Revisionist History in Homeschooling

March 27, 2020Stacey Lynn

Revisionist History in Homeschooling

The alarming and unchecked addition of revisionist history in public and private schools, and the support it has achieved through the manipulative exploitations of the same, must come onto the radar of any family that currently has children in public or private schools. Much of this new information is being introduced as curriculum and new educational legislation that seeks to create a new rhetoric based on sheer opinion instead of true historical and factual information.

For a clearer idea of the 1619 Project, based on a collection of New York Times opinion essays, CLICK HERE. You’ll learn about how history is being rewritten to convey a “slavocracy” that, according to the backers of this project, absolutely and unequivocally demand reparations because it’s easier than getting “white Americans to stop being white”, according to 1619 Project leader and writer, Nikole Hannah-Jones.

This is not something that “might” happen. Nor is it something that “could” happen. This is something that is currently happening right now, and many Christian conservative parents are literally panicking about how they can correct these misconceptions, which are literally being taught as facts in public and private schools all over the country. As alarming as it is, however, parents must now counter the movement with a movement of their own, and we’d like to offer some ideas about how to do this.

You Have a Right to Homeschool Your Children

Homeschooling is a God-given right that has come under the firm hand of legislation and regulation in the past 90 to 150 years or so. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1980s that homeschooling rose up again, after compulsory laws went into effect throughout the United States. Since that time, it has been attacked and argued against from every angle.

However, parents in every state of the Union currently have the legal right, in one form or another, to homeschool their children. And for some, this is the most feasible way to escape the Revisionist histories that are infiltrating more than 3,500 classrooms in public schools throughout the 50 states, having done so in a monumentally short six-month time period. The New York Times, along with the Washington-based nonprofit organization known as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis reporting, have already created curriculum for inclusion into classrooms across the country.

But public schools are not the only ones falling prey to revisionist histories. The number of private schools that have adopted these indoctrinating curriculum choices are growing as well, many of which have already rolled out the Pollyannacurriculum as well as the 1619 project and its curriculum as a means of educational reconditioning.

Peculiar methods of educational brainwashing have taken on the “social justice” mantra for nearly ten years now, as children are constantly bombarded by politically backed pushes that they should never be a part of. It ranges from slight bits of information that are convenient, spoon fed to children as young as five or six years, to topics that should never be taught on school grounds, and all with little to no information to the parents that this is even happening in the first place.

In these situations, homeschooling makes more sense now than ever before, as it is actually a means of protecting our children as much as educating them. Homeschoolers have been long-time supporters of homeschooling to protect against bullying, religious oppression, and an ever-degrading baseline education. But now we must also consider the need to protect against liberally backed and funded curriculum options that seek to rewrite history in a perverted and completely false manner, all in favor of political agenda. Our concern is not merely that cold, historical facts are being distorted. It goes much deeper, as moral and ethical values are being corrupted.

Create Your Own Historically Correct Curriculum

It’s important that you use or create an historically correct curriculum when homeschooling your children. This is one reason why it’s so important actually to get your hands on any curriculum choice you’re considering. Find out what it teaches, how it teaches it, and how you’re expected to present the information to your children. Most all large homeschool curriculum companies are trustworthy, but as you can see through the assorted links above, revisionist histories such as the 1619 Project and Pollyanna are finding their way into public schools and accredited private schools. We can only assume then, based on this surprisingly quick six-month acceptance as “real” curriculum, that they will eventually begin to creep into some homeschool curriculum choices from secular curriculum providers.

For those who adhere to teaching styles such as Relaxed, Eclectic, or Unschooling, we offer a few trusted sources for curriculum, activities, and extra-curricular projects:

  • Khan Academy – Here, you can find a great outline for self-study that covers United States history that has lots of fun videos that children will enjoy while learning true US history facts.
  • Hillsdale College– Here, you’ll find entire video lectures on American history. For average elementary-aged children, these may be “boring” on their own. You can watch the videos yourself to figure out ways to introduce the material in a way that will best bolster your child’s interest and attention.
  • YouTube – If you take the time carefully to watch the videos you are considering, you can find exceptional material covering the Declaration of Independence and other topics that are currently in danger of becoming skewed into fiction.
  • Museum Websites– This is a great way to supplement lessons and conversations around topics such as the Civil War, especially if you plan family outings to some of them that might be near enough to travel to in person.
  • American Minute – Another great resource for truth.

Know Who Your Children Befriend

Even homeschooled children, through a variety of outlets, can come to befriend children who are currently enrolled in public and private schools. If that’s the case with your own child, make sure you are aware of what they talk about.

The truth is, not every parent understands the current level of revisionist history and/or Marxist Socialism indoctrination. In fact, many don’t even know it’s happening. And for those parents who either don’t know or don’t see the danger in it, their children will be fully indoctrinated, since there is no safety net through either homeschooling or family time.

The danger for your own child, if you’re not careful to monitor the situation, is that they can innocently pick up ideas from their “friends” that they will be far more apt to believe. Again, teaching your child about propaganda and its influence on children can help them to see this for themselves, but that might not always be the case. Far better to keep a keen eye on any relationships your child forms with any children, or even adults, for that matter, that are attending or working with the public-school system. Whereas we do not view them as “enemies”, we do see these revisionist histories and other forms of indoctrination in that way, recognizing the false facts they seek to plant as the truth.

If You Cannot or Choose Not to Homeschool

Some families are in positions where they currently cannot or choose not to homeschool currently. If that is the position in which you find yourself, it is completely understandable. However, we urge you to learn more about this revisionist history, its core foundations, and the information they seek to present as fact. You might be surprised to find not only race-baiting and bald-faced lies, but also acceptance of gender distortion and other far-left ideologies that are being used to indoctrinate children all across the United States.

You might wonder what you can do if you find yourself in a situation where homeschooling is not currently an option. We suggest that you become very involved in your child’s education. Talk with them each and every day after school about things they studied, in every subject. What did they learn? What books are they reading? What activities are they taking part in? There are plenty of ways to find out what’s going on and, from there, you can plan to counteract those false liberal patterns with truthful, historical fact. And, contrary to what they’re being taught in public and private schools, you can do all that all the while without being racist, homophobic, or misogynistic all the while.

To counteract the indoctrination your children may be forced into during their school day, you can use some of the ideas listed above as Family Learning activities. If you set aside just thirty minutes each day, at least four days a week, and begin with videos or fun stories, you can begin to make a difference. On that fourth day, spend some time simply summarizing the information you’ve learned or talked about. Be sure to ask specifically if anything you are teaching at home contradicts their lessons or activities at school. You may be fascinated at what you find, and you might further decide to spend some time explaining that not everything being taught at school is the truth.

Should there come a time that the inconsistencies that your child is learning at school become a consistent part of your Family Learning time, then you might consider teaching your children about propaganda, especially from an age-appropriate educational standpoint. Offer them information about the same types of propaganda that were used in foreign countries such as the Soviet Union, East Germany, and even modern Communist China.

Over time, your children will be able to pick up on propaganda cues for themselves, especially if you teach them how to use secondary resources for real fact-checking. Make sure you are a part of their research time to help them find legitimate and truthful sources, and not those decoys set up to lure in children with the full intent of bolstering the same propaganda they’re hearing from the classroom.

In Closing

If you are currently homeschooling, or thinking of getting started, we encourage you to attend one of our regional Great Homeschool Conventions. Here, you’ll find dozens of informational speakers, hundreds of workshops, special events, and extensive curriculum and resource vendors you can trust. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, to speak with other homeschooling families, and examine a variety of homeschool curriculum for yourself in order to make sure these revisionist histories are never a part of your child’s educational career.

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