Florida: 2020 Great Homeschool Convention

December 6, 2019Stacey Lynn

The 2020 Great Homeschool Convention is coming, June 25-27, 2020, to the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center, and you won’t want to miss it! With a host of special events, hundreds of workshops, and dozens of special speakers, you’ll gather information like never before. Some of that information you might be able to use right away, and some you might store away for future use, but not a moment of your time during this action-packed weekend will go to waste.

In the huge exhibit hall, you’ll have access to hundreds of vendors where you can shop for a homeschool curriculum and other resources which will be right at your fingertips. In fact, you always want to get your hands on any curriculum you’re considering for your homeschool before you make the purchase. For more in-depth information, refer to our blog, The Importance of Examining Curriculum IN PERSON Before Purchasing. At the convention, you’ll actually get to speak with the very creators of the curriculum you’re considering, live and in person, as well as many families who have used it themselves.

Whether veteran homeschooler or first-timer, a Great Homeschool Convention is a great way to gear-up for your best year of homeschooling ever. Our best tips for an outstanding weekend are to plan ahead, wear comfortable shoes, and make sure to bring a note-taking device. You might think you’ll remember all the exciting things you’ll learn over the course of the event, but you’re sure to forget a few once you’re home. As we gear up for the event, here are some highlights you can make plans for and consider.

Special Events

These events bring tons of entertainment, knowledge, and fellowship so be sure to mark your calendars.

The Real Mom Tour: You’re Better at This Than You Think

Thursday: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Tickets: $3 per person, $5 at the door, thanks to generous financial support from Medi-Share.

This event is especially for those homeschooling moms that aren’t on top of their game right now. Maybe it’s that burnt-out feeling that comes after years of teaching, and maybe you’re just overwhelmed with the thought of getting started. Whatever the reason, these ladies are taking some time to share real encouragement for real life. Sure, they might throw in a bit of comedy, which is, after all, the best medicine.

You’ll hear them bring up tough topics like being content in the age of homeschool social media, learning to love homeschooling without drowning in to-do lists, and enjoying the process of homeschooling - and your kids - without dropping the academic level you expect. Come prepared, as well, for fun, games, snacks, and lots of surprises.

Gracia Burnham - In the Presence of My Enemies

Saturday: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Gracia Burnham grew up with Jesus in her life, and she met her husband, Martin, while attending Bible college in Kansas City. Three years after they were married, they set off for the Philippines, in 1986, and became missionaries to that area. Fifteen years later, they were abducted by a terrorist group and held captive for over a year. Gracia was able to escape, after the ordeal, with a wounded leg, but Martin was killed in the final gunfight between government officials and the terrorist group.

Be sure to put this event on your to-do list for the whole story.

Generous support from Medi-Share makes this event complimentary with regard to the ticket price. However, you will want to make sure to register your group if you’re going to be attending.

Slugs & Bugs LIVE in Concert: Faith. Family. Funny. (Randall Goodgame)

Friday: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Tickets: $3 per person, $5 at the door, thanks to financial support from Medi-Share and World News Group

Who can resist a Gospel-based, fun-filled, interactive musical event with slugs, bugs, and animated videos? Well, okay, you might be able to, but your children will love it! Better still, it’s a great way to fulfill your calling to train up a child in the way that they should go by allowing them to take part in this amazing event.

Randall Goodgame, who has been hailed by VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer as “a funny, funny guy”, does a great job of instilling the value that Jesus is the head of all things, from skydiving to taking out the garbage. Add this event to your calendar for a great time of family fun and fellowship!


By attending the workshops available to you at this year’s Florida Great Homeschool Convention, you’ll become better informed about tons of subjects and issues at the very heart of life in general. We are educating and training our children for life and it’s very important that they are well-equipped when it’s time for them to immerse themselves in it. We advise taking plenty of notes, especially about the issues that matter most to you and your family, so you don’t forget a single tidbit of information.

To see a list of each and every workshop available at the Florida 2020 Great Homeschool Convention, CLICK HERE. For right now, we’d like to share some of the workshop titles you might be interested in:

  • What Mattered Most: Recollections of a homeschool Graduate - Ashley Wiggers
  • Literature-based Learning for High School, Graduation, and Life - Sandy Hotz
  • Bioethics: issues of life, death, and morality - Jonathan Sarfati
  • Movies, Music, and Screens: Entertainment and Christians - John Stonestreet
  • 8 Great Smarts: Understand How Children are Smart and Why it Matters - Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Free College at Your Fingertips - Jean Burk
  • Humor in Teaching and Speaking - Andrew Pudewa
  • Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt - Brett Kunkle
  • 10 Benefits to a Natural Approach to Teaching - Ashley Wiggers
  • Modern Atheists Who Became Christians - Dr. Jay Wile


If you’re going to be traveling a good distance (or even if you’re not), consider booking your hotel reservations through our Great Homeschool Conventions website. You’ll get special package rates that are unique to attendees of our convention attendees. They won’t be available for long, however, so make sure you book in advance. You can do that by CLICKING HERE now.

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

2 Queen beds: from $129 per night

Package Deal Includes:

  • Host hotel, providing discounted rooms for convention attendees
  • Free parking at both the hotel and the Convention Center for convention attendees
  • Closest hotel to the Convention Center
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Heated rooftop swimming pool
  • 24-hour StayFit Gym


The vendors you’ll find in the exhibition center offer vast options for homeschool curriculum and resources that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to examine and handle each piece you might consider purchasing. This alleviates much of the stress and worry that can accompany shopping for these materials. Being able to look them over in person changes everything, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself to understand just how important this step is.

More than that, you’ll be able to get real answers from real people. Speak with the creators of the curriculum choices as well as those who have used them, mingle, browse, and fellowship as long as you need to. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be excited about the riches you will have gained.

To find out exactly which exhibitors will be present at this year’s Florida Great Homeschool Convention, CLICK HERE.

In Closing

You certainly will want to be a part of this Florida Great Homeschool Convention. With the wealth of speakers, events, resources, and workshops you’ll have access to, you’ll be so glad you signed up! The earlier you register, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing you got the best deal on the convention, events, and hotel reservations. You can take care of all of these, all at the same time, from the comfort of your own home when you CLICK HERE. We look forward to seeing you there!

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