryathome.org/
Contact: Pastor Jimmy King
Email: calvaryathome@yahoo.com or j_king59@yahoo.com
Phone: (205) 491-1885 or (205) 862-2015

[acc_item title=”Capstone Christian School (Mobile, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.capstonechristianschool.org/
Contact: Darice LeCroy
Email: capstonechristianschool@yahoo.com
Phone: (251) 649-4436 or (251) 786-2210

[acc_item title=”Christian Fellowship Academy (Cullman, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.christianfellowshipacademy.com
Contact: Anthony Clapp or Jaime Clapp
Email: admin@christianfellowshipacademy.org
Phone: (256) 747-1704
Christian Fellowship Academy is a church school in Alabama offering a Christian family-based approach to home education.

[acc_item title=”Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama (Alabama)”]
Website: http://www.chefofalabama.org
Paul and Sharon Hubbard hubclan@juno.com (Montgomery)
Ron and Debbie Landry rlandry@windstream.net (Birmingham)
Scott and Jackie Riley jackieriley@me.com (Springville)
Anthony and Debra Swartzendruber swartzen@frontiemet.net (Atmore)
Eric and Sherrie Swinney eric.swinney@nlbc-harvest.org (Huntsville)
Gus and Irene Tucker augustus.tucker@gmail.com (Huntsville)
Rusty and Phyllis Tate phyllistate4@bellsouth.net (Valley)
Phone: (334) 288-7229
Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama exists to promote and encourage Christian home education for the glory of God.

[acc_item title=”Christian Life Center Church Academy (CLCCA) (Centre, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.clccahomeeducation.com
Contact: Cindy Kohl
Email: clcca@tds.net
Phone: (256) 927-4050
This program’s sole intent is to allow participating parents the opportunity to exercise control and supervise the academic, social, and spiritual growth of their children. Responsibility for the children’s development is fully vested in the parents, who place themselves under the authority of the administration of Christian Life Center Church Academy.

[acc_item title=”Classical Conversations (Website servicing all of AL)”]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com
Phone: (910) 673-0100
Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same.

[acc_item title=”Contemporary Education Academy (Huntsville, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.2homeschool.org
Email: ceastaff@yahoo.com
Phone: (256) 653-2593
Onsite Director: Nic Cerny nicerny@gmail.com (256) 652-8587
Online Director: Brandy Cerny brandy.cerny@gmail.com (256) 457-6710
Founding Director: Jeff Cerny drcerny@hotmail.com (256) 653-2593
We believe that learning starts at home with one student at a time. CE Academy combines this original American education process with current internet technology advances to provide a contemporary education. We are an Academy versus a School. There is a difference and it starts with you.


[acc_item title=”Covenant Christian Academy (Huntsville, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.ccahuntsville.org/
Contact: Sylvia DeVine
Email: ccahuntsville@comcast.net
Phone: (256) 882-3668
Our school provides the training, support, and guidance home school parents need to be successful from kindergarten through 12th grade.

[acc_item title=”Crossroads Christian Academy (Somerville, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.crossroadschristianacademy.us/
Contact: Michelle Giers or Nicole Vaughn
Email: crossroadsacademy@shilohchurch.info
Phone: (256) 560-7537 or (256) 778-8627
We are committed to provide support, encouragement and fellowship to home educators as they reach and disciple their children for Christ. We are here, as a resource for families, to support them in the Christian education, encouragement and strengthening of their children.

[acc_item title=”Cullman Christian School (Cullman, AL)”]
Website: http://www.cullmanchristian.org/site/?q=home_school
Contact: Jamie McHan
Email: info@CullmanChristian.org or secretary@cullmanchristian.org
Phone: (256) 734-0734
Cullman Christian School is offering a new option for home school families. Course-specific Cooperative Programs (5th-12th grade)-for home school students. We are not a home school covering but a support to homeschool families.

[acc_item title=”DaySpring Academy (Alabama) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.dsacademy.org
Contact: Donna Mitchell
Email: dayspringacademy@att.net
Phone: (256) 353-2592
New Enrollments Contact: Delaina dsaassistant@aol.com (334) 518-9181
Re-enrollments contact: Jazmin dayspringacademyassistant@gmail.com (334) 635-0661
We believe in the right of parents to make all the educational choices for their children. We support and encourage parents to actively take responsibility for the education of their children in whatever manner they believe is best for their child.

[acc_item title=”Elmore County Homeschool Organization (Deatsvile, AL)”]
Website: http://www.onlineecho.com
Email: elmore.co.homeschool.org@gmail.com
Elmore County Homeschool Organization, is a non-profit support group for homeschooling families. We provide a positive socialization environment for homeschooled children and support & encourage their parents in the homeschooling process. We welcome all families from any county.

[acc_item title=”Emmanuel Baptist Academy (Florence, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.emmanuel-florence.org/eba-homeschool-covering.html
Contact: Daniel Michael or Joshua Miller
Email: parsons.manor@gmail.com
Phone: (256) 766-9077
EBA Homeschool Covering is designed to give parents every opportunity to fully explore the educational opportunities for their children in a protective, loving and Bible based environment.

[acc_item title=”Essential Church School (Birmingham, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.essentialchurchschool.org/
Email: info@essentialchurchschool.org
Essential Church School offers off-site instruction for homeschooling families as well as tools to assist and support this educational journey.

[acc_item title=”Evangel Christian School (Alabaster, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.evangelhomeschool.org
Contact: Bill Snuggs
Email: office@evangelhomeschool.org
Phone: (205) 706-2595
Evangel Home School is a state-registered K-12 church school in Alabaster, Alabama, established in 2004, and operating under the legal and spiritual oversight of Evangel Church, PCA, as a Board-directed ministry, for the purpose of facilitating Christian home education.

[acc_item title=”Evangel Family Christian Academy (Montgomery, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.evangelfamily.net
Contact: Denise Matthes
Email: info@evangelfamily.net
Phone: (334)272-3215
Evangel Family Christian Academy (EFCA) is the home school ministry of Evangel Church, Assemblies of God. It is unashamedly a Christian ministry operated as a non-profit organization to serve evangelical Christians who are actively involved in their local church.

[acc_item title=”Everest Academy (Alabama)”]
Contact: Deb Spradlin
Email: everestacademy1@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 433-9828
Everest Academy offers support along with quality resources to aid your family in your homeschooling efforts.

[acc_item title=”Evergreen Christian Academy – Shiloh (Mobile, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.eca-shiloh.com
Contact: Melanie Baldwin
Email: melaniebaldwin@eca-shiloh.com or info@eca-shiloh.com
Phone: (251) 259-1385 or (251) 661-6343
Evergreen Christian Academy-Shiloh, a ministry of Shiloh Baptist Church, was established to assist families in homeschooling their children. At ECA-Shiloh, our desire is to help families in providing a legal means for homeschooling, and pointing them in the right direction that is necessary in order to have a positive homeschooling experience.

[acc_item title=”Excalibur Christian School (Madison, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.excaliburschool.org
Contact: Larry or Kathy Bond
Email: excalibur@knology.net
Phone: (256) 325-1500
Excalibur Christian School was founded in the fall of 2002 as a ministry of a small group of homeschool families who had joined together to plant a non-denominational church. It has grown to become a ministry of families from dozens of local churches with a vision to help families all across the country achieve a better education for the children.

[acc_item title=”Ezekiel Academy (Montgomery, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.ezekielacademy.org
Contact: Maretta Oswald
Email: ezekielacademy@gmail.com
Phone: (334) 315-0010
Ezekiel Academy has been created as an auxiliary ministry to churches in the area and has begun serving home school families seeking to enroll their students in a church school to train them “for the sake of My Holy Name” (Ezekiel 36:22).

[acc_item title=”Faith Academy (Tuscaloosa, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.faithacademy.net
Contact: Moya Todd
Email: info@faithacademy.net
Faith Academy is both an administrative overseer and an enabler. It is our belief that a child’s education and the direction of his mental emotional, social, spiritual and physical growth is properly the responsibility of his parents. The hope of the school is that we may provide assistance and support to Christian parents who subscribe to this belief.

[acc_item title=”First Baptist Opelika Christian School (Opelika, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.fbocs.net
Email: info@fbocs.net
Phone: (334) 745-5715
The purpose of this ministry is to provide those parents who choose to home-school their children legal covering, support, and encouragement in the spiritual development and sound academic education of their children with respect to established state guidelines.

[acc_item title=”Freedom Homeschoolers (Phenix City, AL)”]
Website: http://www.freedomhomeschoolers.com/
Contact: Suzanne Sheppard
Email: sheepers@bellsouth.net
Freedom Homeschoolers was created in 2005 to support homeschooling families in the Phenix City, AL / Columbus, GA area regardless of religious affiliation. Faith based or secular – all are welcome!

[acc_item title=”Greater Joy Home School Support Group (Florence, AL)”]
Website: http://www.greaterjoyhomeschoolsupportgroup.weebly.com/
Contact: Joan Wallace
Email: eaoamy@gmail.com
Phone: (256) 701-1050
Greater Joy is all about encouraging the homeschoolers of North Alabama with field trips, fellowships, parties, and so much more!

[acc_item title=”Golden Acres Christian School (Phenix City, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.gacs.freedomhomeschoolers.com/
Contact: Suzanne Sheppard
Email: gacs_lions@yahoo.com
Phone: (334) 297-0577
This unique ministry is available to Alabama homeschooling families in Russell or Lee county regardless of church affiliation.

[acc_item title=”Harvest Church School (Dothan, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.hcsdothan.com/
Contact: Ashley Whaley
Email: ashley@hcsdothan.com
Phone: (334) 791-9354
Harvest Church School is here to support and encourage parents as they work to make the best educational choices for their children.

[acc_item title=”Heritage Academy (Birmingham, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.theheritageconnection.com/
Email: ke4nrl@bellsouth.net
Phone: (205) 910-3015
Heritage Academy assists local Christian families to home school their children by offering advise, programs, meetings, accountability, networking, extra curricular activities, field trips, contests, transcripts, classes and oversight.

[acc_item title=”Heritage Christian School (Mobile, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.eheritagechristian.net
Contact: Teresa or Roger Jones
Email: hcsfbtc@gmail.com
Phone: (251) 402-8014

[acc_item title=”Homeland Christian Academy (Gardendale, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.homelandchristianacademy.com/
Email: homelandeagles@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 608-0987
We offer a homeschool cover school with a personal touch. HLCA staff will guide you through the incredible journey of home-schooling in the state of Alabama.

[acc_item title=”Homeschooled Kids & Co. (Atmore, AL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/al/homeschooledkidsandco/
Contact: Mary Beachy or Gina White
Email: Mary Beachy or Gina White
Phone: (251) 368-9130 or (251) 368-5971
Our mission is to provide enrichment times, social opportunities, and wholesome, affordable activities for students, as well as information, support, and encouragement to home educating parents in Escambia County, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

[acc_item title=”Hope Christian Academy (Toney, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.hopeacad.vpweb.com/
Contact: Constance Gillon
Email: director@hopeacad.vpweb.com
Phone: (256) 513-9212
We are dedicated to encouraging each other as Parent Educators.

[acc_item title=”Hope Christian School (Pelham, AL), Church School”]
Website: http://www.hopechristian.net
Email: admin@hopechristian.net
Phone: (205) 664-2232

[acc_item title=”Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschoolers (Alabama)”]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CatholicHomeschoolersofHuntsville/info and http://immaculateheartofmaryhomeschoolers.blogspot.ca/
Participation in activities presents an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool Group, the Catholic Church, Catholic families, homeschooling in general, and by virtue of our name, the Blessed Mother herself.

[acc_item title=”Jubilee Academy (Irondale, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://jubileeministry.org/academy
Email: jubileeacademy@charter.net
Phone: (205) 951-3103

[acc_item title=”Lake Forest Home School Club (Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, from Bay Minette, to Point Clear, Alabama)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/al/lakeforesthsc/
Contact: Ann Ludwig
Email: LFHSC@yahoo.com
We offer educational and fun opportunities for our children to enrich their home school experience. We coordinate field trips, P.E. & sports, enrichment classes, 4H, drama, service opportunities, beach and park days.

[acc_item title=”Life Christian Academy (Harvest, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.lifechristianacademy.org/
Contact: Joy Brown
Email: joy.brown@nlbc-harvest.org
Phone: (256) 864-0949
CA provides enrichment activities for younger students to expand on what the parents teach at home, while providing opportunities to develop social skills in new environments.

[acc_item title=”LifeChurch Academy (Birmingham, AL) – Homeschool MInistry”]
Website: http://lifechurch.ws/education/life-church-homeschool-academy/
Contact: Vanessa and Dana Carlson
Email: lca@lifechurch.ws
Phone: (205) 986-5433 Ext. 1208
LifeChurch Academy is a homeschool ministry of Life Church Birmingham. Our goal is to help you provide a quality education for your children and teach spiritual truths needed for their future.

[acc_item title=”LifeGate Academy (Madison, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.lifegateacademy.com/
Contact: Michele Penton
Email: office@lifegateacademy.com
Phone: (256) 679-5969

[acc_item title=”Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers (Alabama)”]
Website: http://www.lindamoodbell.com
Contact: Birmingham Learning Center (Homewood) birmingham.al.center@lindamoodbell.com (205) 870-4181
Montgomery Seasonal Learning Clinic (Montgomery) montgomery.info@lindamoodbell.com (888) 686-4181
Huntsville Seasonal Learning Clinic (Huntsville) huntsville.info@lindamoodbell.com (888) 686-4181
Mobile Learning Center (Mobile) mobile.center@lindamoodbell.com (251) 473-6808

[acc_item title=”Master’s Hand Christian School (Moulton, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: Master’s Hand Christian School (Moulton, AL) – Cover School
Email: mhcs@fbcma.com
Phone: mhcs@fbcma.com
MHCS offers legal covering to home school families in accordance to the Church School Option under Alabama State Law.

[acc_item title=”Mobile Secular Homeschooolers (Mobile, AL)”]
Website: http://mobilesecularhomeschoolers.blogspot.ca/
Contact: Heather Hitchcock
Email: hjhitchcock@gmail.com
Mobile Secular Homeschoolers (MSH) is a local, independent support group for homeschoolers in Mobile, AL and surrounding areas.

[acc_item title=”Moffett Road Christian School (Mobile, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.mobilemrcs.org/
Contact: Retta Franklin
Email: administrator@mobilemrcs.org
Phone: (251) 391-4663 or (251) 391-4663

[acc_item title=”North Alabama Christian School (Valley Head, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.northalabamachristianschool.net/
Contact: Sandra Summerford
Email: northalabamachristianschool@yahoo.com
Phone: (256) 657-1218
Home-school also known as Christian Education is a place where we as parents can still teach from the Bible and we as well as our children can bow our head in prayer as often as we like.

[acc_item title=”North Alabama Home Educators (Alabama)”]
Website: http://www.northalabamahomeeducators.freeservers.com/
Contact: Debbie Mitchell
Email: GrandMammaLlama@knology.net
We are a not-for-profit support group for anyone in the North Alabama area interested in home education.

[acc_item title=”North Baldwin Christian Academy (Baldwin County, AL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/al/northbaldwinchristianacademy/
Contact: Angela Ballard
Email: nbcahomeschool@yahoo.com
Phone: (251) 937-1199
We are a Christian Homeschool support group. We schedule regular field trips and social time for our members. North Baldwin Christian is an active NETWORK SUPPORT GROUP in our community encouraging Families to be comfortable with their choice and religious right to home educate their children.

[acc_item title=”Northside Bible Academy (Mobile, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://northsidebibleacademy.com/
Contact: Lesa Dale
Email: admin@northsidebibleacademy.com
Phone: (251) 895-3148
Northside Bible Academy is designed to offer support through record keeping, information, meetings, field trips and other events.

[acc_item title=”One Accord Christian School (Newville, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.oneaccordfamily.com/school
Contact: Robyn Metcalfe
Email: bestillrobyn@gmail.com
Phone: (334) 702-4471
One Accord Christian School (OACS) was begun in the school year 2000-2001 as a ministry of One Accord Baptist Church to offer support, information, accountability, and encouragement to Christian families who home educate.

[acc_item title=”Our Lady of Good Counsel School (Sterrett, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.olgcs.com/
Contact: Barbara Whitworth
Phone: (205) 672-7947
Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel School, LLC. We share the belief that we, as parents and the primary educators of our children, have been called to the challenge of home schooling.

[acc_item title=”Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mobile, AL)”]
Website: http://www.homeschool-life.com/al/olg/
Contact: Holly Nehls
Email: hollynehls@yahoo.com
Phone: (251) 219-4360
We have been serving Catholic families since 1990 by providing a Catholic structure of support and services, faithful to the Magisterium, for families choosing to educate their children at home, under Alabama law.

[acc_item title=”Outlook Academy (Millbrook, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.outlookacademy.org/
Contact: Dora Bennage, Carren W. Joye, or Daniel Joye
Email: info@outlookacademy.com
Phone: (334) 290-0919 or (334) 625-8328
Outlook Academy is a hands-off church school. Because we believe that parents are best suited to direct the education of their children, Outlook Academy asks only for what the law requires yet offers support for your personal choices.

[acc_item title=”Oxford Christian School (Oxford, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.oxfordchristianschool.com/
Contact: Steve or Renee Pruitt
Email: oxfordchristian@cableone.net
Phone:(256) 835-5852
Oxford Christian School is a ministry of Oxford Christian Fellowship and is a non-accredited home school program. Our vision is to be a covering and support base for families who have chosen home schooling as the means to educate their children.

[acc_item title=”Pathways Academy (Glencoe, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.pathways-academy.org/
Contact: Tammy Jackson
Email: tams2@bellsouth.net
Contact: Denise Driskell
Email: denisedriskell@hotmail.com
Phone: (256) 494-1600
At Pathways, we believe the paths to education begin at home and that parents should have a choice in educating their children. We welcome and accept students from all over the state of Alabama regardless of religion, culture, or race.

[acc_item title=”Peak Homeschool Network (Alabama)”]
Website: http://peaknetwork.org/
The network’s decentralized, member-led structure allows families to customize their community by creating the opportunities and resources they need with minimal direction or interference.

[acc_item title=”Precept Christian School (Atmore, AL) – Church School”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/al/preceptchristianschool/
Contact: Anthony and Debbie Swartzendruber
Email: swartzen@frontiernet.net
Phone: (251) 368-1275

[acc_item title=”Praise Christian School (Mobile, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.praisechristianschool.com/
Contact: Bonita Harris
Email: bonitaharris@mchsi.com or office_pcs@yahoo.com
Phone: (251) 219-4460
Praise Christian School is dedicated to providing a full service, private, Christian home school program at an affordable cost to students of Mobile County and nearby Mississippi counties.

[acc_item title=”Ridgecrest Christian School (Dothan, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/index_public.cfm?memberid=1133
Contact: Kerry
Email: ekw62092@hotmail.com
Phone: (334) 792-9402 ext 253
The purpose of RCS is to minister to the needs of parents in the Wiregrass area who wish to take up their God given responsibility to educate their children primarily or exclusively within the home environment.

[acc_item title=”Saraland Christian Academy (Saraland, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.saralandchristianacademy.org/
Contact: Teresa Burton
Email: teresa@saralandchristianacademy.org
Phone: (251) 259-8440
Saraland Christian Academy is an educational outreach of Fields of Grace Sanctuary located in Saraland, Alabama. Our primary ministry is to assist parents in taking their children back into the fold and provide them with the freedom, resources, and support to home educate in a safe and loving environment.

[acc_item title=”Shiloh Christian Academy (Opp, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.shilohchristianacademy.net/
Contact: Raven Hurst
Email: truthwalker78@yahoo.com
Phone: (334) 764-3037
We exist as a ministry of Shiloh Ministries Church to provide a service for Christian parents seeking a legal covering to home educate their children in the South Alabama area.

[acc_item title=”Sovereign Grace Academy (Autauga, Elmore, Montgomery, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.millbrookpca.com/wp/sample-page/sga/
Contact: Diane Day
Email: sovereigngraceacademy@yahoo.com
Phone: (334) 290-3304 or (334) 652-4606
As a ministry of Millbrook Presbyterian Church, Sovereign Grace Academy (SGA) is a church cover school in accordance with Alabama legal code 16-28-1. As a hands-off church school, we refrain from interfering in your homeschooling and require only minimal reporting.

[acc_item title=”The Way Home Christian School (Eva, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.thewayhome.info/
Contact: Stuart J. Whitney
Email: support@thewayhome.info
Phone: (256) 796-8533
Over 25 years of experience serving families with children of all ages and abilities. We are a home education program designed for responsible parents seeking security and simplicity in home school administrative support.

[acc_item title=”Truth and Freedom – Home School Academy (Falkville, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.truthandfreedomacademy.org
Contact: Susie Peebles
Email: webmaster@truthandfreedomacademy.org
Phone: (256) 303-7184 or (256) 784-5478
Truth and Freedom Home School Academy is a ministry of Truth and Freedom Ministries, Inc. which provides administrative support and encouragement to parents, as well as providing a resource for families to educate their children at home in truth and freedom in accordance with Alabama State Law.

[acc_item title=”Tuscaloosa Home Educators (Northport, AL)”]
Email: mclaurine@charter.net
Phone: 333-6328
Tuscaloosa Home Educators (THE) is a support and resource group for home educators in Tuscaloosa and surrounding communities. THE membership is open to families who are schooling their children at home or anyone actively supportive of home education.

[acc_item title=”Unity Homeschool and Co op (Tuscaloosa, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.unityhomeschool.org
Contact: Lynn Crowder
Email: reta.lynncrowder@gmail.com or unitychristianmail@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 242-9795

[acc_item title=”University Church Christian Academy (Tuscaloosa, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.universitycofc.org/ministries/ucca/
Contact: Laurie Snyder, Secretary
Email: laurie@universitycofc.org
Contact: Shelley Michaels, Secretary
Email: shelley@universitycofc.org
Email: info@universitycofc.org
Phone: (205) 553-3001
Endeavoring to provide an encouraging support system for families educating their children in a home based environment.

[acc_item title=”Valleydale Christian Academy (Birmingham, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://valleydale.net/
Contact: Susan Hubbard
Email: ValleydaleAcademy@yahoo.com
Phone: (205) 987-6286
Valleydale Christian Church and Academy is a cover school, or umbrella school, for people who wish to educate their children at home. Our church school began with the mission to offer a safe haven to any families who needed guidance in pursuing home-based education.

[acc_item title=”Veritas Classical School (North Alabama, AL) – Church School”]
Website: http://www.veritasalabama.com/
Contact: Jonathan Haynes
Phone: (256) 339-2856
Veritas School offers homeschooling families a unique complement to their home study programs by providing one day per week of classroom instruction, with an emphasis on classical as well as traditional subjects taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.

[acc_item title=”Wall Highway Christian Academy (Madison, AL) – Homeschool Ministry”]
Website: http://www.wallhighway.com/ministry/childrens-ministry/wall-highway-christian-academy
Contact: Terri Wensyel or Christy Ellis
Email: whcaoffice@gmail.com
Phone: (256) 325-6656
Our mission is to offer support, encouragement, and accountability to home school families as they strive to raise and educate their children.

[acc_item title=”Whitesburg Baptist Christian School (Huntsville, AL) – Cover School”]
Website: http://www.whitesburgbaptist.org/schools/homeschool
Email: home.school@wbccares.org
Phone: (256) 704-5678 ext. 719
Whitesburg Baptist Christian School is dedicated to the support of families who have a conviction from God that He has called them to homeschool their children. It was established to provide the legal covering, educational guidance and accountability necessary for promoting a thorough, Christ-centered education.


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