Richard Cowdrey

Ohio Homeschool Convention

Bio: Whether it is one of the many New York Times bestselling books he has illustrated such as “Bad Dog, Marley”, “Frosty the Snowman”, The Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole”, “Fiona, The Hippo”, or artwork done for the National Football League, National Hockey League, American Kennel Club, Mead Papers, Ducks Unlimited, Focus on the Family, and many many more you are probably familiar with a number of the iconic images Richard Cowdrey has created.

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Richard graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1981, and after a brief time at Hallmark Greeting Cards in Kansas City MO he went on is own and has since worked with an impressive list of clients. With the success of his publishing work Richard has added “Guest Speaker” to his resume, presenting at schools across the country, sharing his experience as a struggling student who was fortunately given a gift, the ability to draw and paint. That gift led not only to a successful career as an illustrator, but more importantly led to the giver of the gift. Richard believes that every child, every student, every adult has been gifted in some way and he encourages student and teacher alike to find and refine their gift……ultimately bringing joy and contentedness to the receiver of the gift, and honor to the giver of the gift!

Richard Cowdrey is well known for his beautifully detailed artwork using God’s creatures and creation as his favorite subject matter. Richard lives with his wife Cynthia in the heart of Ohio’s Amish community, where they raised four children and currently enjoy their seven grandchildren as well as one dog, Mosey, and two cats, Wilbur and Gracie. Through the years they have raised everything from dogs to cats, chickens to ducks, sheep to pigs, goats, bunnies, and lots and lots of fruit and veggies!



Douglas Gresham

Texas Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention

Meet Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis, at the GHC regional homeschooling convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fort Worth, Texas! (A Meet-N-Greet for autographs and/or pictures will follow Douglas Gresham’s very special presentation on Saturday in both Cincinnati and Fort Worth.)

Douglas Gresham is an accomplished author and actor, and is also an outspoken advocate for homeschooling. It is truly an honor that he is speaking at our regional Great Homeschool Conventions in both Ohio and Texas.

Douglas Gresham was born in New York City, the son of writers William Lindsay Gresham and Joy Davidman. William Gresham was the author of Nightmare Alley, the classic of American noir literature, while Joy Davidman was best known for her book Smoke on the Mountain, about the Ten Commandments. The couple were divorced in 1954, and Joy moved to England with her two sons.[2]

Gresham’s mother had become friends with C. S. Lewis through correspondence, and the friendship blossomed, eventually leading to marriage in 1956. Gresham’s mother died of cancer in 1960, and Lewis continued to raise Douglas and his elder brother David. (Lewis had adopted the boys when he married, and The Horse and His Boy is dedicated to them both).

Gresham hosted Focus on the Family‘s radio adaptations of his stepfather’s most famous works, and his interest in media versions thereof was later shown again when he was named co-producer for the series of theatrical films adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia; he also made a cameo in the first installment as a radio newscaster, the second as a “Telmarine crier” and the third as a slaver.

You’ll not want to miss this very special opportunity to hear Mr. Gresham speak, and then to meet him afterwards, at either our regional GHC homeschooling convention in Fort Worth, Texas or at our regional GHC homeschool convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

HOTEL DISCOUNTS! You will also want to check out the special hotel discounts that are specifically for our home school convention attendees – as there are homeschooling moms and/or families that travel from dozens of states (and Canada) to attend one of these homeschool conventions.




Andrew Pudewa

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Andrew Pudewa is the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a father of seven. Traveling and speaking around the world, he addresses issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars for parents, students, and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students’ skills.

Although he is a graduate of the Talent Education Institute in Japan and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, PA, his best endorsement is from a young Alaskan boy who called him “the funny man with the wonderful words.” He and his wonderful, heroic wife, Robin, have homeschooled their seven children and are now proud grandparents of ten, making their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Kathy Koch

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Dr. Kathy Koch (pronounced “Cook”), the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., has influenced thousands of parents, teachers, and children in 30 countries through keynote messages, seminars, chapels, and other events. Her practical, relevant, results-oriented concepts and engaging, honoring, and humorous speaking style draw enthusiastic reviews from children, teens, parents, and educators. They leave her events armed with new beliefs, attitudes, practical tools, and increased hope to make appropriate changes, establish healthy relationships, and increase success in family, life, and school.

She is a regular presenter for Great Homeschool Conventions, Hearts at Home, Care Net, many pregnancy resource centers, and churches. She is also a popular guest on Focus on the Family radio and other radio talk-shows. She has authored six books including four published by Moody. Her newest two are Eight Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child’s Intelligences and Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World.

Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach, and a school board member prior to becoming a full-time conference and keynote speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years and her faith and desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.

Dr. Christopher Perrin

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Christopher Perrin, a former homeschooling father and headmaster of a classical school, is the CEO and publisher at Classical Academic Press. He is a nationally-recognized leader, author, and speaker for the classical education movement. Christopher serves as a consultant to classical Christian schools and homeschool co-ops in the United States and overseas. He is the director at the Alcuin Fellowship and is the vice chair of the Society for Classical Learning. His countless articles and lectures are also widely used throughout America and the English-speaking world.

Christopher received his Ph.D. in Apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, his M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and a B.A. in history from the University of South Carolina. He was also a special student in literature at St. Johns College in Annapolis. He has taught at Messiah College and Chesapeake Theological Seminary.

Christopher is the author of the books An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents, The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, and Greek for Children, and co-author of the award-winning Latin for Children series available from Classical Academic Press.

Classical Academic Press brings to market across the globe classical, creatively-taught K–12 curricula and media including Latin, Spanish, French, grammar, writing, logic, and rhetoric (among other subjects), as well as a live online academy for grades 3–12, a self-paced online classical education training site, and many other classical education resources.

Christopher has a passion for classical Christian education and a love for truth, goodness, and beauty wherever it may be found.

Pam Barnhill

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Pam Barnhill believes that you don’t have to sacrifice relationships to homeschool strong.

An award-winning educator, former journalist, and now homeschooling mom, she has a knack for breaking down big tasks into small, manageable steps and getting to the heart of the stories her listeners want to hear.

She is the host of three popular homeschooling podcasts:

She also wrote Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace.

Pam lives in the Deep South with her husband of twenty-three years, three (mostly) awesome kids, and a passel of family dogs. You can find her online at

Andrew Peterson

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

About Andrew Peterson

For more than twenty years now, Andrew Peterson (a homeschooling dad) has been about the business of quietly changing lives in four-minute increments. In the city of Nashville—where music is an industry in the same way that fast food, generic greeting cards, and bumper stickers are industries—Peterson has forged his own path, refusing the artistic compromises that so often come with chasing album sales and radio singles and instead has created a long line of songs that ache with sorrow, joy, and integrity, and that are, at the end of the day, part of a real, ongoing, human conversation.

Andrew is also the award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga, a four-book fantasy adventure series for young people, described as The Princess Bride meets The Lord of the Rings. The books are currently being produced as an animated film, which is terribly, wonderfully, indubitably exciting.


Andrew Peterson will be performing in concert on Thursday evenings of each of the seven GHC events! Don’t miss this special concert!

Jonnie W.

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Bio: Friday Night Family Comedy Night at our regional GHC homeschooling conventions is a big hit, and a very welcome opportunity to sit down, relax and laugh together with other homeschool moms and / or homeschooling families.

However, we didn’t want to schedule just “any” comedian for our GHC homeschool convention attendees. We were looking for someone that was really crazy-funny… and we found just the person!

Jonnie blends musical chops, mad vocals, and off-beat standup for a hilariously unique comedy experience. Entering the comedy scene with nothing more than a guitar and his razor-sharp wit, he has gone on to entertain multi-generational audiences nationwide.

When not performing at solo events, Jonnie joins fellow funny man Tim Hawkins on his “Rockshow Comedy Tour”, delivering the funny at sold out shows coast to coast.

Homeschool Moms and Dads… Homeschooled teens… Homeschooling families… this year’s “Friday Night Family Comedy Night” with Jonnie W is going to be an incredible time of laughter and fun. You simply do NOT want to miss it!

Jonnie W. annihilates audiences. I’m a friend and a huge fan.

—Tim Hawkins

Jonnie performed at our Volunteer Appreciation Night,
and he was relevant and hilarious. So much fun!
—Maria L., Central Christian Church, Mt Vernon, OH

Kathi Lipp

Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention

Bio: Kathi Lipp is a former homeschooler who loves to connect with those who are overwhelmed by clutter, by people or by life. She gives real help and how-tos to move people forward in every aspect of their parenting, marriage and careers. With humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to live with meaning.


Kathi is the author of 17 books, including Clutter Free, The Get Yourself Organized Project, The Husband Project, and Overwhelmed. She is the host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! with Kathi Lipp and speaks at conferences across the US. She also runs the Facebook group Clutter Free Academy where thousands of women (and a few brave men) support each other in living a clutter-free life.


She has become well respected on the topics of clutter from a biblical perspective. (Who knew there was such a thing?) She is a national speaker and is often featured on Focus on the FamilyMOPS, Girlfriends in God and Proverbs 31 Ministries as well as a number of other media outlets around the country. She’s been a featured speaker at Valley Home Educators as well as spoken at HEAV.  She’s also a featured expert on clutter for Women’s Day magazine and has been named “Best of Broadcast” on Focus on the Family twice.


She and her husband Roger are the parents of four young adults in San Jose, CA. When she’s not dating her husband or hanging out with her puggle Jake, Kathi is speaking at retreats, conferences and women’s events across the US.

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