Has your teen had their faith questioned by peers, classmates, or co-workers?

January 4, 2020Stacey Lynn

There’s nothing quite so important as giving our children a firm foundation in faith. After all, we don’t want to watch them struggle through something as a young adult, only to wish we’d been more purposeful when they were a bit younger.

No matter what your child’s intentions are after graduation, be it college, a job, or even a military career, a foundation based on Jesus Christ will keep them grounded to what really matters. To help establish that foundation, we, as parents, must be intentional in our approach to helping our teens.

The Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track, offered at each of the seven regional Great Homeschool Conventions, is a great way to help your teen learn to defend their faith in today’s world. Created specifically for children from twelve to nineteen years old, our Teen Track features world-class speakers who will be hosting a total of sixteen workshops on timely topics containing timeless truths for your teenagers.

Important Topics

The topics our teens deal with on a regular basis can be hard to discuss. Sometimes the topic itself is highly controversial, by the world’s standards. Other times, we simply may not understand enough about the topic to have an intelligent discussion with valid talking points.

Without proper adult intervention, and certainly without a Christian approach, our children can often be made to believe certain things that simply aren’t true. That’s why it’s so important to discuss even the hard truths so that wrong thinking patterns can be properly addressed.

Here are some of the topics our Teen Track speakers are not afraid to discuss at length:

  • Casual Sex
  • Atheism
  • Gender Identity
  • Evolution
  • Pornography
  • Racial Tension
  • Social Media
  • Secularism
  • Humanism

In the face of these topics, will your teen STAND STRONG? If you cannot answer that question, or if you’re not even sure if your child is currently dealing with these issues, the Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track could be the answer to your prayer.

Teen Track Speakers

Let’s meet the speakers who will be presenting the Teen Track workshops which will be a part of the 2020 Great Homeschool Conventions lineup.

John Stonestreet is the president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, as well as an acclaimed author and speaker. His topics include faith and culture, worldview, apologetics, theology, and education. As the daily voice of the national culture syndicate, Breakpoint, founded by Chuck Colson, John brings all his knowledge to this year’s Teen Track in all seven cities. He lives in Colorado Springs, Co with his wife, Sarah, and their four children. You can find him on Twitter (@jbstonestreet) or connect with him at BreakPoint.org.

His workshops will include the following titles:

  • Developing a Family Plan for the Culture: how to engage, when to engage and where to draw the line
  • How (Not) to Read the Bible: Cultivating a Biblical Worldview in the Next Generation
  • “The Talk”: Preparing Students for a Sexually Broken Culture
  • Four Cultural Shifts Parents Need to Understand and How to Navigate Them
  • Movies, Music, and Screens: Entertainment and Christians

Brett Kunkle, president and founder of MAVEN will also be joining us at all seven regional Great Homeschool Conventions. MAVEN was created to help equip our next generation of young people with an ability to pursue truth and goodness, and to create beauty. With more than 25 years of experience in working with young people from junior high through college, as well as working with their parents, Brett is an amazing speaker who has spoken around the country at churches, conferences, seminars, and college campuses. Brett, his wife, and five children reside in Southern California.

You can attend any of Brett’s workshops, listed below:

  • Why Should Our Kids Trust the Bible? Establishing the Authority of God’s Words in our Kid’s Lives
  • Only One Way? Why Jesus Is Necessary
  • Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt

Massey Campos, founder of The Self Evident Truth, is a first-generation American and a third-generation preacher. His father was an evangelist, which led to extensive traveling opportunities throughout his youth. He learned guitar and bass at the age of five and began preaching the Good News of the Gospel in his teen years. By 2001, he was speaking in high schools around the nation, as well as churches and colleges. He speaks very passionately about the desire to see Americans bring this country back to God, from Whom our liberty emanates. He, his wife Cari, and their three boys currently live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Massey will be conducting the following workshops at each regional Great Homeschool Convention in 2020:

  • The Pursuit of Happiness – Doesn’t Mean What You Think!
  • Separation of Church and State: Government vs God
  • Are We Giving the Government Too Much Power?
  • Socialism vs America
  • Abortion Isn’t Legal! Supreme Court Legalizing Murder???
  • Religion and Politics: Learn How to TALK ABOUT IT!

Dr. Jeff Myers, who lives in Colorado with his family, will only be appearing at the Texas and South Carolina Great Homeschool Conventions in 2020. He is the president of Summit Ministries, a worldview training program which graduates tens of thousands of young people who go on to make a difference in the fields of law, medicine, business, science, academics, politics, and so much more. He has become, over the past two decades, a respected authority on youth leadership development and brings his focus to the following workshops:

  • Unquestioned Answers
  • Growing Wiser: Preparing Kids to be Wise in the Age of “Duh.”
  • Raising Boys to be Godly Young Men
  • Identifying and Cultivating Leadership Potential
  • Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?
  • Why Kids Walk Away… and what to do about it

Dr. Jay Wile, Ph.D., has a deep-rooted love for science, specifically chemistry. He received his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of Rochester, in upstate New York, and went on to do research in that field for the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Wile has received a number of awards for excellent teaching and research and lectures on topics such as Christian Apologetics, Nuclear Chemistry, Creation vs. Evolution, and Homeschooling. Having authored more than thirty articles and thirteen books, he’ll be speaking at our Great Homeschool Convention attendees at all seven regional conventions, through the following workshops:

  • “Teaching” the Junior High & High School Sciences at Home
  • Homeschool: The Best Environment for Learning Science
  • Do I Really Have To Do Experiments?
  • Homeschool Graduates: Their Accomplishments and Their Advice
  • Modern Atheists Who Became Christians

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